Arribas Brothers: Tigger Figurine

Guest Blogger: GAYLIN

If you have been to the Arribas Brothers store in Downtown Disney or the Main Street store in the Magic Kingdom, you probably know that it is a wonderful, sparkly, place to visit! It is especially exciting when the glass blowers are hard at work. Isn’t it amazing what they can make out of glass?

The little fellow I am featuring here today is one of my prized possessions! He is small but very sturdy, so I have been able to carefully wash him when he has gotten too dusty:

Front view, his chest and face are ceramic, the stripes are enamel and the rest is Swarovski Crystal.

Look at that grin!

Lots of sparkling in the sunshine

Looks like he is getting ready to bounce

If you ever decide to buy something from Arribas, don’t worry about transporting it home. Each item comes in a fitted box that travels well:

The white, larger box, is what holds the crystal base and the blue box is for Tigger. I love all things sparkly, as much as I love Tigger. The two of them together: Irresistible!

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