Suffering from the Collecting Bug is an incurable affliction that I have long since come to grips with. (My name is Lee. I’m a collector. Hello, Lee!) So when I recently found Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Packs on sale, I just had to buy some! Then I bought MORE. This post is an update to the previous post entitled Mystery Stack Pack featuring Disney Tsum Tsum.

Update Anger Together

Anger from Inside Out

Anger is my favorite character from the Pixar film Inside Out. So whenever I can find a figure of him, I add it to my Anger Management collection. Which you can see here (glow in the dark) and here (plush).

Update Anger Set

NOT Managing Anger Here!

These are the second-smallest size of Tsum Tsum and are made to be stacked on top of the next size up.

I love the fire feature on Anger’s head, and:

Update Anger Tie

His Tie!

Also, until I took the above picture, I didn’t know that there was so much text on the characters! Who has good enough eyes to read that?!?

I originally bought nine packages and ended up with seven different characters with the two duplicates both being The Red Queen. This time I bought three packages and only got one new character. Care to guess what the other two were?

You guessed it: both The Red Queen. I now have five Red Queens! And that’s your Mystery Stack Pack Update for the day.

Mystery Stack Pack featuring Disney Tsum Tsum

Good old Walmart. Always a toy on the shelf, and as it happens, on sale! The Tsum Tsum craze is moving along with more merchandise twists added to capitalize. And so we have Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Pack.

Mystery Stack Pack Group

 Series 2

Actually, I picked up nine packages, some from Walmart and the rest from Toys-R-Us. Both had them on sale for under $3.00 CAN per pack. With each package, you get a small Tsum Tsum figure and a stacking accessory.

Mystery Stack Pack Baggies

A Mystery No More!

Out of the nine mystery packages I purchased, I got three of one character (The Red Queen) but no other duplicates. So not a bad average for a blind buy!

So here are the seven characters I got:

Mystery Stack Pack Queen of HeartsMystery Stack Pack Queen Stacked

The Red Queen

Mystery Stack Pack MickeyMystery Stack Pack Mickey Stacked

Mickey Mouse

Mystery Stack Pack ChipMystery Stack Pack Chip Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack SuzyMystery Stack Pack Suzy Stacked

Suzy (from Cinderella)

Mystery Stack Pack EeyoreMystery Stack Pack Eeyore Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack OlafMystery Stack Pack Olaf Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack Jiminy CricketMystery Stack Pack Jiminy Stacked

Jiminy Cricket

These are designed to stack on the back of the medium Tsum Tsum characters. You can stack them on each other but then they are wobbly at best! It is pretty hard to get the character to stay on his/her own prop!

Here is a group shot:

Mystery Stack Pack Group Shot

Which Is Your Favorite?

The Series 2 set has fifteen characters including Buzz Lightyear and the LGM from Toy Story. These were the two I was hoping for.

Now I don’t know whether to go back and buy more Mystery Stack Pack, er… packs, or just be satisfied with what I have. Blast these mystery packs/blind boxes of Disney!

In case you aren’t up on just what a Tsum Tsum is:

Disney Tsum Tsum is the name of a range of collectible toys based upon Disney characters (including characters from the Disney-owned Star Wars and Marvel franchises). The name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning “to stack”, because the toys are shaped like rectangles and designed to stack on top of each other, forming a pyramid shape.

With four basic sizes and a few different materials, there is a Tsum Tsum for everyone. At least, that’s what Disney marketing hopes!

Check out more of my Tsum Tsum collection here.

Disney’s FROZEN Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

So who’s up for more jelly bean goodness? Everyone? Excellent! But if you’re on a diet, you’ll have to ‘let it go’ as you stuff your cheeks with tasty Jelly Belly beans, with a Frozen twist:

Frozen Store Display

Icicle Mix

These tasty little beans come in a variety of flavors but only three package designs. Let’s have a look at each in turn:

Frozen Elsa


Does The Snow Queen love jelly beans? Yes, they’re the one thing she won’t ‘let go’ of!

Frozen Anna


Think you can get Anna to share her 28 grams of tasty perfection? Only if you play the sister card!

Frozen Olaf


Yeah, just give him a warm hug and they’re all yours!

The store I found these in were selling each package for $2.00 a pop, which I thought was a tad high for 1 ounce of jelly beans!

Frozen Description

Flavors and Nutritional Information

The good thing about Jelly Belly, which may account for the higher pricing, is the attention to allergy needs. These are fat free, gluten-free, and peanut free. And basically low in calories, even if you eat the whole bag at once!

For more Jelly Belly posts, see some Classic Disney characters here, Star Wars characters here, and Finding Dory here.

Happiness is a handful of Jelly Belly jelly beans!

Disney Keychains: Donald Duck by Amercep

With collecting it’s rarely about the value of the item. Most collectors prize unique or rare pieces more than one that simply demands a high price on the open market. Keychains mostly fall into this designation.

So when I found the Donald Duck keychain featured in this post, value wasn’t an issue (it cost me all of $3.00) but rather that it was still attached to the original packaging:

keychains package front

Love the Castle stencil in behind!

I think I can speak for all collectors when I say that it’s the little details that endear an item to us. In this case, it was definitely the Disney Castle stencil in back of Donald that attracted me, and not the keychain itself.

keychains packaging back

AMERCEP Auto Impressions Inc.

As usual we have a company based in California having the product manufactured in China but packaged in the U.S.A. so they can claim some tie to American industry.

keychains side view

He’s “got no strings”, but a really big chain!

Again, the only reason I bought this keychain was because it was still on its original card. This is called MOC (Mint on Card). Most collectibles are more valuable when in their original packaging, or in the case of larger display figurines, if the original box and paperwork are still with the piece.

This collectible is not mint (likely ‘Poor’ due to the card, although the keychain would be ‘Mint’). Mint condition is an expression used in the description of pre-owned goods. Originally, the phrase related to the way collectors described the condition of coins. As the name given to a coin factory is a “mint”, then mint condition is the condition a coin is in when it leaves the factory/mint. Makes sense!

The term mint condition came to be used to describe a variety of collectible items. Abbreviations include:

  • NRFB – Never removed from box
  • MIB – Mint in box
  • MIP – Mint in package
  • MOC – Mint on card (For accessories sold attached to a card)

But again, although I will be leaving Donald in his plastic prison, it won’t increase the poor little guy’s value!

For more keychains, please check out this link featuring 24 examples all collected together into one big package depicting most of Pixar’s popular characters.

One More Disney Teapot

The other day I posted a Disney Teapot for One but today’s teapot can serve many more people. At least two or three!

But let’s start by showing you the back of the pot first:


Not very Disney, is it?

Not all Disney teapots have a familiar shape or obvious pattern. So to see the Disney side of this teapot, we need to turn it around to its front side:


Sledding fun!

This is what I call a ‘cheat’ product. Instead of designing something unique they have simply applied an image to an otherwise generic product.



Who puts a teapot in the microwave?

You know Fall is in the air and Winter looms over the horizon when I start posting items with snow on them! I’m not ready for the horrors of winter yet but at least Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto seem to be enjoying it!

Disney Teapot For One

‘Tea for Two’ may make a great song, but this Disney teapot is even greater because it can make tea for one! And it is covered in Hidden Mickeys:


“Tea for one, and one for tea!”

These are really neat little teapots. They are a three-part product, if you don’t count the teapot lid.


Notice that both the handle on the cup and teapot are actually Mickey’s arms? And who can miss the ‘Hidden Mickey’ plate?


Hats off!

This item doesn’t have much in the way of markings. No company name or design line but just a very simple…


At least we know it is copyrighted

So the next time you are a ‘party of one’ and fancy a ‘spot of tea’, don’t wait for Mrs. Potts to show up! Just get out your ‘for one teapot’ and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures!

For more tea fun please check out our previous post entitled UK Pavilion Merchandise. Spoiler Alert: There may be other teapots featured! And be sure to check out One More Disney Teapot here!

Disney Animators' Collection Lilo Doll

I’ve been looking at this merchandise line for some time but haven’t found a character that I truly liked. The Kristoff doll from Frozen came close but I just hate that movie so much I couldn’t bring myself to buy him!

But before we go much further, what exactly is the Disney Animator’s Collection? From the back of the packaging: “Celebrating the heritage of Disney animation with the Disney animators’ collection, created under the guidance of Disney’s most renowned animators and designers, these young renditions of your favorite characters are brought to life with creativity and imagination.

But at a local Disney Store I finally found the one character that I think looks the best with this treatment:


This doll was designed by Byron Howard who worked on Pocahontas, Mulan, Brother Bear, and of course, Lilo & Stitch.

animators-collection-lilo-004               animators-collection-lilo-006

The packaging for this merchandise line is quite good. The character studies around the box are nice and the information on the back fully explains the intent of the product.


These dolls all have the same body with legs that will bend at the hips for a sitting position, arms that pivot at the shoulders, and a head that turns. The only thing different between the dolls is the head sculpt, hair, and costuming.

animators-collection-lilo-008  animators-collection-lilo-009  animators-collection-lilo-010

Lilo’s flip-flops come off as does her satchel. Her homemade dolly Scrump can be carried in the satchel or put on her wrist using a strap attached to the back. Of all the dolls in this series, I think the expression on Lilo’s face best represents the character.

The Disney Animators’ Collection line sells for $24.95 US or $26.95 CAN. This line has been available for some time and I don’t think it’s doing too well. There is always a good selection available at The Disney Store whenever I go which tells me they aren’t flying off the shelves!

FUN FACT: I noticed another doll for sale at The Disney Store which was from the up-coming animated feature Moana. The doll may have been a child version of the main female character herself, Moana. The interesting thing was that the body of the doll was identical to the ones used for the Disney Animators’ Collection line and the packaging was identical in shape but with different graphics.

So why didn’t Disney just release this doll as part of the Animators’ line?

Mickey Mini Ceramic Planter

Oh what a few dollars can buy! Recently I was on one of my many Excursions of Discovery and found this Mickey Mouse miniature square planter:

Mickey Planter 1

There is no way to know what year this was produced but it obviously isn’t very old. So the $4.00 I paid for it was more than enough.

Mickey Planter 2

Nice detailing in the back and top edging

I guess if you wanted to plant a single flower this vase (?) would be perfect!

Mickey Planter 3     Mickey Planter 4

The word ‘Disney’ is embedded in the base and the stickers say ‘Mickey and Co.’ and ‘Licensee Enesco’ and ‘Made in China’.

Maybe I should plant a single Snow White Frangipani in this planter in honor of Minnie’s old look?

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Candy Fan

This is a true triple-threat: It has a great Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tie-in. It’s a convenient and fun fan. And it has candy in it!

MMCH Candy Fan 002

A present from my wife

I love all-things transportation but especially if it has a Disney element to it. So having Mickey Mouse flying a helicopter is just too much:

MMCH Candy Fan 005

And as I mentioned, go further and add candy:

MMCH Candy Fan 004          MMCH Candy Fan 003

Now you’re just sending me to Disney/Toy/Candy heaven! And an added bonus is that after the candy is gone the candy compartment can be used for secret storage.

MMCH Candy Fan 006

MMCH Candy Fan 007

I haven’t tasted the candy yet but it claims to be CandyRific, so how bad can it be? You can just see it in the picture above, but the candy bag has little Disney logos on it as well.

MMCH Candy Fan 008

Time to fly this post off into the sunset

But first, did you notice that Mickey is flying a helicopter with a Fenestron tail rotor? No? Well here is some aviation information just for you: A Fenestron (or fantail, sometimes called “fan-in-fin”) is a protected tail rotor of a helicopter operating like a ducted fan. Placing the fan within a duct reduces tip vortex losses, shields the tail rotor from damage, is much quieter than a conventional tail rotor, and shields ground crews from the hazard of a spinning rotor. The housing is integral with the tail skin and, like the conventional tail rotor it replaces, functions to counteract the torque of the main rotor. It was first developed by the French company Sud Aviation (now part of Airbus Helicopters) and is installed on many of their helicopters.

Tail Rotor

The term Fenestron is a trademark of Eurocopter. It comes from the Latin ‘fenestra’ for window. And now you know!

Funny Story: My wife bought a small hand-held fan from AAA/CAA recently thinking she could use it discretely to cool herself off when it got too hot. But the stupid little thing can be heard in the next town over! So later we are at a product fair and she picks up a free hand-held fan from a vendor thinking to have better luck. It’s just as loud!

She buys me this very conspicuous hand-held fan… and it is whisper quiet. I shouldn’t laugh, but…

Hank the Septopus from Finding Dory

And just who this character? Pixar Wiki gives us his bio: Hank is an octopus. Actually, he’s a ‘septopus:’ he lost a tentacle — along with his sense of humor — somewhere along the way. But Hank is just as competent as his eight-armed peers. An accomplished escape artist with camouflaging capabilities to boot, Hank is the first to greet Dory when she finds herself in the Marine Life Institute. But make no mistake: he’s not looking for a friend. Hank is after one thing — a ticket on a transport truck to a cozy Cleveland facility where he’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful life of solitude.

If that bio is to be believed, then why did I have these sightings in my kitchen last night?

Hank 004

At first I thought I was just seeing things as he vanished almost as fast as he appeared. But then…

Hank 005

There he was again! And to add insult to mystery, I think he said (in a perfect imitation of the actor Ed O’Neill) I needed to clean my coffee pot…

Hank 006

He hadn’t found Dory yet

When I finally nabbed him, he just froze and expected me to believe he was just a hand-sized plush…

Hank 002     Hank 003

He even left this marketing tag where I could find it to further his deception…

Hank 001

After losing seven straight staring contests to him I gave up and made the mistake of looking away. And he was off again! But I saw him one more time…

Hank 007

At least… I think I did! Maybe I need to cut out those late-night nachos.