Snow White Lithographs from The Disney Store

We’ve covered some of the other Princesses in an earlier post, and now it’s time for the original, the fairest of them all, to have her turn. In this post we have Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (what can I say, they go everywhere together!)

I am featuring two different lithograph releases. The first has four prints:

Snow White Set Folder


The envelope that contains the prints is made of a very heavy museum-quality paper with a nice texture. The prints are also rendered on better quality paper than some Disney Store lithographs.

And speaking of lithographs:

Snow White Set 3Snow White Set 2Snow White Set 1Snow White Set 4

‘Hi Ho’ and there you go! Even though Snow White was released back in the 1930’s it still contains some of the most breathtaking imagery of any Princess movie!

Snow White Set Folder Back

Above is the back of the folder which sports a very famous fruit.

The set above was released in 2001 to commemorate one of the many re-releases of this most classic of classics. The single lithograph below is an earlier release from 1994. Neither release coincides with a major anniversary of the film:

Snow White Single Envelope

Over-sized Envelope

Unfortunately, this lithograph has been damaged by moisture. However, it is unique in that it’s one of the few releases to be bigger than the 8×10 format of most other Disney Store prints.

Snow White Single LithoSnow White Single Litho Back

Lithograph & Back of Frame

So when asked which lithographs are the fairest of them all, I think you will agree that these ones, featuring Snow White, are certainly the front runners!

Princess Lithographs from The Disney Store

The Disney Princess. Iconic and controversial all at once, but still a marketing juggernaut, these ladies turn heads for whatever reason! And so do these stunning lithographs from The Disney Store.

We have a lot to see, so let’s get right to it:

Priness Envelope SBPrincess Print SBPrincess Frame SB

Sometimes The Disney Store releases multiple lithographs in a set, with either 4 or 6 prints. But this one only has the one print.

Princess Envelope CPrincess Print C

Cinderella also gets the one-print treatment for her video re-release.

And now we move on to a more modern era Princess with a set of 4 prints from Beauty and the Beast:

Princess Folder B&BPrincess B&B Print 1Princess B&B Print 2Princess B&B Print 3Princess B&B Print 4Princess Folder Back B&B

And these lithographs will live happily ever after in my media collection! As will these lithographs featuring The Little Mermaid.

For more Princess fun, check out how they use the stairs on a Disney Cruise, and how they would be described by today’s Paparazzi.

Pixar Lithographs from The Disney Store

I wish I had a complete set of lithographs representing the entire Pixar catalogue of films, but at least I have these three. The Disney Store did a great job with the selection of prints.

Let’s have a look. First, we have the original Toy Story from 1995:

Pixar Envelope Pixar Print Pixar Frame

This lithograph would have been released for the 1996 video release. The above pictures show the protective envelope, the lithograph itself, and the back side of the lithograph frame.

Next, we have a wonderful image from A Bug’s Life (1996):

Pixar Envelope Pixar Print Pixar Frame

Again, this lithograph would have been released in 1999 to commemorate the release of the film on video.

Last, but not least, is Toy Story 2 (1999):

Pixar EnvelopePixar PrintPixar Frame

This was released in 2000.

And that concludes my incomplete collection of Pixar lithographs from The Disney Store.

If you have a bit more time and would like to see more of my Pixar merchandise, check out these keychains and minis figurines.

Flubber Lithograph from The Disney Store

Who remembers what Flubber is? Well, it can make Model T Fords fly, basketball players jump higher, and in the 1997 reboot, it can even dance! In this version, Robin Williams stars as the renamed Prof. Philip Brainard.

But Flubber first appeared in The Absent-Minded Professor, a 1961 Disney live-action film based on the short story ‘A Situation of Gravity’ by Samuel W. Taylor. The film stared Fred MacMurray as Professor Ned Brainard, the accidental inventor of Flubber.

The film was a huge success at the box-office, and two years later became the first Disney film to have a sequel, 1963’s Son of Flubber. But the lithograph in this post promotes the 1997 remake called Flubber:

Flubber Back of Lithograph

Flubber Cover SleeveFlubber Cover Back

Front and Back of Envelope & Rear of Lithograph

This is the only lithograph I have from The Disney Store that is lenticular. And what is ‘lenticular’ you ask? Lenticular printing is a technology in which lenticular lenses (a technology that is also used for 3D displays) are used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.

The latter part of the definition applies here. Look at the lithograph one way and the Flubber couple are dancing:

Flubber Dance

Getting their groove on!

Turn the lithograph slightly, and the Flubber couple are in a full dip:

Flubber Dip

Gutsy move!

While this makes for an interesting print, it makes it a lot harder to photograph! It’s quite possible that Disney put a little more tech into this lithograph because of the scientific nature of the movie.

Who knows, maybe these little green blobs will bring back Disco. But let’s hope not!

For more on the star of the original movies, Fred MacMurray, please read my post entitled Top Five Live-Action Disney Actors.

Dick Tracy Official Movie Souvenir Magazine

Dick Tracy is one of the longest running detective series that got it’s start in newspapers, leapt to radio and then on to the small screen. Later it was made into a series of lower budgeted black and white movies.

In 1990, the Disney Company took a shot at the character (see what I did there?) and turned the yellow-coated gumshoe into a hit! I recently found this mint condition souvenir magazine for the movie:

Dick Tracy Cover

It contains 13 chapters (Tracy scoffs at bad luck!) featuring cast interviews, behind the scenes pictures, and much more. Let’s have a look inside:

When you think of it, fifty bucks for an authentic rogue’s mask isn’t too bad of a deal!

Dick Tracy Warren Beatty

Star Warren Beatty, who also directed

Dick Tracy Collectibles

This page spoke directly to my heart! I love collectibles and vintage ones are just too hard to resist.

Dick Tracy Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke

In one of his rare villainous roles, Van Dyke plays a corrupt official who doesn’t show his true colors until the end of the movie. Whoops, I guess I should have said ‘Spoiler Alert’ before typing that!

You can read a little aside about this role in Van Dyke’s memoir book entitled My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business. Click the link for my review!

Dick Tracy Rogues

Dick Tracy Sculpt

Dick Tracy Merchandise

There is a lot of stuff in this magazine for the movie fan who likes to go behind the magic and learn how it was done.

Dick Tracy Trading Cards

Dick Tracy Topps collectible cards are awesome and this set looks like it would be no exception!

I picked this item up at a local flea market for about $3.00 CAN but it’s value as a collectible is worth far more than that to me!


  • This movie was released in theaters with the Roger Rabbit short, Roller Coaster Rabbit.
  • According to a trailer, this film was originally going to be released by Walt Disney Pictures. This likely happened before it got its rating, because the final version was released by Touchstone Pictures.

Star Wars Jelly Beans & Candy with Stickers

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to enjoy some tasty Star Wars candies. No, you can simply visit your local IDA Pharmacy and rummage through a few shelves of confections. Like I did!

Star Wars Box front

Fruity… yet artificial, flavors

Well, you wouldn’t expect anything genuine and nutritious from the Dark Side!

Star Wars Box back

Nutritional Fact: There ain’t none!

All you will get from this box of candy is a sugar high. Hey, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing! And at least they’re gluten free.

Star Wars Box contents

Sugar Pellets and Stickers

This item is listed for the 3+ crowd as I imagine anyone younger would choke on the small candies. Wasn’t choking Darth Vader’s thing?

Star Wars Stickers

Which is your favorite?

I just have to say something before we move on: Was Kylo Ren a wuss or what?

Thanks for letting me get that off of my chest! Now on to one of my favorite candy brands:

Star Wars Yoda

“Enjoy the taste, you will!”

Jelly Belly jelly beans are the best! I love that they offer a wide variety of flavors, even though some of them are a bit ‘out there’.

Star Wars Darth Vader

“I find your lack of good taste disturbing.”

An endorsement from the galaxy’s biggest baddy must have been hard to obtain. I mean, how would he get a jelly bean through the helmet?

Star Wars Storm Trooper

“Hey, these are the jelly beans I’m looking for!”

Okay, enough with the obvious Star Wars clichés! Sheesh.

Each bag contains a Galaxy Mix with some interesting flavors, and these too are gluten free:

Star Wars Flavors

The Green Apple is to die for!

Just don’t say that to Darth Vader for he may just oblige you. Seriously. Don’t joke about dying around Darth Vader!

Of course, with an expiry date of January 19th, 2018, you have almost a full year to enjoy your candy before the choking begins. Enjoy!

For more Jelly Belly goodness, check out packages featuring Mickey and DonaldGoofy, and the Finding Dory characters.

Finding Dory Minigo Beverages

I’m not sure if I should ask if you’re thirsty or hungry as this ‘beverage’ is actually ‘drinkable yogurt’. Ick. But obviously someone must like this stuff or Disney/Pixar wouldn’t have agreed to a Finding Dory promotional tie-in:


Looks like Dory found Nemo… again

Finding Dory was a much better movie than I thought it would be which is fortunate for Yoplait. Otherwise they would have been stuck with truckloads of this… drinkable yogurt. Ick!


Strawberry Flavour. Ick!

finding-dory-minigo-beverages-004     finding-dory-minigo-beverages-006

6 Minigo bottles per pack

I think they should have used Baby Dory for this promotion. Am I right or am I right? I think I’m right.


What does yogurt turn into after the ‘best before’ date?

Well I guess my wife and I should be finding out soon as it is over a week past that fateful date! If you don’t see any more posts on the blog you’ll know that I’m fighting some mutated yogurt monster. Or maybe it won’t find us?

Anyway. Ick!

Disneyland 1968 Pictorial Souvenir & Guide

Once again we travel back in time and visit a Disney park as it was, this time in 1968. Disneyland had only been open for 13 short years, but had already undergone some significant changes from opening day.

Let’s do away with the further ado and get right to the 1968 Pictorial Souvenir and Guide:

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 1

This cover image was likely a publicity shot or a still from one of Walt Disney’s television appearances. Not long after Disneyland opened Walt stopped signing autographs in the park because he would get bogged down and be unable to move efficiently. So he would give out a business card and ask the autograph hound to write the studio to receive his signature.

So it is very unlikely that Walt would be sitting in a fire truck on Main Street signing autographs unless it was set up for promotion.

Each guide-book usually had a map near the front of the publication:

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 2

Can you find all three monorails?

The guide-book then covers each land in turn. Here are some highlights from 1968:

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 3

Adventureland once employed José the Barker Bird outside the Enchanted Tiki Room. His job was to entice guests into the attraction but he was fired after a while. Two theories as to why exist. One: Being audioanimatronic he required too much repair due to being out in the elements. Two: He was so good at capturing the attention of passers-by that great crowds would just stop and stare thus blocking the pathways to other attractions. Let’s hope no other Cast Members got fired for doing their job too well!

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 4

Wonderful aerial view of the Rivers of America

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 5

Love the retro Donald Duck hat!

I have a picture of me at Walt Disney World with the Winnie the Pooh character pictured above. Do you remember when Pooh had a hunny pot on his head in the parks?

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 6

Ahh, the ‘Bucket Ride’

The Disneyland Skyway attraction ran from 1956 to 1994. I remember riding the Walt Disney World version in the early 1970’s but wish I could have experienced the Disneyland version!

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 7

Disneyland’s Submarine Voyage opened in 1959 as part of Tomorrowland’s expansion and closed in 1998. It reopened in 2007 as the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. The grey subs were basically just painted yellow and changed from a more military look to a research theme.

I was able to ride the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction at Walt Disney World in the early 1970’s but never got to ride Disneyland’s subs until 2013. The Finding Nemo storyline is fun!

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 8

Original People Mover. Nuff said.

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 9

Disneyland After Dark

The guide-book concludes with a look at the park after the sun goes down. Many forms of entertainment were available, but please look to the top left corner of the picture above. Yes, that’s The Firehouse Five Plus Two Dixieland Jazz band made up of Disney animation employees! Ward Kimball lead the band in the 1950’s and on into the early 1970’s. I have many of their original albums. You can read a little more about them in my previous post entitled Top Five Forgotten Disney Things.

The band received an homage in the ending of the 2009 Disney film The Princess and the Frog, with the jazz-playing alligator Louis now belonging to a group called “The Firefly Five Plus Lou”.

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 10

Cross Promotion

The last page of the guide-book is basically an advertisement for the Disneyland Hotel, which was the only on-site lodging available in 1968.

Disneyland 1968 Souvenir Guide 11

Back Cover

These old guide-books are gems of nostalgia! I have many examples from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World including the Walt Disney World 1983 Pictorial Souvenir book I covered earlier this month.

I hope you enjoyed taking this pictorial trip down memory lane with me!

Disney Movie Club's New Ad Package

Once on a Disney mailing list, always on a Disney mailing list! The Disney Movie Club isn’t giving up on my business even though I have never shown even a hint of interest. With my extensive movie collection it would be pointless to join a movie club with the purpose of obtaining even more movies. They have little in stock that I don’t already have!

I won’t get into the finer details of the pitch here as it may appeal to you and actually fit your circumstances better than it does mine. But I thought it would be interesting to share the latest attempt to hook me in, as they have a new advertising package now.

First, the envelope:

Disney Movie Club Ad 1

Actually, it was fun to receive this!

The main thing I truly enjoy about receiving this offer is the sticker sheet that comes in each envelope they send:

Disney Movie Club Ad 2

Finally, a new set of images

I have about a dozen of the old sticker sheets! I’m good for sealing my correspondence for years to come.

This promotional pitch centers around inviting the prospective client to a party:

Disney Movie Club Ad 3

A party given… by me!

Saying they will send me ‘everything I need’ actually means ‘some movies’. Apparently I’m providing the venue and the snacks.

Each envelope comes with a sheet of movie stickers from which you choose your discounted introductory releases. I counted up and found that I have almost 50 of the 60 available movies and no desire to own the other ten:

Disney Movie Club Ad 4

Got it! Got it! Got it! Don’t want it. Got it!

But wait! That’s not all! Order now and you will get this beautiful Frozen character blanket for ‘free’ with your paid membership:

Disney Movie Club Ad 5

At 3′ x 4′ it is a bit small to keep me ‘warm and cozy’

So again, reading the full details is necessary to see if The Disney Movie Club is right for you. If it is, let’s have the party at your house. I’ll bring the popcorn!

Haven’t received your promotional package in the mail? Check out the official website.

Walt Disney World 1983 Pictorial Souvenir

Some of the best pieces of merchandise Disney ever put on the shelves were, and are, the wonderful pictorial souvenir booklets! You could buy one to remember your visit or collect them all over the years to get a clear picture of how the parks evolved. Regardless of why they were bought, for collectors like me, they are now priceless collectibles.

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 1  WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 2

Walt Disney World as it was in 1983

This, as with most yearly pictorial souvenir booklets, starts with a trip down Main Street and then veers off into the other lands of The Magic Kingdom.

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 3

Watch for natives struggling to get ‘a head’!

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 4

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 5

From under the sea to the open road, and beyond!

Once you leave The Magic Kingdom it is time to choose your mode of transportation as you begin

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 6

You may end up at the newest theme park at Walt Disney World, at least as of 1983:

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 7

Opened October 1st, 1982

Many attractions have come and gone from this early time to the present, as have many beloved characters, such as…

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 9

Who mourns for The Dreamfinder?

Next you could visit nine countries in one day by visiting The World Showcase. My favorite?

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 10

Of course, I may be biased!

As we’ll see later, Disney was promising new lands for Epcot, such as Morocco, Spain, Israel, and Equatorial Africa. We know Morocco made the cut, as did a small nod to Africa, but the rest are still waiting for their spot around the World Showcase Lagoon.

Next our pictorial souvenir booklet takes us on a tour of the resorts to be found in 1983:

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 11

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 15

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 16

Some of the names have been changed, and changed…

Two now-defunct attraction areas are also featured:

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 12

I remember the pink flamingos from my visit in 1972!

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 14

Sadly, I never got to visit this now-extinct water park

And who remembers the first name for Downtown Disney/Disney Springs?

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 017

This particular pictorial souvenir booklet finished up with a look to the future:

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 18

Horizons, The Living Seas, and some ‘health’ thing were coming

Also, some new resorts were planned. A Cypress Point Lodge and a Mediterranean Hotel never made it past this booklet, but The Grand Floridian Beach Resort Hotel did, but with a slightly modified name.

And let’s not forget that Walt Disney World wasn’t the only Disney park in 1983:

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 19

Obviously Disneyland had opened many years before Walt Disney World (in 1955 to be exact) and Tokyo Disneyland was just a new addition, opened in April of 1983.

FUN FACT: Well, hopefully a ‘fact’! For these booklets to be a true reflection of what had happened in the year they were for, in this case 1983, it would be likely that they would be released later in that calendar year and sold throughout the next year, in this case 1984. This supposition is supported by the fact that this guide mentions the opening of Tokyo Disneyland in the past tense in April of 1983. So this booklet had to be completed and released after that date. Make sense?

WDW 1983 Pictorial Souvenir 20

Back Cover

I hope you have enjoyed this look at a vintage piece of ephemera from 1983! The pictorial souvenir booklets of today just don’t have the same feel as these older versions, being too commercial with slick production values. Sometimes cheese is better than class!

For more examples of souvenir guides, please see our earlier post entitled Book Review: Disneyland Releases. You won’t be sorry. They’re cool!