Twister Game at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Disney’s Pop Century Resort, located at Walt Disney World, is wonderful for its over-sized props!

I took many pictures throughout the grounds, but thought this image was particularly fun:

Twister Game Board

Get Ready to Stretch!

So who’s up for a game of Twister?

To continue your over-sized fun, check out my earlier post showing more of the props around the Resort.

Walt Disney World Refillable Travel Mugs

My wife and I first visited Walt Disney World as a couple in 2006 and that’s when our collection of refillable travel mugs began. At that time, Disney was still releasing new designs each year, and separate designs for each resort.

Now they tend to be more generic, a one-mug-fits-all, if you will. It has taken the fun out of acquiring travel mugs as now they are not linked to specific trip memories. But what are you going to do?

Recently, we threw away all of our travel mugs because they had become too dirty and worn. We use them often for taking our coffee and tea on the go. Once gone, we realized just how handy they were! So I was thrilled to find these two mint condition examples in a local charity shop:

Travel Mugs Blue 2

The gang arrives at Walt Disney World

What I’ve always liked about the travel mugs is the designs. This one depicts Mickey and friends arriving for a vacation.

Travel Mugs Blue 3Travel Mugs Blue 1

This was back when each resort, or family of resorts, had their own designs. This mug was sold at Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach, and the Old Key West resorts.

As you can see by comparing these two examples, the handles and lids came in a variety of colors. This is still the case today.

Travel Mugs Green 2

Check-in Time!

This mug has no resort indicated anywhere so it could be a more generic design sold throughout the resorts. Quite possibly the Value resorts.

Travel Mugs Green 3Travel Mugs Green 1

Trust Donald to complicate everything!

Now we have travel mugs again! Seriously, have you ever tried to find a decent travel mug in the local stores that isn’t priced too high? I was glad to find these for just $2.99 CAN each.

For more travel mug fun, check out our earlier post entitled Disney Souvenirs Under $20.

Psychedelic Disney Character T-Shirt Design

Disney merchandise, especially artwork, tends to reflect just about every design trend of the past and present. Even movements like Psychedelic are fair game for wall art and t-shirt designs:

Psychedelic design

Now that’s a trip!

I found this example as a print on a t-shirt in Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) at Walt Disney World back in 2010.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto all appear a number of times depicted in different styles from over the years or from different Short subjects they appeared in.

How many of each character can you find? And which character appears the most? Have fun on your trippy trip!

And for more Disney T-shirts and a woman’s ‘T’ featuring Cinderella’s Coach, just click the links!

Tomorrowland Speedway Car from Walt Disney World

The Tomorrowland Speedway in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is one of my favorite attractions! I just love choking on the gas fumes as I bump around the track listening to the motors of dozens of (basically) little go-carts. And that wasn’t sarcasm, I really do love this attraction for just those reasons!

So when I started to find these great toys on eBay and elsewhere, I started building my fleet:

Speedway Profile

 Mickey Mouse Driving No. 45

I purchased this model recently even though I already have one. And I have two red ones and a blue one. And I’ll add dozens more if I can find them!

Speedway Front

Nice bumper. NO BUMPING!

Eventually I am going to build a large Walt Disney World layout in my basement with a monorail set-up and, of course, a Tomorrowland Speedway track. That’s why I need a fleet. See, it makes perfect sense, my buying dozens of these things.

Speedway Rear

No brake lights. Maybe that’s why people bump!

Now my wife stared at me in disbelief when I told her I had just purchased something that I already had. More than one of. And wanted dozens more of. What is it with women???

Speedway Undercarriage

Oh, Mickey flipped it again!

So maybe the guide rails on the track are a good idea after all.

I paid $10.00 CAN for this particular example. They sold for $12.00 US back in the day:

Speedway Price Tag

Isn’t everything?

These toy cars use a pullback motor. Pulling the car backward (hence the name) winds up an internal coil spring. When released, the car is propelled forward by the spring. When the spring has unwound and the car is moving, the motor is disengaged by a clutch or ratchet and the car then rolls freely onward. Winding must be completed in one pass.

To see my collection of Disneyland Autopia toy cars, just click the link! It is from the days of Chevron sponsorship.

Big Dig Clock from Disney’s Animal Kingdom

With the invention of the SmartPhone, who uses clocks or watches anymore? Well, I do, for one! And if they come molded into a piece of sculpture, and are called Big Dig Clock, well, it’s even better:


Mickey’s uncovered a timepiece

This is a wonderful little figurine that comes from Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World, Florida.


A good view from all sides!

I have another example of this clock-in-sculpture style of merchandise in the post entitled Waiting With Mickey Mouse. It comes from Disneyland Paris. Be sure to check it out!

ctf-exhibitors-032     ctf-exhibitors-033

Timepiece is removable

I recently rescued this from a lonely shelf at an Antique Market in Michigan, so obviously the timepiece needs a battery.


 “Big Dig in the Boneyard”

You can visit this area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom yourself. It’s an open air play space designed to look like a dinosaur dig site where kids can explore and have fun. Smack in the middle of DinoLand U.S.A., you just can’t miss it. After all, even the bones the dinosaurs left behind are BIG!

I wonder if dinosaurs could tell time?

Epcot Pavilions as Seen from World Showcase Lagoon

Have you ever looked at something in a different way and come to a whole new appreciation of it? I did so back in 2008 when I boarded a Friendship Taxi to circle the World Showcase Lagoon and saw the Pavilions from a whole different angle.

You can see some of these perspectives by viewing an earlier post entitled Scenes Around World Showcase. But I’d like to display more Pavilions from the vantage point of the water for you again:








How many times have you taken a Friendship Taxi to get around the World Showcase, viewing it only as a form of transportation from point A to point B? No matter where I am or what am I doing, I always look for opportunities for another photographic essay!

Have you ever taken to the World Showcase Lagoon to get a better angle or the perfect shot?

Disney-Themed Baseball Cap for Your Head

Although every Disney fan would love to wear Mickey Ears everywhere they go, that just wouldn’t be practical. Imagine a patient seeing their doctor walk in with two big black ears atop their head! No. Just wouldn’t work. But how about a baseball cap?

Maybe a doctor couldn’t pull that look off either, but those of us in average life can still adorn our heads with Disney iconography, thusly:


My go-to hat

I like this baseball cap due to its classic design and simple logo. Being black also helps it go with just about everything I might wear, kind of like that little black dress all women have. Yes, I’m in touch with my feminine side!

But recently a friend of mine picked me up another example to add to my collection:


‘M’ is for you-know-who!

Not used but well-loved!


Like most Disney fans I have quite an eclectic collection of Disney hats. Please check out my earlier post entitled Cap It Off to see just some of them.

Walt Disney Travel Company 2016 Brochure

There are many ways to get your Disney fix between trips to the theme parks. One way is to stop by your local travel agent’s place of business and pick up the most recent brochure on Disney travel. I did this recently at Sears Travel in the local mall.

Here is what I picked up:


Walt Disney World 2016

It all starts with the obligatory contents page where we are told that the magic is everywhere at Walt Disney World. Hard not to agree:


The next pages lay out the basic information about MyMagic+/Disney FastPass+/MemoryMaker/MagicBand and Online Planning ideas. But it really caught my interest when it finally gets into coverage of the parks:

wd-travel-company-brochure-003     wd-travel-company-brochure-004

Next comes a section on what you could find beyond the theme parks, like the water parks, Cirque du Soleil, and Disney Springs.

But the map below was a real highlight of the brochure:


I love me a good map!

Next comes an argument for why you stay on-site. An easy argument to win, says I! This is followed by a two-page spread detailing the features of Value, Moderate, Deluxe, and Deluxe Villa Resorts:


The next pages contain information about the Magic Your Way Package followed by the fan-favorite Dining Plan pitch:


I love the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue!

Seasonal Events are covered next followed by an overview of the packages available from the Good Neighbor group of hotels and properties:


The brochure ends with a two-page spread of fine print detailing the Walt Disney Travel Company’s list of terms and conditions. I found this part a dry read.

There was also an insert correcting a point about the FastPass arrangement:


Sorry, no more FastPass+ for parades

Why? Because there are now many excellent parade viewing areas in front of Cinderella Castle! Just find a place in the bigger-than-ever Central Plaza.

We hope to get to Walt Disney World soon and this brochure has certainly whet our appetite!

Sepia Tone Big Al

Thank goodness for digital cameras and computer manipulation! Sometimes, especially in low light, my first digital camera would yield only fuzzy pictures. But often the subject matter was of a nature that I didn’t want to lose it.

So what could I do to salvage these shots? Convert full-color blurry into vintage Sepia tone!


“There was… sepia on the saddle!”

I just love this show, The Country Bear Jamboree (now only at Walt Disney World), and Big Al is my favorite character in the show! ‘Blood on the Saddle’ is a hilarious song that I usually end up singing all day after I hear it.

So this shot was one I just couldn’t throw away! Have you ever cheated and ‘saved’ a shot through computer manipulation?

For more Big Al fun, check out the posts entitled Disney Bear Plush and Plusher and Big Al Patch.

Magical Blogorail: How We Know We've Arrived at Disney

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing How We Know We’ve Arrived at Disney.


Check In 1

Nothing says “You have arrived!” like seeing a giant sign with the name of a Disney resort on it. This is where you will be staying and from where all the Disney magic you experience will start from. From parking the car to checking in to finding your room, don’t rush the process!

I’m going to show you how you can make the check-in at your resort a truly magical way to start your Disney vacation. If you follow my suggestions, you will truly know that you have arrived at Disney! I will be using Disney’s Art of Animation Resort as our model, with one picture from Pop Century thrown in for good measure.

FIRST: Approach the Check-in Desk.

Check In 2

Here you will meet your first friendly Cast Member. Enjoy the smiles and get ready to see more of them! These wonderful people are there to make your stay a memorable one.

SECOND: Get Your Bearings.

Check In 3

These maps are handy to find your building but also to familiarize yourself with the entire property. You’ll want to find the pools, restaurants and food service locations, the bus stop, and the resort retail store.

THIRD: Find Your Home-Away-From-Home.

Check In 4          Check In 5

Check In 6          Check In 7

Check In Room

Squaring away your things before you set out to explore is always a good idea. You can also use the time to relax and freshen up after your long journey to Disney. Once you have put everything away, it’s time to…

FOUR: Explore Your Resort.

Check In 8     Check In 9

This is a great way to get your first taste of Disney magic and to take those vacation photos that everyone back home will be waiting to see. So take lots of shots and pose with everything in sight!

FIVE: Visit the Resort Store.

Check In 10

You will visit many retail locations during your visit. Some of these you will visit voluntarily while others will be thrust upon you. For example, after most big attractions you will exit into retail spaces and be jostled by some rabid shoppers and many others who just want to get out of there and hit the next ride! Visiting your resorts retail location will give you a chance to browse the merchandise at an unhurried pace.

In conclusion, the basic idea here is that checking into your on-site resort will whet your appetite for everything to come. Usually most of us arrive at the resort later in the day and after an exhausting drive or harried plane flight. Try to resist the urge to rush right off to a park. Instead, relax and enjoy your check-in  experience, for it truly is how you will know that you have arrived at Disney!

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Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Blue | How We Know We’ve “Arrived” at Disney Loop: