Pinocchio Cookie Jar by Treasure Craft

It’s back to the Dixieland Flea Market to have a look at a cookie jar that we broke down and bought. Pinocchio just captured our hearts!

But let’s have a look at our beautiful cookie jar by Treasure Craft featuring Pinocchio:

Pinocchio Full Front

Just look at that smile!

Pinocchio Full R SidePinocchio Full L Side

From the sides

Pinocchio Full Back

From the back

This cookie jar is unique in that the receptacle for holding the cookies is separate from the ceramic figure. Instead of having a head that lifts off to access the contents, there is a glass jar that can be removed and passed around:

Pinocchio BowlPinocchio Lid

This makes it easier to clean and less likely to damage the main figure. Cleo the fish is perched up top to form the handle for the lid, but she is hard to grasp hold of, so we lift the whole lid with two hands.

Pinocchio Seperate

Shouldn’t Cleo be inside the bowl?

The effect here is to have Cleo floating on top of the water at the top of her fish bowl. Clever!

Pinocchio Front Body

Hug, anyone?

This detachable feature is what sold us on this particular cookie jar. It’s such a unique idea!

Pinocchio Bottom

It’s hard to see, but the words ‘Disney’ and ‘Treasure Craft’ are carved into the base of the main figure. The bowl would have had a sticker with another name on it, but ours has been washed away.

Pinocchio Full

Candy, anyone?

We won’t be using Pinocchio for cookies as we find that they go stale if left in such a vessel, so it has become our candy jar instead. I don’t think anyone will complain.

Magical Blogorail: Best Frozen Treats at Disney – Mickey Bars

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Teal loop. Today we are sharing the best frozen treats you can find at Disney.

M I C K E Y     B A R S

Mickey Bar Packaging

Everyone knows about this classic/iconic Disney treat! And I doubt there are too many theme park guests who haven’t had at least one.

Mickey Bar 2

Is it tasty? Yes. Is it good for you? Sure, why not. Is it addictive? Yes. Should you buy a box of them and smuggle them back to your home State or country? Sure, why not.

Mickey Bar

Ah, that first bite! It’s like a Disney rite of passage. But do you bite into the left ear or right ear first? Scientists have spent millions conducting an exhaustive study on that conundrum but as yet have only determined that biting into too many Mickey Bar ears causes stomach aches. Money well spent people!

Fun Facts: There are some things you may not know about this funny-shaped treat.

  • It’s gluten-free!
  • You can find it off-property (at the Vero Beach and Hilton Head resorts, for example)

And we end this loop just as we should all end each and every one of our Disney vacations: With a Mickey Bar!

Here is the map of Magical Blogorail Teal | Best Frozen Treats at Disney Loop:

Donald Duck Florida Orange Juice Vintage Can

I have seen these great vintage orange juice cans for years along with the miniature reproductions but have never been to a place that had one for sale. Today I was visiting a flea market/antique store and there one was, holding up a glass shelf with four other vintage juice cans (non-Disney).

$15.00 later and it was mine!

Donald Duck Orange Juice Can 1

Anyone thirsty?

It took a little research to date this particular 48 Fluid Oz. can but here is what I came up with. Donald Duck juice was a brand of frozen and refrigerated orange (and grapefruit) juice produced by the Florida’s Natural Growers agricultural cooperative, which was known as Citrus World from 1969 to 1998, and before that as the Florida Citrus Canners Cooperative.

You can see in the picture to the right below that the Florida Citrus Canners Cooperative is listed on this particular can which should place it pre-1969. The Donald Duck brand was first introduced in 1940 so it had to be manufactured between those dates, but only knowledge of when different label designs were used would date this sample with any more accuracy.

Donald Duck Orange Juice Can 3          Donald Duck Orange Juice Can 2

The fact that the can is also stamped with W.D.P. (Walt Disney Productions) doesn’t help us narrow the date of release down for this company name was used by Disney from 1929 to 1986. So both the Canners Co-op and W.D.P. could have appeared on this can between 1940 and 1968.

Donald Duck Orange Juice Can 4     Donald Duck Orange Juice Can 5

Top and Bottom w/vintage rust

There are some random production letters on the bottom of the can but I doubt they would help with our attempts to date the can unless we could find documentation from the plant that recorded them and their meaning. Not going to happen!

So again, are you thirsty?

Fun Fact: This can mentions that it was distributed from a production plant in Lake Wales, Florida. For many years Donald Duck also appeared on the juice plant’s water storage tank in Lake Wales, until 1998, when the cooperative decided to remove the Donald Duck logo as part of its name change and re-branding.

Magical Blogorail: Best Burgers at Disney – Splitsville

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Red Loop. Today we are sharing where you can find the best burgers at Disney.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes

OK, no one ever said: “Hey guys, I just found the best burger in the world at the local bowling alley!” But the thing to remember here is that Splitsville Luxury Lanes isn’t your average run of the mill bowling alley!

They use terms like ‘Not your typical bowling alley menu. Hope you don’t mind.’ and ‘At Splitsville, we have taken great care to develop a unique menu that combines traditional and upscale offerings that extend well beyond your expectation of alley food.’ This, may I assure you, describes their hamburgers!

So without further ado, I submit the monster below for the Best Burger at Disney:

The Mad King

What I had, or should I say, it had me!

With a name like The Mad King, you know it’s going to own you! All the portions are huge with every hamburger coming with a nice portion of fries, and drinks are bottomless. Here are some more offerings if eating something considered ‘mad’ is too much for you:

Burger Menu 1

Burger Menu 2

Prices are premium, but worth it!

They also have a great selection of gluten-free foods, with the gluten-free hamburger served on a bun that you can actually enjoy eating, like my wife Karen is doing below:

Burger Heaven One     Burger Heaven Two

Smile approved!

So the next time you visit Walt Disney World, be sure to visit Disney Springs at lunch or dinner time. You don’t have to pay park admission to get near the place, and no reservations are usually needed.

As they don’t say in France: “Bon Pig Out!”

For more great burgers at the Disney Parks, check out the other great posts from the Blogorail!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Red | Best Burgers at Disney Loop:

Magical Blogorail: Best Breakfast Spots at Disney

Welcome to this month’s Magical Blogorail Orange loop. Today we are sharing some of the best breakfast spots at Disney.

Trails End Restaurant

Trails End Restaurant at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

Who likes a buffet? I figure if a person is going to get up within an hour of sunrise and then subject themselves to physical activity, like walking to a restaurant for breakfast, that person had better be served an insane amount of food! Yup, I say ‘Buffet Me’!

Karen and I stayed with her parents at Fort Wilderness in 2008. Now this may surprise you, but I was able to get up and be ready to go long before the woman and two older people traveling with me. I know, it seems unlikely, but I had an hour or two to kill before everyone else was ready to get their Park on!

So… I walked a bit, took a bus, and walked some more. Then I got my napkin on and enjoyed one of the best breakfast buffets in all of Walt Disney World. And here is what you can find on the menu:

Fresh Fruit / Scrambled Eggs / Sausage and Bacon / Breakfast Pizza / Breakfast Hash

Mickey Waffles / Eggs Benedict / Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Specialty Country Pork Dish / French Toast-Custard Pudding / Cheese Grits

Oatmeal / Yogurt Parfait Station / Freshly-baked Pastries / Vegetable Frittata

And lots of it! But my favorite thing was the full thermal pitcher of coffee that was brought to my table to start things off. And if you can’t drink it all during your breakfast, you can get the rest to go in a take-out cup!
Don’t feel like you can eat enough to justify the buffet? Then you can check out the take-out offerings:

Bounty Breakfast:

Served with Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Hash Browns, French Toast, and Biscuit – $8.79


With choice of Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, or Corn – $2.79

Cinnamon Roll

Self-explanatory and oh-so yummy – $3.19

I’ll interrupt this menu for a little story: One of the ladies serving at the take-out location would give me a little extra service when I would come in just to order a coffee and a cinnamon roll. She would put it in the pizza oven for just a moment to heat it up and nicely melt the icing. Then I would take it out onto the porch and sit in a big rocking chair, enjoy the view, the aromas, and the good times! Not all Cast Members will do this for you, so I always felt special when I was treated to this perk by my favorite server!

Warm Sticky Buns (6 each) – $4.69

 Oatmeal – $2.79

 Biscuits and Gravy – $3.69

Fruit Plate – $3.39

 Yogurt – $1.99

 Freshly Brewed Joffrey’s Coffee® – $2.79

Better than the average coffee you’ll get around the property! Obviously they have other beverages, but you get the idea. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the food there, as I wasn’t taking selfies with my Mickey waffles back in 2008! But I do have a picture of me relaxing just outside the restaurant…
Me Relaxing
So who’s hungry?
The buffet today will likely cost you upwards of $15.00 each today, so you’ll want to be hungry going in, but I guarantee you’ll be full coming out!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Orange | Best Breakfast Spots at Disney Loop:

Magical Blogorail: Most Romantic Disney Restaurants

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Green . Today we are discussing the most romantic Disney restaurants.

I’m not the most romantic guy in the world, Walt Disney World included, because I’m not really the tuxedo type. Expensive restaurants with microscopic food portions just don’t do it for me! Fortunately, they don’t do it for my wife either, which makes us a perfect fit.

So what we look for in a romantic setting is something that harkens back to a simpler time with loads of nostalgia and fun. So which restaurant in all of Walt Disney World would fit such a description? Let me narrow it down for you: Which restaurant in Disney’s Hollywood Studios would fit such a description? Well, let me show you…

Sci Fi Signage

Sci Fi Dine In Theater Restaurant

Sci Fi Restaurant Interior

(picture from official website)

Sci-fi. Bad movie trailers. Sitting in a fake car. Good food. Yup. This has romantic written all over it! Oh, and great mood lighting:

Sci Fi Inside Cars

So keep in mind, if you are so inclined, you can sit in the back seat. Hint, hint. Just keep the intimate moments to a PG level, please. People are trying to eat. And speaking of eating, why not take a look at the excellent menu. I recommend the burgers, both regular and gluten-free. My wife tells me that as far as gluten-free goes, the burgers served here are far and away among the best in all of WDW.

The entertainment is also fun (but admittedly, not very romantic):

Sci Fi Screen

How did he know we were kissing in the back seat???

Here’s how Disney describes the overall experience: “Watch campy clips as you picnic under the stars in a classic car-shaped booth or table. It’s always nighttime at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, and there’s always something savory—and spooky—headed your way: attacking aliens, marauding mummies, rampaging robots and more! Enter the Hollywood-style soundstage as a classic car hop guides you to your very own automo-booth or table. Kitschy vintage memorabilia, the illuminated tail lights of your fellow drive-in diners and a sky full of twinkling stars set the mood as you place your order. Road-ready picnic tables are located at the back of the theater, where there’s even an old-fashioned, drive-in-style concession stand!

Again, this might not be everyone’s idea of a romantic evening, but it is for us! Oh, and be sure to take a picture with your sweetheart in the car parked outside:

Sci Fi Outside Car

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is My Dreams of Disney.

Here is the map of our Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:

1st Stop – Disney Mamas – Top 3 Spots for Romantic Dining at WDW

2nd Stop – Rolling with the Magic – Remy

3rd Stop – Cool Nouns by Lee Beatens – (you are here)

4th Stop – My Dreams of Disney – Cinderella’s Royal Table

Final Stop – Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere – Palo


Jim Henson’s Muppets Sour Puckers Candy

Welcome to the wonderful and oft-times dangerous world of “Muppet Labs: Where the future is being made… today!” Dr. Bunsen Honeydew PhD. Esq. and his frightful (or frightened) assistant Beaker have really cooked up something good for us today.

After only three explosions and two visits to intensive care for Beaker, we present:


Tasty Tangy Citrus

Yes, folks, Beaker has sucked and puckered his sour way through dozens of tins, and a few candies, to ensure that these little beauties are safe for your consumption. Beaker was asked to comment on the flavour and was heard to say: “Mee Mee (bleah) Mee!” We’re taking that as a positive endorsement.

New stuff 034

New stuff 035

New stuff 036

So if you’re looking for a sour treat and the thrill of a (likely short) lifetime, simply purchase your own tin of Muppets Sour Puckers Tangy Citrus candy.

It was an honor knowing you!

Disney Mickey Pizza – Mickey Shaped Pizza

There must be literally thousands of what we call ‘Hidden Mickeys’. But I think you’ll agree that this Mickey shaped pizza takes the cake. Or the pie:

Kitchen Pizza 1 +

(Hidden) Mickey Pizza

My sister got this for me well beyond the expiry date of 06-03-09 but I cooked it up anyway. But… I didn’t eat it. Hey, I’m a fan of all-things Disney, but I’m not crazy!

Kitchen Pizza 2 +

Here’s how it looked after a vacation in my oven

I love the box showing Mickey and Goofy in the kitchen preparing the Special of the Day: Pizza. I wish I could have eaten it, but alas, we will never know if a Hidden Mickey tastes as good as it looks!

Pickyman and Allergy Girl Vs Disney Food Options

For picky eaters like me (Pickyman) and those with allergies like my wife (Allergy Girl) the food options at Walt Disney World and Disneyland can seem like Super Villains! Counter service, Kiosks, and other Vendors seem to form a dastardly team filled with bland offerings and dangerous alternatives. But all is not lost!

Goofy Waiter

Pickyman and Allergy Girl have super powers, and as we’ll see, stalwart allies waiting to be called in when the battle for good, safe food starts to go awry.

First, let’s look at the danger facing the particular Pickyman: Selection. Walt Disney World is the worst offender in this area, as Disneyland offers more overall options, or at least tries to rearrange the standard chicken and burgers into something that at least appears new and fresh.

Super Power: Flexibility. In a pinch, Pickyman can try something new!

Second, let’s identify the danger attacking the health and well-being of the amazing Allergy Girl: Gluten. This opponent is very formidable because it’s everywhere! But your arch nemesis might be sugar, MSG, wheat, soy, eggs, or nuts. Or maybe you’re Vegan Gal with a completely different set of challenges. No matter which of these villains you fear, one fact remains the same: They can be hiding anywhere, ready to cause minor or severe physical problems.

Super Power: Vigilance. Allergy Girl never lets her guard down!

But don’t despair Food Super Friends! As I mentioned earlier, we have powerful allies to help us eat well and stay healthy at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Let’s meet them now:

Private Prep

This powerful tool-based soldier can give you the advanced intel you’ll need to prepare in advance for any food attack during your vacation. Check the official Disney websites to read menus and get contact information. Calling ahead and talking to chefs can almost eliminate nasty sneak attacks later on. But don’t forget the fan-based Blogs where you’ll find firsthand accounts of other Food Super Friends who have already defeated the forces of Ick and Bloating!

Private Prep

City Hallmatron

Upon arriving at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, head to this ever-updating source of intel. You can’t have too much intel! Usually they’ll have a list of food spots that can cater to your particular allergy needs, and if not, they can direct you to an ally that does.

Cast ReMember

This powerful ally has the ability to be in hundreds of places at once. Whereas Private Prep stays at Home Base, and City Hallmatron has to be visited, Cast ReMember is out there on the battlefield fighting alongside you from Park open to Park close. You’ll never find a more loyal ally! Mention your preferences or allergies and they’ll immediately jump into action, calling to mind a plethora of tasty and suitable food options.

Cast Member Uniform

Backyard BBQ     Mickey’s Backyard BBQ


No matter which Park you choose, the best way to find good variety and safe food options is to eat mainly at sit-down restaurants. Restosaurus has imbued these fortresses with the latest in food preparation techniques and professional, dedicated chefs. They’ll cater to any palette or problem with courtesy, expediency, and… supernessness.

50’s Prime Time Cafe

Eat In     Disney’s Hollywood Studios

So Food Super Friends, no matter who your arch nemesis is, be sure to depend on your allies! Pickyman and Allergy Girl always do, and we never lose the battle against Ick and Bloating. Join our team of educated and dedicated Super Friends, and always enjoy a tasty victory!


Assignment: What would your Super Name be if you joined our team of Food Super Friends? Let us know in the comments below!

Restaurant Review: The Pizza Press in Anaheim

1534 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92866


Pizza Press InteriorNice Interior

In January of 2013 my wife and I visited California for the first time. We stayed at the Howard Johnson on S. Harbor Street just up the road from the main entrance plaza for Disneyland and DCA. Now, although we did do most of our eating on property, I couldn’t help notice The Pizza Press restaurant just across the street.

Pizza Press MapIf it were any closer, it’d be IN Disneyland

Sometimes you just need great pizza… and beer! And it doesn’t hurt if the prices are less than Park prices, if you know what I mean. I left California knowing that I wanted to return to Disneyland again. But I also left knowing that I wanted to return to eat and drink some more of this:

Pizza Press Food

Build your own pizza for just $10.00 USD

Unlimited toppings (so I went with every meat they had) extra cheese, mushroom, onion and drizzled with BBQ sauce. Pizza Perfection! And a stout ale to wash it down with didn’t hurt the taste buds either. They offer a wide selection of popular, mainstream beers, but also a nice selection of micro-breweries and regionals.

Pizza Press Beverages

Hand-Crafted Beer? Yes, please!

 So if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland, you won’t have far to go for some of the best pizza on the planet (not “Pizza Planet” pizza, just the best… oh, you get it!)

Be sure to click the link to their official site to view the entire menu and prices. One last note: NO Gluten-free options as of 2013.