Mystery Stack Pack featuring Disney Tsum Tsum

Good old Walmart. Always a toy on the shelf, and as it happens, on sale! The Tsum Tsum craze is moving along with more merchandise twists added to capitalize. And so we have Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Pack.

Mystery Stack Pack Group

 Series 2

Actually, I picked up nine packages, some from Walmart and the rest from Toys-R-Us. Both had them on sale for under $3.00 CAN per pack. With each package, you get a small Tsum Tsum figure and a stacking accessory.

Mystery Stack Pack Baggies

A Mystery No More!

Out of the nine mystery packages I purchased, I got three of one character (The Red Queen) but no other duplicates. So not a bad average for a blind buy!

So here are the seven characters I got:

Mystery Stack Pack Queen of HeartsMystery Stack Pack Queen Stacked

The Red Queen

Mystery Stack Pack MickeyMystery Stack Pack Mickey Stacked

Mickey Mouse

Mystery Stack Pack ChipMystery Stack Pack Chip Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack SuzyMystery Stack Pack Suzy Stacked

Suzy (from Cinderella)

Mystery Stack Pack EeyoreMystery Stack Pack Eeyore Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack OlafMystery Stack Pack Olaf Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack Jiminy CricketMystery Stack Pack Jiminy Stacked

Jiminy Cricket

These are designed to stack on the back of the medium Tsum Tsum characters. You can stack them on each other but then they are wobbly at best! It is pretty hard to get the character to stay on his/her own prop!

Here is a group shot:

Mystery Stack Pack Group Shot

Which Is Your Favorite?

The Series 2 set has fifteen characters including Buzz Lightyear and the LGM from Toy Story. These were the two I was hoping for.

Now I don’t know whether to go back and buy more Mystery Stack Pack, er… packs, or just be satisfied with what I have. Blast these mystery packs/blind boxes of Disney!

In case you aren’t up on just what a Tsum Tsum is:

Disney Tsum Tsum is the name of a range of collectible toys based upon Disney characters (including characters from the Disney-owned Star Wars and Marvel franchises). The name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning “to stack”, because the toys are shaped like rectangles and designed to stack on top of each other, forming a pyramid shape.

With four basic sizes and a few different materials, there is a Tsum Tsum for everyone. At least, that’s what Disney marketing hopes!

Check out more of my Tsum Tsum collection here.

Princess Lithographs from The Disney Store

The Disney Princess. Iconic and controversial all at once, but still a marketing juggernaut, these ladies turn heads for whatever reason! And so do these stunning lithographs from The Disney Store.

We have a lot to see, so let’s get right to it:

Priness Envelope SBPrincess Print SBPrincess Frame SB

Sometimes The Disney Store releases multiple lithographs in a set, with either 4 or 6 prints. But this one only has the one print.

Princess Envelope CPrincess Print C

Cinderella also gets the one-print treatment for her video re-release.

And now we move on to a more modern era Princess with a set of 4 prints from Beauty and the Beast:

Princess Folder B&BPrincess B&B Print 1Princess B&B Print 2Princess B&B Print 3Princess B&B Print 4Princess Folder Back B&B

And these lithographs will live happily ever after in my media collection! As will these lithographs featuring The Little Mermaid.

For more Princess fun, check out how they use the stairs on a Disney Cruise, and how they would be described by today’s Paparazzi.

Teapots & Piggy Banks at Dixieland Flea Market

We return to the Dixieland Flea Market to check out some more great ceramic collectibles. This time we are featuring teapots and piggy banks, all in the shapes of our favorite Disney characters.

Let’s get right to it:

Teapots Selection


Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella all have their own unique teapot. I like how each has a complementary character perched on top of the lids! And look, Cinderella even brought a snow globe to display!

Teapots Pooh

Modern Winnie the Pooh

Perhaps my favorite example! Of course, you would have to have your tea with a smackeral of hunny to use this teapot.

Teapots Classic Pooh

Classic Pooh and Piglet

This is actually a piggy bank. Although I grew up on the Disney-style Winnie the Pooh (with red sweater) I’ve always loved the look of the classic style!

Teapots Tigger

He’s not the only one!

On the left is a cookie jar (it photo-bombed my shot) but on the right is another piggy bank. Or perhaps a tiggy bank?

All of the above examples were priced between $20.00 and $30.00 US but were on sale for 50% off. This sale continues until all stock is gone, likely sometime this summer.

To conclude, we have a Limited Edition figure that is neither a teapot nor a piggy bank, but simply a display figurine:

Teapots Roger Rabbit

Va Va Vrooooom!

Roger and Jessica Rabbit are out for a ride in this great piece selling for a whopping $200.00 US (but with 50% off, the whop is lessened).

So if you need teapots or piggy banks, be sure to drive over to The Dixieland Flea Market at 2045 Dixie Hwy. in Waterford, MI. Tell them I sent you and they’ll charge you double!

For more Dixieland offerings, check out my post featuring lots and lots of cookie jars featuring not only Disney characters, but also other cartoon and cultural icons!

Cookie Jars Aplenty at Dixieland Flea Market

The Dixieland Flea Market can be found in Waterford, MI. at 2045 on the Dixie Hwy. There we found a great collection of cookie jars which I would like to share with you now:

Cookie Jars Dilbert


I’ve had bosses like the one in this iconic comic strip so Dilbert is like a brother to me. Keep those arms crossed in defiance, my friend!

Cookie Jars DL Castle

Disneyland Castle

This was released for the 40th Anniversary of Disneyland (1995), and apart from the strange coloring, is a nice piece.

Cookie Jars 101 Pup

101 Puppy

One of the few cookie jars that actually chose a ‘cookie’ theme. Weird. And… he’s sitting in my cookies!

Cookie Jars Pluto


Mickey’s pup is ready for some fine dining, but I’m hoping there are more than bones in that jar!

Cookie Jars Beauty & Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Not surprisingly, this cookie jar was among the highest priced at $200.00 US. You pay for popularity!

Cookie Jars Chicken Run

Chicken Run

One of Aardman’s best movies, this chicken from Tweedy Farms is about ready to hatch a batch of cookies!

Cookie Jars Dwarfs

The Seven Dwarfs

Finally let out of Snow White’s sight, the Dwarfs spend the free time guarding, not just their gems, but cookies too!

Cookie Jars Sprout


This one is a little strange. How can a heathy vegetable character be holding a yummy batch of cookies for us? Contradiction, anyone?

Cookie Jars Dorothy

Dorothy and Toto

Most ceramic collectibles don’t quite get the facial features of real persons right, but this cookie jar got Judy Garland spot on! Not sure about Toto.

Cookie Jars Dagwood

Dagwood Bumstead

Blondie’s husband is known for his eating so it is no surprise he would show up as a cookie jar. I wonder if it holds sandwiches…

Cookie Jars Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc.

Choices, choices. I think I like the Mike jar the best. With a smug look on his face like that, he must have the best cookies!

Cookie Jars Jetsons

The Jetsons

Now that’s one crowded spaceship! The little version is a salt and pepper shaker.

Cookie Jars Alice


This depicts one of my favorite scenes from the animated classic. But would there be much room for cookies in that house?

Cookie Jars Donald

Donald Duck

I guess I’d be upset if everyone kept taking my hat off to steal my cookies!

Cookie Jars Red Queen

The Red Queen

Maybe taking cookies from this old gal wouldn’t be a good idea! “Off with their heads!”

Cookie Jars Buzz

Buzz Lightyear

“To snack time, and beyond!” Buzz can adapt his catchphrase for any situation.

Cookie Jars Coach

Cinderella Coach

If you eat cookies from an enchanted coach, they don’t have calories.

Now most of these cookie jars were priced between $50.00 and $60.00 US but were on sale for 50% off. The lady is closing her booth soon and is liquidating her stock.

We’ll end this post with the King of all cookie jars:

Cookie Jars Kong


So if you’re in the Michigan area and need a new place to keep your cookies, be sure to stop into the Dixieland Flea Market and visit this booth!

Disney Cruise Line Princesses Use the Stairs

We’re all used to seeing scenes like this:

Disney Cruise Princesses 1

But all good things must come to an end and therefore so must all meet-and-greets:

Disney Cruise Princesses 2          Disney Cruise Princesses 3

It can’t all be glamor and elegance, even for Princesses! At the end of the day even they must hoist up the hems and hike up the stairs:

Disney Cruise Princesses 4

So Tiana sets the royal example and the other Princesses must follow it:

Disney Cruise Princesses 5          Disney Cruise Princesses 6

And so up goes Cinderella, one step at a time, just like us commoners! And one more Princess follows  her royal sisters and trudges the vertical exit machine:

Disney Cruise Princesses 7

See? Hiking the hem!

Being a royal Princess on The Disney Wonder doesn’t guarantee the royal treatment. No elevators for these pretty ladies! But to their credit they handled it with grace and dignity!

Disney Lamps in Store

Whenever I’m out and about I like to find little bits of Disney. Usually I’ll see something out of the corner of my eye, like I did recently while visiting a big box home improvement store. We were looking for lighting for our new home, but I found these instead:

Lamps Princesses 5

Lamps Princesses 4     Lamps Princesses 3

Pretty as a Princess… lamp

This was a cool lamp with the addition of the Castle dresser base! Each drawer opened so that little treasures could be stored inside.

But wait, there was another Princess lamp selection, featuring just three of the famous ladies featured in the lamp above:

Lamps Princesses 2     Lamps Princesses 1

Belle must have begged off from this photo shoot!

As is common these days, the selection was very boy-girl skewed, as the next two selections will show:

Lamps Toy Story 1     Lamps Toy Story 2

Not to say that little girls can’t thrill to having Buzz or Woody lighting up their lives, but I think boys were the target of the design above, and of the one below:

Lamps Cars 1     Lamps Cars 2

Cars 2

Prices ranged between $30 and $40 CAN which I thought was a little bit high for the quality of the lamps. But the Disney license obviously pushes up the final sticker price.

Would you buy one of these lamps? Would you stand in a store and photograph them while people look at you and wonder why you’re doing it? Would you read a blog post about them?

I know you will answer ‘yes’ to at least 1 out of the 3 questions above!

Cinderella Collector’s DVD Gift Set

I’d like to start by saying that the promises of Blu-ray have been overstated and under-realized. The claim of better picture quality and sound along with increased storage capacity were supposed to bring a whole new world to home entertainment.

The reality has been a marginal increase in presentation quality and, in most cases, less extras than we previously enjoyed on DVD. Much less if you compare today’s Blu-ray releases with yesterday’s Platinum 2-disc DVD Editions! And as you will see in this post, there simply is no comparison when you look at the Collector’s DVD Gift Sets:

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 003

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 002

Cinderella Collector’s DVD Gift Set

  • 2-disc Special Edition DVD (Platinum Edition)
  • 8 Exclusive Character Portraits
  • Collector Book
  • Film Frame from the movie

I have three of these Disney collectible DVD sets and I continue to be amazed at the value they yield. Let’s start with the Platinum Edition DVD:

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 004

Remember when the DVD case came in a cardboard sleeve with an opening cover? Remember that once you opened the DVD, you found a booklet inside describing what was on the discs, with navigational flow charts? Remember when ‘hours of extras’ meant hours of extras, not just 2 hours, if you were lucky? Then you remember the Platinum series of DVD’s!

The gift sets gave you this version of the DVD along with exclusive extras, like:

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 005     Cinderella DVD Gift Set 006

A Dream Come True ‘making of’ Storybook

As you can see from the picture above right, the illustrations in this publication are amazing! You’ll also find behind-the-scenes pictures and stories of production.

Next, this set has something truly special:

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 008

Film Frame: Cinderella on the staircase

But wait, that’s not all! You also get:

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 011

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 012  Cinderella DVD Gift Set 013

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 014  Cinderella DVD Gift Set 015

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 016  Cinderella DVD Gift Set 017

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 018  Cinderella DVD Gift Set 019

8 Exclusive Character Portraits by:

Ollie Johnston and Andre Deja

This set sold for upwards of $50.00 CAN when it first came out, and they are hard to find today, even on eBay. And when you do, the price is usually quite high. I’m glad I picked this up when I did!

So the next time you hear a commercial extolling the virtues of Blu-ray, remember this post, and the great Platinum DVD and Collector’s Gift Sets of yesterday.

Princess Dress Challenge

One of the most iconic things about the stereotypical Disney Princess is the dress. Each Princess has a signature dress that defines her look and image, usually based on how she looks after her transformation, whatever that may be.

While visiting Downtown Disney (renamed Disney Springs now) I saw three Princesses posing around The World of Disney store. And in one display window, I also saw the dresses of these same three Princesses made out of dolls.

So I thought it would be neat to see side-by-side comparisons. Who will win the Best Dress Challenge? We’ll start with Cinderella:

Cinderella Statue     Cinerella Dress

Now, we know that Cinderella started out with her mother’s dress, altered with the help of her critter friends. But that one got ruined by her jealous step sisters, and I believe it was white with pink embellishments (above right). The final version ended up being blue (above left). But I think both colors look great!

Now on to our next Princess, Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Beauty Statue     Sleeping Beauty Dress

There was no question that this Princess is pretty in pink! And you have to admit it is a striking design! But if you notice, the basic design matches Cinderella’s but with more angular lines around the neck and waist.

Now on to our last Princess, Belle, from Beauty and the Beast:

Belle Statue     Belle Dress

By far the most intricate design of these three Princess dresses. And I think the most successful when rendered in dolls!

You can still pose with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty out and around The World of Disney store, and see Belle up in the rafters inside. But I don’t think the doll-dresses are still on display. So enjoy them here! Which is your favorite?

Mickey Parades for ABBA

As many of my readers know, I have varied tastes. But I’m always on the lookout for that elusive Disney tie-in in whatever I’m watching! And just recently I was watching ABBA – The Movie and found a familiar Disney star waving to the camera.

But before we get to that, here is the aforementioned movie:

Abba the Movie 004

I’ve always enjoyed ABBA’s music, so I knew I would enjoy this movie! But the Disney fan in me just couldn’t help but geek out when I saw this:

Abba the Movie 001

The Moomba Festival Parade, Melbourne, Australia (1977)

In the movie, ABBA comes out onto the balcony of the Mayor’s office to overlook the parade and the crowds. In an interview segment on the disc, I learned that the vast majority of the people were there, not to see ABBA on the balcony, but because of the parade! OH fame, how fickle thou art!

But Mickey wasn’t the only Disney character to ride past the four Swedes:

Abba the Movie 002

Abba the Movie 003

Cinderella riding a Fairy Godmother float

Moomba’s musical performers have included international acts such as ABBA, Neil Diamond and AC/DC as well as a number of smaller local acts.

You owe it to yourself to follow the link above to the Wikipedia site about the Moomba Festival. The word ‘Moomba’ is supposed to mean “let’s get together and have fun!” But… it is based on an Aboriginal word that actually (may) mean “Up Your Butt Hole!” Again, follow the link above if you want a good laugh!

Hmmm… it’s hard to believe Mickey Mouse would attend such a festival…

Disney Royalty is Harsh!

So you’re living in a Disney fairy tale. Good for you! Actually, not good for you. For living in a Disney fairy tale is only good for a few main characters while for everyone else it’s just plain horrible.

How is that possible, you ask? Let’s look at a few examples:


So you’re living your humdrum peasant existence, minding your own business, when the King of your land decides his son needs a woman. So if you’re female and breathing you have no choice but to show up at the castle and strut your stuff… or else! What if you have already found your one true love? Irrelevant. Show up and suck it up, buttercup.


At least they’re happy!

Now you may think that living in a palace is better than living in poverty and filth, even if it means being married to an idiot, but shouldn’t it still be your choice? Granted, the Prince in this story was good-looking and a great guy, but again: choice!

Let’s move on to our next example:

Sleeping Beauty

She sleeps – You sleep!

This example is even worse, on so many levels. So an evil Fairy shows up just after the birth of the Royal baby and puts a curse on it: She will prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel on the eve of her sixteenth birthday and fall into a death-like sleep. Solution? Destroy all the spinning wheels in the Kingdom!

This qualifies as a knee-jerk reaction of epic proportions. First, why destroy all the spinning wheels right away? Why not wait until she’s 15 1/2 years old, and then destroy them? Second, many of the peasants use these spinning wheels to make their clothes, but no sweat really, because peasants don’t need dignity and can walk around in rags or naked. Third, how about the merchants? I guess if you had a business making garments you could always have a big closing sale before switching your occupation to street beggar!

But this Royal Family wasn’t through with the rank and file yet! After their darling daughter pricked her finger and took a snooze anyway, three good Fairies decided that the pain two parents were feeling over just one child was way too much grief for the entire Kingdom to bear. So they put every living thing into a deep sleep until the Royal daughter could be saved from the sleeping curse. Um, don’t I, as a lowly peasant, get a vote in this? I think I could live with that pain! Goodnight, Royals! I’m staying up for a while.

Now the Royals didn’t order the Fairies to do this, but it was done on behalf of them, so I still call it their bad! One guard even got put to sleep while leaning on a spear. Imagine how messed up this palace grunt will be after years of standing outside in all kinds of weather! And what about those poor merchants again? If their businesses relied on out-of-Kingdom trade, bankruptcy is inevitable when every business contact they had moves on after not hearing from them… for years!

Beauty and the Beast

We all know that the sins of the Father can be visited on the Son. Also, if the captain of a ship decides to steer the ship into an iceberg, everyone is going down! But no one can mess with the future of others quite like a Disney Royal.

So the Prince in the Beauty and the Beast story is a raging idiot. Insensitive. Boorish. Just not a nice guy all around. So when an Enchantress stops by his castle one night to ask for a small act of kindness, he callously blows her off. And does this Enchantress just punish him? Of course not! Why not cast a curse on every living thing in the castle while she’s at it?

Dancing Stuff

Yay! I’m a Candlestick! No, wait…

So the Prince’s dedicated staff, a group of top-notch professionals who only live to serve, are also cursed. So to sum up: Master is a Jerk. I get to be a feather duster… perhaps for eternity. Thanks!


So do you think you’d like to live in a Disney fairy tale? If so, and by that I mean you’re insane, be sure to be one of these two characters: A Royal Parent, or the Royal Child that the whole world revolves around. You’ll be a bit upset, briefly, but not as screwed as the rabble you rule over!

You're Dancing Now

Sure, you’re dancing now, but just wait!

If you’re just determined to be in a Disney fairy tale, but don’t want the responsibility of ruining millions of lives, you will have to accept being this supporting character: Hapless Victim. As such, be prepared to be treated like you don’t matter. Be ready to enjoy long naps. And as a worse-case scenario, enjoy finding out what it’s like to be a mop.

Yes, Disney Royals are harsh!