Disney Movie Buttons

Today I thought I’d share some miscellaneous movie buttons. First, here is a Lion King button featuring pretty much every main character from the movie:

It’s a real treat to see The Rocketeer button, as the film didn’t get the due it deserved! It does seem to have a ‘cult’ following now among die-hard live-action Disney fans:

Toy Story was such a milestone in animation history, it deserves at least a button! It sports one of the most common promotional images for the film:

Last, but not least, there is The Black Hole button. This movie was released in 1979, and was the most expensive movie ever made by the Disney Company up to that time. While it received mixed reviews, it did garner praise, and Academy Award nominations for its visual effects and cinematography.

Although not on the level of Star Wars, it was still a fascinating science fiction epic!

The rest of this post has been pulled into the Black Hole Button. We apologize for any inconvenience or disorientation this may cause.

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