Looney Tunes Pop-up Books from Warner Brothers

What’s up, doc? In this post we have four wonderful Looney Tunes Pop-up books produced by Intervisual Books, Inc. for Warner Brothers. Looney Tunes is an American animated series of comedy short films produced from 1930 to 1969 during the golden age of animation.

Some in more recent times have put forward that the Looney Tunes shorts were too violent and so should be edited or banned from children’s television. I personally disagree, but the pop-up books in this post do contain some explosive scenes indicative of the series.

There are four books in the set each featuring fun pop-up action as you turn the pages. There are five scenes per book with five sayings on the theme of the title.

Let’s look at the first book, featuring Bugs Bunny:

Looney Tunes Woids

Bugs’ Woids of Wisdom

Looney Tunes Woids Page 1

Looney Tunes Woids Page 2

The next set of three pictures will show how the pop-up action works as Bugs Bunny thwarts Daffy Duck’s attempt to upstage him:

Looney Tunes Woids Page 4a

Looney Tunes Woids Page 4b

Looney Tunes Woids Page 4c

So as the book is opened wider, the characters move to more extreme poses. Here, poor Daffy is almost knocked right out of the book!

Looney Tunes Woids Page 5

Now that we have all of the wisdom of a cartoon rabbit, let’s move on to something we can all use help with: Love!

Looney Tunes Love

Looney Love

In this little book we get advice for the lovelorn from some of the most unlikely places:

Looney Tunes Love Page 1

Looney Tunes Love Page 2

Looney Tunes Love Page 3

Looney Tunes Love Page 4

Looney Tunes Love Page 5

I guess that last piece of advice was about ‘tough love’!

Now we move on to advice about life itself. First…

Looney Tunes Relax

Just Relax!

It may just be me, but I wasn’t relaxed after reading this book! See if it works for you:

Looney Tunes Relax Page 1

Looney Tunes Relax Page 2

Looney Tunes Relax Page 3

Looney Tunes Relax Page 4

Looney Tunes Relax Page 5

That last picture may be a bit TOO relaxed for my taste!

Lastly we have another piece of advice for life:

Looney Tunes Smiling

Keep Smiling!

From the cover I have to guess that smiling might not be possible, but let’s see:

Looney Tunes Smiling Page 1

Looney Tunes Smiling Page 2

Looney Tunes Smiling Page 3

Looney Tunes Smiling Page 4

Looney Tunes Smiling Page 5

This book does not end well! And there we have it. Advice that is truly Looney Tunes!

For more pop-up fun, check out this great Disney On Parade Pop-up Booklet.

Mickey Mouse Comic Book by Gladstone

As a teenager, I collected hundreds of comic books, most from the Marvel comics company (now owned by Disney). Although I dabbled a little in DC titles I never did pick up any Disney or other cartoon comics. So the Gladstone company is a new name in comic books to me.

The Mickey Mouse comic book I am featuring here is from 1989 and contains reprinted stories by Floyd Gottfredson. The main story is from 1941 and is entitled The Land of Long Ago:

Gladstone Cover

Front Cover

Monetarily valueless but rich in content these reprints are a wonderful way to see and read old strips that are out of print and too expensive to buy in original editions.

This issue has some interesting features:

Gladstone Letters

Letters Page

I always used to love the letters page of a comic book. Reading what other readers had to say about the characters and the stories made me feel more a part of the comic book community. The above edition contains a complaint against Carl Barks (of Donald Duck fame) for being anti-German. Yikes!

Gladstone Advertising

Subscribe or Buy an Album

An integral part of any comic book are the advertisements for more comic books! The original up-sell.

Gladstone More Advertising

More Stories by Floyd Gottfredson & Carl Barks

Now let’s start our story:

Gladstone First Page

The Land of Long Ago: Chapter 3

Suffice to say that Mickey, Goofy, and a professor have landed in a world of cavemen and have been captured. It’s up to Mickey to free everyone, which he does!

I found Mickey to be a bit more aggressive and callous than he is today, which wasn’t uncommon in Mickey’s earlier days.

Gladstone Page Spread

The Goof in a Loincloth

And how did Mickey get his loincloth? He rigged up a trap and stripped it off a passing caveman, leaving him naked behind a bush! You see, I told you Mickey was a bit more aggressive back in the 1940’s.

This reprinted edition also had a two-page strip with Mickey and Minnie and this one-page strip starring Pluto:

Gladstone Pluto Strip

Foiled Again!

The advertising doesn’t stop with the inner ads, but continues on the back cover:

Gladstone Back Cover

Bonus Donald Duck Strip

I hope you enjoyed viewing this great old comic book! For more Mickey Mouse comic strips, you can read my review of the book entitled Color Sundays of Mickey Mouse or see a Donald Duck comic book in a famous Norman Rockwell painting.

Gladstone Publishing was an American company that published Disney comics from 1986 to 1990 and from 1993 to 1998. Reprints of classic Donald Duck stories by Carl Barks and Mickey Mouse stories by Floyd Gottfredson were the foundation of their output. Although Gladstone is no longer an active publisher, it continues to offer its back issues through its website.

A Snowbird Scraping Off the Florida Sunshine

Although this winter has been very mild and as yet has yielded little snow, I still wish I was in Florida! A Canadian who heads South for the winter is called a Snowbird and perhaps you remember the Anne Murray song of that name? No matter.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Snowbird looks like, here is one now:

Snowbird in Florida

That Florida sunshine gets on everything!

The only drawback I found during my visit to Florida in 2014 was just how much sunshine got on everything! Especially my van’s windshield. I had to spend valuable vacation minutes scraping it off each morning before I could be on my way.

However, if I could be in Florida now, it’s a problem I’d gladly deal with!

Top Five List: How to Make Each Day Disney-ish

When a Disney Princess gets up in the morning, she just knows she is going to have a Disney day. I think it’s in her contract. She doesn’t need a top five list to help her achieve this goal. But we do!

We may not be Disney Royalty, but we all deserve to enjoy the fun and magic that comes along with a Disney day! So here is my top five list of things you and I would need to do to ensure that each and every day we have is just a little more Disney-ish:



top five list costume

Ever notice that every main Disney character never changes his or her clothes? Well, rarely anyway. One can only hope this single-minded fashion statement doesn’t extend to undergarments!

But just think of how much time you would save each morning not having to decide what to wear. And most important is the instant recognition you would receive everywhere you go!

Yes, dressing in the same clothes… forever… is the first step towards having a truly Disney day.



top five list singing

Before you can amaze and startle everyone around you with your gifted warbling, you will need to pick a theme song that encapsulates your goals and spirit. Every Disney character is known for belting out a jaunty tune about themselves whether anyone wants to hear it or not.

So be sure to wait for the right moment. Perhaps while waiting in line at the grocery store. Or while seated in a crowded medical office (let’s be honest, sick people need to hear a good song!). Or perhaps in a packed elevator where no one can leave.

To make this a true part of your Disney-ish day, why not include some impromptu dance choreography? Be sure to add some pivots, turns, and lots of arm waving!



top five list animals

After years of selection, most of the cute little critters are already spoken for. Birds especially. Man, what’s up with Princesses and birds?

Being Canadian, I’ll pick a moose. Or a beaver. See what I’m doing here? Try to pick something that people in your region will identify with. Then travel with it everywhere!

Nothing says “This person is special and different” in quite the same way as walking down Main Street America with a bald eagle on your shoulder!



top five list nemesis

We all have people in our lives that we don’t necessarily like. So why not pick one and elevate them to Nemesis status!

Perhaps that girl at the office who’s always hogging the copier. Or that guy at the gym who never wipes off the equipment when he’s done using it. Or how about that old lady in the grocery line who has a dozen expired coupons and then forgets where her wallet is only to find it in time to decide she needs 500 lottery tickets!!!

Yeah. She’s my Nemesis.



top five list dreams

Instead of taking the Worry Turnpike or staying on the Downer Highway be sure to swerve your hypothetical vehicle onto the Dreams Exit Ramp each and every day!

Even big dreams can be attainable. Remember, because you are having a Disney-ish day, all things are possible! And you probably have a cast of dozens there to help you. Every Disney dreamer does.

So what’s your Big Dream?

So there you have my top five list of things you and I would need to do to ensure that each and every day we have is just a little more Disney-ish.

For more top five lists, check out the link here!

Easter Egg: Finding Dory Swims with Herbie

Disney/Pixar animators love to add little inside jokes to all of their theatrical releases and Finding Dory is no exception. Each of these inside jokes are called an ‘easter egg’ because you have to really look to find them!

So somewhere near the beginning of the movie and in the end credits of Finding Dory we see a little white Volkswagen who could be no other than the famous Herbie the Love Bug himself. First, we see him with Dory just while she is trying to find someone to help her:


And then we see Herbie being test driven by Hank:


But how did Herbie get there? If you remember the film Herbie Goes Bananas you’ll recall that Herbie is punished by the Captain of The Sun Princess cruise ship by being made to ‘walk the plank’, or in reality, by being tipped overboard. Re-live the sad moment by watching the video below:

FUN FACT: The car that “walks the plank” in the movie was never recovered from the sea. It was tossed overboard from the SS Cozumel ferry ship. The car is somewhere between La Paz and Baja California. The car thrown overboard was not a proper car and had many wooden parts.

But for the purpose of this easter egg, we’re saying it is actually Herbie himself chillin’ at the bottom of The Big Blue. And although his trademark stripes and number 54 are worn off by years under the sea, he looks like he is still ready for one last drive with Hank:


So is the initial pass in the night with Dory and this chance meeting between Hank the septapus and Herbie the Love Bug really possible? Would they end up in the same part of the Ocean? Well, consider the following map:

nemo-trip-mapIn Finding Dory, she, along with Marlin and Nemo, once again leave the Great Barrier Reef and would again need to use the East Australian Current (EAC, dude) as a highway. This time they would need to travel across the entire Pacific Ocean to a point just off the North-West tip of Africa where the EAC completes its circle and heads back to Australia. From there, they would have to swim up to California where the Marine Life Institute is located, in a picturesque Bay.

Now in the film, it is claimed that they simply use the California Current to make the entire trip, but this current doesn’t start over near Australia. And… it also flows South, so it would be going the wrong way to carry our characters up to California. But hey, it’s a movie, so lighten up!

As mentioned earlier, the cruise ship The Sun Princess dumped Herbie somewhere between La Paz and Baja California. So Hank and Herbie could definitely end up in the same part of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of California.

Hypothesis: Proven! At least in my mind.

Be sure to read my full review of Finding Dory along with the Blu-ray release from Best Buy which came with a great 69-page Activity Book!

Oh, Those Mischievous Disney Fairies!

We know that Tinker Bell can be a little… mischievous at times! But I think it’s safe to say that this quality is shared by her fellow fairies, no matter what job they have.

So just who put this roller skate on this tree stump at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival of 2010 may be a hard mystery to solve:


I used to get in trouble when I roller skated through flower beds!

Well, whether the roller skate should be there or not, it certainly is placed in a beautiful setting! The flowers in Epcot are always breathtaking, but even more-so when the Festival is on.

Mr. Bean Tells Time with Mickey

I recently purchased a DVD set of the complete Mr. Bean shorts. You’ll recognize this name as the mime-like character created by Rowan Atkinson. And of course I noticed immediately that there was a Disney tie-in!

In the very first episode, where Mr. Bean has to take a math test, he begins to empty his briefcase, bringing out three funny objects. One is (perhaps) an English Bobby, the second thing is a bendable Pink Panther figure, and the third is:


Well, hello Mickey!

Yes, even Mr. Bean is a Disney fan! He brings out a vintage Mickey Mouse alarm clock to time his test. Of course he messes up the whole affair but the alarm clock does go off right on time!

For another Mickey Mouse alarm clock sighting, please check out my earlier post entitled Mickey Visits the Partridge Family over at My Dreams of Disney.

Top Five Indications You Are a Hopeless Disney Fan

Well, I wouldn’t call myself hopeless. But others would! Since my first visit to Walt Disney World as an adult in 2006 I have been hooked on The Mouse. I don’t take it overboard (no, really) but I do enjoy the wholesome and oft-times folksy charm of the Disney brand.

But maybe you’re wondering if you are a hopeless Disney fan? If so, I think I can help you to answer that question. Here is my Top Five List of indications that you are indeed a hopeless Disney fan:


Your favorite movie is a Disney animated classic


From the Golden era to the modern renaissance to today’s instant classics everyone has a favorite Disney animated movie. But you: Your favorite movie of all time is a Disney animated movie! Citizen Kane? The Bodyguard? James Bond? Garbage compared to Bambi, Beauty and the Beast, and Big Hero 6 as far as you’re concerned!


Your house looks like a Disney Store


You say you just collect a few things here and there, but your house guests get a different impression when they enter room after room of Disney merchandise. To steal a bit from Jeff Foxworthy: When The Disney Store calls you when they run low on stock… you may be a hopeless Disney fan!


You visit a Disney Park at least yearly


Walt Disney World. Disneyland. Disney’s California Adventure. If it’s in North America, you’ve been there! And if you’ve been to a Disney park abroad? Man, you really are a hopeless Disney fan!


You have a Disney Blog


Oh my goodness! I just realized… I really am a hopeless Disney fan! Yes, in my case, it all started with a blog called Disleelandia back in 2009. I then wrote for other sites like Chip & Company, Disney Dose, the original Theme Park Press site, as well as numerous guest posts on other sites like My Dreams of Disney. I now regularly contribute to The Magical Blogorail in addition to writing my own blog called Disney Nouns (you are here.)

Hello. My name is Lee. I have a blogging problem.


You read about being a hopeless Disney fan


Admit it: If you could have this ceiling fan in your house, you would! Admit it: You see Hidden Mickeys everywhere! Admit it: You know more about Walt Disney than you’re own grandfather! Admit it: You have more Disney t-shirts than plain ones! Admit it: You have worn Mickey Ears outside a Disney park! Admit it: If Disney became illegal, you’d buy it on the street! Just admit it: You are a hopeless Disney fan!

Starlight Bathrooms in Tomorrowland

We all like to fantasize about what life will be like in the distant future. Will we have flying cars? Will there be world peace? Will robots go potty?

OK, that last ponderable may not have crossed your mind, but it seems to have occurred to the Imagineers that designed and built Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World:

Starlight Bathrooms 1

While Sonny Eclipse croons to the patrons many of said patrons must make their way to the… er, Dehydration Centers for a little… relief. And apparently, so do the robots:

Starlight Bathrooms 2

And it seems that both gender models must make this pilgrimage:

Starlight Bathrooms 3     Starlight Bathrooms 4

So while just what a robot does in a restroom probably should remain a mystery to all humans, a much bigger mystery is revealed in the next sign:

Starlight Bathrooms 5


I just can’t get my head around this one! What could one human guy in a wheelchair possibly need to do in a restroom with both a ‘male’ and ‘female’ robot??? Now I’m all for companionship, but…

Sometimes I think Imagineers put far too much thought into their projects.

Original Radio Broadcast LPs Too

Back in April of this year I posted a selection of old LP’s that contained some of the best old radio programs from the early days of the medium. It was entitled Original Radio Broadcast LPs and I’m sure that explains the title of this post!

This post contains eight more selections that I just recently came across in a local flea market. Let’s have a look at them:

Radio LPs 1

Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were the two most famous singing cowboys of the old West. Although I rather doubt real cowboys went around crooning on horseback, it was fun to hear them whoop it up and shoot it up at the same time!

Gene rode onto his first show, Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch, on January 1st, 1940. Along with his ranch hands he sang songs, told stories, and kidded around to every kids delight!

The album above was produced by Golden Age Records in 1977.

Radio LPs 2

You would think having a ventriloquist appear on radio would be a bad idea, but Edgar Bergen, along with his dummy Charlie McCarthy, made it work. They appeared together on radio from 1928 to 1948 making this comedy duo (?) the stars of one of the longest-running programs ever to hit the airwaves!

The album above was produced by Mark56 Records in 1974.

Radio LPs 3

Time to get tough with one of the most well-known golden age gangster serials of all time. Gang Busters first appeared of radio on January 15th, 1936 and was still being heard, loudly, in 1957. It featured actual descriptions of wanted criminals which was credited with the capture of 110 wanted men. Now that’s entertainment with a purpose!

The album above was produced by Visual Drama Inc. in 1977.

Radio LPs 4

Anybody remember this guy? The Jack Benny Program ran from 1932 to 1958 and I think he may have ended up on television. What could I possibly say about this man and his legacy that you wouldn’t already know? So I’ll just say that this record has episodes from 1933.

The album above was produced by Mark56 Records in 1976.

Radio LPs 5

Mystery and detective shows were on every radio station with varying degrees of success. No doubt you’ve heard of The Thin Man, Sherlock Holmes, The Shadow, Charlie Chan, and maybe even Boston Blackie and Bulldog Drummond. But you may not have heard of Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons. It ran from 1937 to 1955 and featured a soft-spoken ‘kindly investigator’ who always got his man!

The album above was produced by Radiola in 1975.

Radio LPs 7

Family programming was a big hit in the early days of radio and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet was one of the most popular shows of this type, eventually ending up on television and launching the singing career of one Ricky Nelson. This LP features a show in the series which aired on October 5th, 1951. The complete series started in 1946 and ran until 1954. It made the transition to television in 1952.

The flip side of this LP features an episode from the Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show from 1948 (not pictured).

The album above was produced by Radiola in 1979.

Radio LPs 8

This LP is a bit unique in that it contains a biography of the man and not an excerpt from a radio show of his own. On February 28th, 1956, Fred Allen narrated the ‘adventures’ of W. C. Fields with the help of several Hollywood A-listers. It also contains a comedy routine by Fields called ‘W. C. Fields Drinks a Glass of Water!’ Only on Radio.

The album above was produced by Radiola in 1975.

The last of the eight albums featured in this post is very special to me. I’ve posted before about my love of The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. There, in Greenfield Village, you can visit the Menlo Park laboratories of Thomas Edison. In those laboratories you will see one of only 9 working Edison phonographs in the world! Too cool.

Radio LPs 6

At first, Mr. Edison was determined to force culture on the masses by only recording music and entertainment that he himself viewed as good. This led to poor sales as companies like RCA and others had no problem publishing whatever garbage the masses wanted to hear! It took awhile, but finally Mr. Edison relented and also put out what the people wanted.

This particular collection is beyond awesome! It was released under a special arrangement with The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village and contains historical recordings dating back to the first ever record from 1888 and including other recording firsts through to 1929.

The album above was produced by Mark56 Records in 1978.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the early days of radio via these great LP’s. If you’d like to do more research into the history of radio, please read my review of the book This is Radio, from which I drew most of my information for this post.