Luggage: Mickey and Minnie Disney Day Bag

Luggage Close up

We don’t have a lot of Disney-themed luggage but it is nice to have one or two pieces to add a bit of fun to our trips. Recently friends of ours gave us this nice Disney Day Bag:

Luggage Day Bag

Approximately 8″W x 8″D x 18″L

This is a perfect size for day trips or overnight stays. We will probably use it to carry toiletries and such.

Luggage Bag Side

Mickey and Minnie are shown in their classic versions in both black and white and with some splashes of color.

Luggage Bag Inside

The inside of the bag is bright red which matches the color of the zipper and Minnie’s hat.

Luggage Bag Tag FrontLuggage Bag Tag Back

Global Design Concepts Inc.

So the next time we take a trip we will do so in Disney style!

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