Cookie Jars Aplenty at Dixieland Flea Market

The Dixieland Flea Market can be found in Waterford, MI. at 2045 on the Dixie Hwy. There we found a great collection of cookie jars which I would like to share with you now:

Cookie Jars Dilbert


I’ve had bosses like the one in this iconic comic strip so Dilbert is like a brother to me. Keep those arms crossed in defiance, my friend!

Cookie Jars DL Castle

Disneyland Castle

This was released for the 40th Anniversary of Disneyland (1995), and apart from the strange coloring, is a nice piece.

Cookie Jars 101 Pup

101 Puppy

One of the few cookie jars that actually chose a ‘cookie’ theme. Weird. And… he’s sitting in my cookies!

Cookie Jars Pluto


Mickey’s pup is ready for some fine dining, but I’m hoping there are more than bones in that jar!

Cookie Jars Beauty & Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Not surprisingly, this cookie jar was among the highest priced at $200.00 US. You pay for popularity!

Cookie Jars Chicken Run

Chicken Run

One of Aardman’s best movies, this chicken from Tweedy Farms is about ready to hatch a batch of cookies!

Cookie Jars Dwarfs

The Seven Dwarfs

Finally let out of Snow White’s sight, the Dwarfs spend the free time guarding, not just their gems, but cookies too!

Cookie Jars Sprout


This one is a little strange. How can a heathy vegetable character be holding a yummy batch of cookies for us? Contradiction, anyone?

Cookie Jars Dorothy

Dorothy and Toto

Most ceramic collectibles don’t quite get the facial features of real persons right, but this cookie jar got Judy Garland spot on! Not sure about Toto.

Cookie Jars Dagwood

Dagwood Bumstead

Blondie’s husband is known for his eating so it is no surprise he would show up as a cookie jar. I wonder if it holds sandwiches…

Cookie Jars Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc.

Choices, choices. I think I like the Mike jar the best. With a smug look on his face like that, he must have the best cookies!

Cookie Jars Jetsons

The Jetsons

Now that’s one crowded spaceship! The little version is a salt and pepper shaker.

Cookie Jars Alice


This depicts one of my favorite scenes from the animated classic. But would there be much room for cookies in that house?

Cookie Jars Donald

Donald Duck

I guess I’d be upset if everyone kept taking my hat off to steal my cookies!

Cookie Jars Red Queen

The Red Queen

Maybe taking cookies from this old gal wouldn’t be a good idea! “Off with their heads!”

Cookie Jars Buzz

Buzz Lightyear

“To snack time, and beyond!” Buzz can adapt his catchphrase for any situation.

Cookie Jars Coach

Cinderella Coach

If you eat cookies from an enchanted coach, they don’t have calories.

Now most of these cookie jars were priced between $50.00 and $60.00 US but were on sale for 50% off. The lady is closing her booth soon and is liquidating her stock.

We’ll end this post with the King of all cookie jars:

Cookie Jars Kong


So if you’re in the Michigan area and need a new place to keep your cookies, be sure to stop into the Dixieland Flea Market and visit this booth!

101 Dalmatians Disney Store Lithographs

Today’s post has really gone to the dogs, quite literally! We are sharing six Disney Store lithographs that were offered to promote the video release of 101 Dalmatians.

101 Dalmatians Front Cover

101 Dalmatians Back Cover

This envelope has a nice synopsis of both the film and the film-making process on the back. The 1961 animated version was the first to use the Xerox process for copying the many spots needed to render the 99 puppies and two adult dogs in the film.

The six lithographs from this set are among the few I’ve seen with captions describing the scenes. Let’s have a closer look. We begin with the announcement that Pongo is going to be a father:

101 Dalmatians Happy Couple

“After all, dogs were having puppies long before our time.”

We then skip to the birth where there is a slight problem:

 101 Dalmatians Lucky

“Nanny! Fifteen! We still have fifteen.”

Here we see the reviving of the last puppy born, whom Roger saves, and so gives the name of ‘Lucky’. Life resumes as we see the proud parents watching some quality television with their puppies:

Fan Favorite TV

“Ol’ Thunderbolt’s the greatest dog in the whole world.”

But things don’t stay tranquil for long after Cruella De Ville arrives with her own reason for loving the puppies:

101 Dalmatians Cruella

“Yes… yes, I must say… such perfectly beautiful coats.”

Jumping ahead we rejoin the story after the puppies have been stolen and the dogs of the city are using the Twilight Bark to relay the message that help is needed:

101 Dalmatians Pet Shop

Peg, Bull, and the Twilight Bark

In this scene, we are treated with guest appearances from Peg and Bull from another animated Disney film about dogs, Lady and the Tramp.

Later the puppies are found, but now there are 99!

101 Dalmatians Escape

“This way, children, around this way.”

All’s well that ends well as the farm animals help free all of the puppies. In the end, all 101 Dalmatians live together on a big farm in the country. The end!

This was the 17th feature-length animated film released by Disney and it did very well at the box office. After all, who can resist 99 cute little puppies?

For more fun with the 101 Dalmatians film, check out our earlier post entitled Could This Be Cruella De Ville’s Real Car? which shows a vintage 1929 Auburn 8-120 automobile that just may have inspired the animated copy.

Fan Favorite Movies as Disney Store Lithographs

We all have our all time favorite Disney animated movie. I personally have several! So what is your fan favorite? Maybe it will be one of the seven Classic films depicted here in these lithographs from The Disney Store.

Let’s have a look at both the packaging and the actual prints from each film in the order they were released theatrically:

Fan Favorite Bambi Cover

Bambi 1942 – 5th Feature-length Film

This lithograph was released by The Disney Store in 1997 as a promotional giveaway when one preordered the film on video.

Fan Favorite Bambi Lithograph

Bambi Meets the Rest of the Cast

Fan Favorite Bambi Back Cover

Back of Envelope

Next we visit Neverland:

Fan Favorite Peter Cover

Peter Pan 1953 – 14th Feature-length Film

This lithograph has one of the better envelopes for a single print release. Most will have a blank back cover, but this one gives us something more:

Fan Favorite Peter Hook


And now for the lithograph itself:

Fan Favorite Peter Lithograph

Again, this lithograph gives us a little something extra by having a beautiful map of Neverland on the back of the frame:

Fan Favorite Peter Back Cover

Next we go black and white, mostly:

Fan Favorite 101 Front Cover

101 Dalmatians 1961 – 17th Feature-length Film

This film has had more than one Disney Store lithograph release but I like this envelope the best of the two offered.

Fan Favorite 101 Envelope

Pongo and Perdita

And now for a domestic scene we can all relate to:

Fan Favorite 101 Lithograph

TV Time!

And now we head into deepest darkest Africa:

Fan Favorite Jungle Cover

The Jungle Book 1967 – 19th Feature-length Film

I love Colonel Hathi and his Elephant Patrol! So this sleeve cover was a treat to see. But so was the lithograph:

Fan Favorite Jungle Lithograph

Just the Bare Necessities!

In my opinion, The Jungle Book was as perfect an animated movie as you could ever create! So I guess you could say this is my fan favorite.

Fan Favorite Jungle Back Cover

Released in 1997

Hard to believe that this lithograph was released 20 years ago! Now we have a live-action movie adaption of this classic. Have you seen it? I posted a review comparing the 1967 original with the new 2016 version. I picked a winner. Click on over to see which version it was!

We have three lithographs left as we now transition from the 60’s to the 70’s:

Fan Favorite Cats Cover

The Aristocats 1970 – 20th Feature-length Film

So this was released 26 years after the film had its theatrical release. I love the gray scale artwork for the cover sleeve.

Fan Favorite Cats Lithograph

Free Transportation

Fan Favorite Cats Back Cover

And now we leap from the 70’s all the way to the 90’s and into the middle of the Disney Renaissance:

Fan Favorite Aladdin Cover

Aladdin 1992 – 31st Feature-length Film

This was a concurrent release with the film in theaters. By now The Disney Store was releasing simpler versions of lithographs with basic cover sleeves. The lithographs were of slightly larger size however. With standard lithographs, you get an 11 x 14 overall size which includes the frame. With later lithographs, you now got an 11 x 14 picture with the frame adding extra size.

Fan Favorite Aladdin Lithograph

It’s a Whole New Hug!

We conclude with another 90’s hit:

Fan Favorite King Cover

The Lion King 1994 – 32nd Feature-length Film

This sleeve sports a pleasing pattern. And the lithograph:

Fan Favorite King Lithograph

Meeting of the Minds (Mash Banana)

This, like the Aladdin print, is oversized.

Fan Favorite King Back Cover

So which is your fan favorite? Do you like the prints small or larger? Do you think The Disney Store should always release lithographs with interesting cover sleeves, or does that not matter to you, as you’ll just throw them away anyway?

Could This Be Cruella De Ville's Real Car?

I know I claimed to have found her real car before (see the post entitled Disney Cars for Real) but this time I think I’ve really discovered it! Here is a screen shot of her animated car from 101 Dalmatians:


In the live-action adaptions her car is white and black and is based on a Panther De Ville. In the television series her car is also white and black and is based on a Zimmer Golden Spirit.

Not much is available on the Internet about the make or model of the animated red and black version. But while visiting The Greenfield Village during the Old Car Festival I managed to snap these shots:



1929 Auburn 8-120

Cruella wasn’t on hand but is this a match for her animated car or what? And although it would have looked more sinister if she was standing beside it herself, I think I managed to get a picture of one of her henchmen sitting in the Model T Ford in the background. But is he Jasper or Horace?

Anyway, I was glad to be able to see such an iconic Disney vehicle for real!

FUN FACT: In the original 101 Dalmatians books Cruella’s car is white and black like a zebra. But it’s easy to imagine why that coloring would have been hard to animate against largely white backgrounds with the bulk of Disney’s animated movie being ‘shot’ in winter. But red and black would stand out!

Of course, this doesn’t explain why Disney set a animated feature about predominantly white dogs in the season of winter…

Disney’s Read-Along Books and Records: 1970’s

Welcome to more of my record/book collection! This post will feature releases from 1973 and 1977.

Vintage Record Readers 046

Robin Hood

This is the only version I have from 1973. It now carries the tag line “Walt Disney Productions’ Story of” instead of the earlier “Walt Disney Presents” and “Walt Disney’s Story of” tag lines.

Vintage Record Readers 047

The coloring page is now gone with the extra page being used to finish the story. As with most record/books, the original story is pretty much in tact. It also includes two songs from the film: ‘The Phony King of England’ and ‘Oo-De-Lally’.

Now let’s visit 1977:

Vintage Record Readers 040


This story is altered somewhat, with Monstro the whale not making an appearance, and that part of the tale being all-but ignored. The book simply says Pinocchio had adventures which taught him enough lessons to earn his transformation into a real boy.

Vintage Record Readers 041

The coloring page is back!

Vintage Record Readers 042


A major story deviation happens in this reader! Bambi’s mother does not get shot by Man, but simply disappears from the storyline midway through the book.

Vintage Record Readers 043

The coloring page in this book is actually a continuation from the story, which is new for these readers.

The last record/book I have from the date of 1977 has a new tag line: “Authorized Walt Disney Productions’ Edition” of

Vintage Record Readers 044

The Rescuers

Disney decided to spare young readers from the grizzly end of the villain with this record/book. We do see Medusa climbing up the boats smoke stack, but only to yell about the loss of her diamond. In the movie, her alligators turn on her and are ready to eat her!

Vintage Record Readers 045

Unfortunately, the coloring page is again missing from this release!

I have a bonus record/book for you! I don’t know the date for it, but it does have a special feature:

Vintage Record Readers 048

101 Dalmatiens

Although I can’t read this French edition, I can tell from the pictures that the story has been significantly altered. Disney once again spares young readers from the horrible car accident that kills Cruella De Ville in the movie.

Vintage Record Readers 049

And no coloring page again!

If you love these old collectibles as much as I do, please see my other post entitled:

Disney’s Read-Along Records and Books: 1960’s

Taking Silly Pictures at Disney

We have now taken 8 Disney vacations together as a married couple (I have gone to Walt Disney World twice as a child with my family). We hope to take our 9th trip together this coming November, but we haven’t made definite plans yet.

But each time we go on a Disney vacation, we inevitably end up with a few silly pictures of ourselves. In this post, I would like to share such pictures of me, one from each year we have gone. Let’s start with 2006:

Silly 2006

The first year we went to Walt Disney World, we stayed at the All-Star Movies Resort. We only had a cheap cell phone as a camera so we didn’t get too many good shots. But this one, taken just after check-in, was… silly. We decided that we both would buy a Disney hat and wear it everywhere in the parks. I chose Goofy!

Funny Story: While waiting outside a shop for Karen at the Magic Kingdom, I overheard a father who had obviously had enough retail for one day. It was also obvious the Disney vacation was not his idea! As he stormed out of the shop he practically ran right into me. He stopped, looked at my hat and goofy smile, and said: “Nice hat!” and then walked away with a smile on his face. I do what I can to spread Disney cheer!

Next, we visit 2007:

Silly 2007

Being a huge fan of Mr. Potato Head, I had to pose for a picture with him (or with his statue at the Pop Century Resort in Walt Disney World). It occurred to me that he might be a bit stuffed-up that night as it was a bit chilly. So I offered to pick his nose for him. I’ll do anything for a celebrity!

Onward to 2008:

Silly 2008

Our third trip to Walt Disney World started with a visit to The Magic Kingdom where I was given a guest spot on local television. Although my Shakespeare was a bit rusty, it got a fair reception from the 101 Dalmatians, but Cruella De Ville was less enthusiastic. She said I played it a bit over-the-top for her taste!

Now we continue to 2009:

Silly 2009

Resort hopping at Walt Disney World is a hobby of ours, and here I am at The Contemporary Resort, in the arcade to be exact. Is this silly? Well, how many grown men do you know who would pose with a 5′ tall Mickey plush while wearing an Incredibles t-shirt and a Mickey Mouse watch?

We now move on to 2010:

Silly 2010

Browsing the retail outlets of Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World is also a must-do for us. When I saw this Mad Hatter hat, I just knew I would look better in it than Johnny Depp!

Now we skip two years and revisit the parks in 2013:

Silly 2013

Our first trip to Disneyland was memorable, but very cold. Unseasonably, as our luck would have it. But it didn’t dampen our sense of fun. Or silly. Hey, when in Rome…

Next, it was back to Walt Disney World in 2014:

Silly 2014

It was back to Resort hopping again, this time at the new Art of Animation Resort. I loved the large character statues so much that I couldn’t resist a little dance of joy! I admit that Sebastian is doing it better, but he does have more legs than me, giving him better rhythm.

Lastly, we took our first Disney Cruise in 2015:

Silly 2015

They may have had self-service gas stations along the original Route 66, but I felt that the full-service approach was more appropriate aboard the all-inclusive Disney Wonder. My only regret is that it didn’t dispense coffee!

And there you have it: 8 years of Disney silliness!

Disney Phone Collection

I like collecting multiples of a type, like in this post: Phones! Disney phones to be precise. There have been so many different styles made that every flea market and antique shop usually has one or two for sale.

Unfortunately, the proprietors seem to think that ‘Disney’ connected to ‘phone’ means ‘big money’, which is rarely the case. Most Disney phones have been produced in recent years and in large numbers of manufacture, so value, although not low should at least be reasonable.

Many of the phones in my collection were bought in charity shops. So let’s have a look:

Disney Phones 005

My wife’s least favorite

Minnie Mouse Phone 001

Room for a personalized picture in the frame

Disney Phones 001

Orange tube under rocket lights up when phone rings

Disney Phones 002

Five sayings and animation when phone rings

Disney Phones 003

Music, jokes, and movement when phone rings

Disney Phones 004

Famous style of Mickey phone, early example

The phone above has been immortalized at the Pop Century Resort in Walt Disney World. It can be found ‘guarding’ the entrance to one of the buildings, as  shown below:

Pop Century Mickey Phone 1     Pop Century Mickey Phone 3

Pop Century Mickey Phone 4     Pop Century Mickey Phone 5

Now that’s a phone!

This phone style has also been rendered in miniature. Let’s have a look:

Disney Phones 006

Hallmark Ornament 2011 w/several spoken messages from Mickey

There is also a normal sized model with the touch pad instead of the rotary dial that I have. Obviously, it was produced in more modern times.

Disney Phones 007

And Mickey using his very own Mickey Mouse phone (1 1/2″ high)

I have a few more that are still in storage and when I find them, I will update this post. Each of these phones still work, but I don’t have a landline anymore!

Oh well, they make great decoration for the house.

To Wear Mouse Ears, Or Not to Wear Mouse Ears

Picture yourself getting ready to leave your home in the morning. It’s not a workday, so you decide to dress more casual than usual. Jeans. A sweatshirt. A Mouse Ear hat. You open your door and step out into the world to run your errands and to do your shopping.

What’s wrong with this scenario?

Well, for me, I don’t wear sweatshirts. But for most normal people, it would be the wearing of a Mouse Ear hat in public! Not many have done this, but I’m determined to work up the courage some day, just to see what reactions I would get. Until then, I guess we can all agree that wearing a Mouse Ear hat in public is not a good idea.

But what about during your Walt Disney Vacation?

Minnie Hat  YoMD Ears Hat

Minnie Ears Hat and Year of a Million Dreams Ears Hat

We often see little children dressed up as Princesses or Pirates. We see tween patrons of the Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boutique walking around proudly showing off their Glam Looks. And we even see teenagers sporting a loud character hat or two. But what about the over 30 crowd? Over 40? How about over 50 and beyond? Can we get away with the ultimate silliness: Wearing a Mouse Ear hat at the Parks?


It’s been said that a Disney Park is the only place in the World wear a grown man can walk down the center of the street wearing Mouse Ears and not get a second look. Why is this? Because it’s the Happiest Place on Earth, not Wallstreet! Not only is that man with the Mouse Ear hat on vacation, but so is everyone else. The whole point of being there is to relax and have fun. Those who are uptight usually don’t visit Disney Parks, and thank goodness!

Here’s a true story: I was in The Magic Kingdom (WDW) in 2006. I was standing outside a shop waiting for my wife wearing, not a Mouse Ear hat, but a Goofy hat! I had only seen small boys wearing this hat previously. I noticed a man who was upset because his family was taking so long in the store. You know the type – he didn’t want to go to Disney to begin with! He stomped outside in anger and came face to face with… a guy his age wearing a Goofy hat. He stopped dead in his tracks. I smiled. He looked stunned at first, but then he smiled. Finally he said: “Nice hat!” and walked away smiling.

Goofy Hat

So is it OK to wear a Mouse Ear hat, or any other silly hat, at a Disney Park? You tell me.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences while wearing silly things at the Disney Parks. Cast Members get a kick out of seeing me in my Goofy hat. Every one of them mentions it! Every little child I pass excitedly points me out to his or her parents, who also get a good laugh out of it.

Another true story: I was leaving The Magic Kingdom one evening and passing by a Security Guard. I was wearing, not only my Goofy hat, but also my Incredibles t-shirt. The SG took one look at me and said: “You’re looking incredibly goofy today!” Get it? We both had a laugh, and I’m sure it made a nice ending to both our days!

Incredibles Shirt

So do you go to the Disney Parks to have fun? Want to have even more fun? Then buy a Mouse Ear hat, or any character hat or shirt, and wear it proudly!