Collecting Toys Magazine: February 1996 Issue

1996 Nostalgia. Who can resist it? We are ready again to revisit the days of our youth and remember the carefree days when the worst problem we faced was which toy to play with! In this post you will find another issue of Collecting Toys Magazine.

I was reunited with more of my old toys as I turned the pages of this issue of Collecting Toys:

Toys Cover 96

Slot Cars Rule!

Let’s have a look at some of the contents of this issue from 1996:

Toys New Stuff

What’s New?

From an Extreme G.I. Joe action figure to the superhero The Tick, 1996 was ready to kick some serious butt! And there were diecast model cars, too!

Toys Bond

Bond. James Bond.

“No, Mister Bond. I expect you to DIE!” Sorry, I just had to add one of my favorite Bond villain quotes from the Sean Connery days (bonus points if you know the Bond film this is from). Although I have to say that Pierce Brosnan is probably my second-favorite Bond! And he was trending in 1996.

Toys Action Figures

Action Figures

Don’t call them ‘dolls’ or Batman will beat you up! I had a few characters from this line, but I remember Spiderman the most. I also had The Lone Ranger and Tonto and Evel Knievel, complete with stunt bike! Man, I miss those toys.

And if you feel boys can play with dolls, not just action figures, check out this newer product called the Wonder Crew that I reviewed from the Chicago Toy Fair.

Toys Soldiers

Toy Soldiers

I had dozens of the traditional green toy soldiers but had never seen these Blue and the Gray versions. Must have been an American thing.

Toys Show

Antique Toy Show

Toy shows and Antique fairs are amazing places to visit! I zeroed in on this one because of the monster in the bottom right corner. We have Super 8 footage of this guy rolling around our living room back when my sister and I were quite young. This battery-operated toy was the Great Garloo by Marx and measured in at a whopping 23″ tall! The 1960’s were all about the science fiction monsters.

Toys Zoo

Zoo. In. Spaaaaaaaaaace!

Where else would you put a zoo that had metal animals? Think this sparking dog is weird? Just try to imagine the whale and the elephant!

So there we have a look back into the toys of our past. I hope you enjoyed some nostalgic moments!

Collecting Toys Magazine: February 1995 Issue

1995 Nostalgia. Who can resist it? We all love to revisit the days of our youth and remember the carefree days when the worst problem we faced was which toy to play with! Collecting Toys Magazine is a great source to find those old toys we loved so much but parted with as we grew older.

I was reunited with some of my old toys as I turned the pages of this issue of Collecting Toys:

Collecting Toys Cover 95

Japanese Robots

What I like about finding these vintage magazines is the wealth of relevant information they still contain. From manufacturing information to variants to seeing the collections of others, the only information not relevant is the values. But even outdated values can be interesting!

Let’s have a look at some of the contents of this issue from 1995:

Collecting Toys New Stuff

What’s New?

This spread is fun because it shows what was new in 1995, over 20 years ago. New then, vintage now!

Collecting Toys 3 Wheeler

Three-Wheeled & Ready to Roll

My family is originally from England so vehicles like this have a soft spot in my heart. European cities traditionally have narrow streets so 3-wheeled vehicles like this model are very common. This model is of a truck produced in Japan, where they have the same problem. I wish I had one here in Canada! A real one and a model.

Collecting Toys Robot


Can we just agree that Japanese metal robot toys are about the coolest toys in creation?!? Although plentiful, these toys still command a high price from collectors!

Collecting Toys Rollercoaster

1930’s Chein Roller Coaster

This is a good example of how manufacturers worked in the past. They would have one style of toy and simply stamp different characters or scenes onto it to make a new toy. So this roller coaster (above) is identical to the one I have, except mine has a Disney theme. Check the version I have by clinking the link here.

Collecting Toys Soccer

Soccer or Football?

Either way, this game by Subbuteo scored big with kids of all ages. You played with your fingers and could choose from multiple teams, just like the standard table hockey games.

Collecting Toys Hot Wheels


No toy collecting magazine would be complete without a spread about Hotwheels, perhaps the most famous slot racing company around. If you were a boy in the 1980’s you had dozens of these little metal cars!

Collecting Toys Pee Puppy

Please Control Yourself!

It’s bad enough to have a real puppy wetting all over the house, I can’t imagine a parent buying a child a fake puppy to water the remaining dry areas of the family home! Each to his or her own, I guess. And I really didn’t need to see where the pee comes out!

So there we have a look back into the toys of our past. I hope you enjoyed some nostalgic moments!

Burago Disney Character Diecast Cars

Burago of Italy has produced many Disney-inspired diecast cars over the years. I’ve found three more to add to my collection, this time featuring Donald Duck and Sulley from Monsters Inc.

The packaging is original but in very bad shape and the cars themselves have seen better days. But let’s have a look while pretending that they are gently-used second-owner vehicles:

Burago Sulley Package

Mercedes 190 E

The Mercedes-Benz W201 was the first compact executive car from Mercedes-Benz introduced in 1982, positioned below the E-Class and marketed under variants of the Mercedes-Benz 190 nameplate.

Burago Sulley Car Side

Happy on the side…

Burago Sulley Car Front

Scary on the front!

Burago Sulley Car Underside

The W201 enjoyed strong sales in Europe but fared poorly in the United States. Series production ended in April of 1993 after the manufacture of approximately 1.8 million examples. I’m assuming less of this diecast replica were made!

Burago Donald Car Package 1

Volkswagen Golf ’98

The Golf is a small family car produced beginning in 1974 and marketed worldwide across seven generations, in various body configurations and under various nameplates, such as the Rabbit in the United States and Canada and as the Caribe in Mexico.

Burago Donald Car Side 1

Angry on the side…

Burago Donald Car Front 1

Angry on the roof! Trust me.

Burago Donald Car Underside 1

Initially, most Golf production was in the 3-door hatchback style, and this appears to be the one Donald Duck prefers to endorse!

Burago Donald Car Package 2

Chevrolet Corvette

Production of the C5 Corvette began in 1997 and ended with the 2004 model year. This Burago version seems to be from this Fifth Generation run, although it could be a Fourth Generation model. Either way, Donald has ramped up his ride a tad!

Burago Donald Car Side 2

Angry on the side again…

Burago Donald Car Front 2

But absent from the top and hood this time.

For its first year, the C5 was available only as a coupe (as this diecast is), although the new platform was designed from the ground up to be a convertible, which returned in 1998.

These great little diecast models are in the 1/43 scale and have stickers to embellish them rather than paint-on-paint. As mentioned at the outset, these examples need a little TLC as some of the stickers are drying out and peeling. However, I only paid about $3.00 CAN each for them so I think I did alright overall!

Burago Disney Packaging

For another example of a Burago diecast model, this time featuring Mickey Mouse (perhaps driving a Fiat), please click the link. You’ll also learn a little bit about the Burago company.

Cars Diecast: Rusty & Dusty Rust-eze

Diecast cars. The term just conjures up all sorts of great childhood memories! Hotwheels tracks with colorful cars doing impossible stunts. Hotwheels cars crashing off the track because of doing impossible stunts! But that was then, now we have diecast characters from the Pixar movie Cars:

“What’s wrong with rusty cars?”

When Lightning McQueen gets his big break and is able to race in The Piston Cup (“He did what in his cup?!?” -Mater) he has a not-so prestigious sponsor to thank for it: Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment. Oh, feel the soothing relief!

And who are everyone’s favorite Rust-eze representatives?

McQueen is embarrassed to be associated with rusty cars and so tries to avoid them at all costs! But he later learns that they aren’t so bad after all.

Rusty, but faithful and grateful!

In the end, McQueen rightly decides to stay with his original sponsor instead of changing to the much cooler Dinoco. A good call if I do say so myself!


Vanity License Plates

“Hey! Don’t drive like my brother!” Brothers. What’cha gonna do? These brothers have taken family togetherness to the next level with matching vanity plates. Rusty (the car) has ‘Rust’ on his and Dusty (the van) has ‘Eze’ on his. These guys are just too cute!

Okay, stop looking at their butts, they’re not that cute!


FUN STORY: When I was in my early teens, my father bought an old Dodge van like the one shown in this post. Our ‘Dusty’ had an old 8-track player and a 3-on-the-tree shifter. If you’re under 30 years of age, ask your parents for a translation.

I used to drive around listening to the greatest hits of Burton Cummings (again, ask your parents) and feeling pretty cool because I could use a column shifter! True story.

For more fun with diecast Cars characters, check out some truly odd members of the series with Bessie and Ted Yale.

Star Wars: The Black Series – Titanium Series Helmets

A bit of a contradiction! Is it a ‘black’ or ‘titanium’ series? As if Star Wars wasn’t confusing enough already. Well, we’ll let the Force work it out and just have a look:

Detailed Packaging

This set caught my eye at Walmart for a long time before I finally broke down and purchased them. The 25% discount may have helped me make the decision. Or… was it something else?

These are very well done replicas of the helmets worn by Captain Phasma and the First Order Storm Troopers.

Ready to be released from Cryo-suspension

Nice sculpt from all sides

       Each helmet comes complete with a display stand sporting the Star Wars logo. The helmet can be pivoted on the stand or completely removed from it.

We will have to leave these two members of the Dark Side now as they have a very important meeting with a certain Sith Lord whom I think you will readily recognize:

I thought he’d be taller…

To see more of Darth Vader check out our earlier post entitled Disney Infinity 3.0 Darth Vader.

Pixar’s Planes: TED YALE Bellhop Tractor Diecast

Who? Well, that’s what I said when I saw this little diecast on the shelf at T. J. Max yesterday. We are presently on holiday in Chicago and so have been checking out the local stores. We don’t have T. J. Max in Canada.

The idea behind this chain seems to be to sell name-brand merchandise at discounted prices. That is why I picked up Ted Yale for just $2.99 instead of his original sticker price of $9.99 US.


Someone has a lot of luggage!

Planes didn’t do to well, although well enough to spawn a sequel called Fire and Rescue, which in my opinion was a better movie.


But after multiple viewings of both features I have come to appreciate them more and have grown to love the characters.


Love the little bellhop hat he’s wearing!

This will make a great keepsake to remind us of our hotel stay here in Chicago.


Ted Yale: Unhooked

The three round bags hanging on the top rack actually move back and forth and you can unhook Ted from his cart. His wheels also move.

Only in Chicago one night and I already found Disney treasures to add to my collection!

Oh, did you see my other post featuring a diecast character from Pixar’s world of Cars? Check out Frank the lobster combine!

Cars: Frank the Combine Deluxe Diecast Model

When Cars first came out it was the first Pixar movie I considered not seeing in the theater. The first teaser trailer just had Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater driving along and talking. I didn’t get it. The second trailer just had Lightning McQueen racing on a track. I still didn’t get it.

But Pixar had never let me down before so out of loyalty I paid my money and sat in the theater seat… and loved it! And then I bought all of the characters in die-cast. But I was never able to find a good version of Frank the combine. Until now:


frank-2          frank-3

Frank is one of the best visual characters in the movie. He is a combine but is made to look like a lobster, to me anyway.

frank-4     frank-5     frank-6

I also enjoyed ‘meeting’ him while riding the Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land at Disneyland. He certainly looked angry and intimidating! Kind of like this:


Not what you want to see in the rear view mirror!

It has been 10 years since Cars hit theaters and I’m still buying die-cast versions of the characters. When will it stop? I guess that depends if Cars 3 yields any good new characters to collect!

Pixar's Cars ROAD TRIP Die-cast Models

I am officially giving up. I’ve said again and again that I was not going to buy another version of the die-cast model cars from the Pixar movie Cars. But what have I done? During a recent trip to Wal-mart I just happened to be walking through the toy department (on my way to the manly tool department) when these little guys called out to me:


‘Called out’. ‘Revved their engines’. I don’t remember!

The next thing I knew I was carrying three packages of die-cast models to the cash register to give Disney more of my hard-earned money.

road-trip-cars-2     road-trip-cars-3

road-trip-cars-4     road-trip-cars-5

road-trip-cars-6     road-trip-cars-7

And why was I so weak? How did Disney/Pixar suck me in to buying my umpteenth Lightning McQueen? Because he has a surf board on his roof. Sally has a roof carrier. And Sarge is decked out with survival gear. Oh, and they all have trailer hitches.

Yes folks, it’s the Road Trip County Edition! Or RD TRIP in promotional script. I’m assuming Disney will soon release the RD TRIP Trailer Editions to go with the hitches!


Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen





I’ve already set some money aside for the next version. As I said, I give up! In fact, Disney, if you’re reading this, just send them directly to me C.O.D. and let’s cut out the middle man, eh?

P. S.- By the way, just to save some face here, Wal-mart also had Ramone, Filmore, and Flo versions, but I resisted them. Take that Disney!

Disney Store Elite Series: R2-D2

We’re back in the die-cast business again today as we check out a beloved character from the Star Wars series of movies. I’m a ‘original three’ fan (Star Wars fans know what that means) and was guardedly optimistic when I heard that Disney would be chartering the course for future installments in the franchise. But with Star Wars: The Force Awakens I was able to put my fears to rest!

But through all the ups and downs of this blockbuster mega-hit has been the little droid with heart, R2-D2:


Star Wars Elite Series Die-Cast Action Figure

r2d2-die-cast-2          r2d2-die-cast-3

There is a whole line of Star Wars characters in this series exclusively at The Disney Store. The packaging is very well done and I considered leaving the little astromech droid in his paper pod. Usually a collectible figure will retain a higher value if left in its original packaging but here’s why I released him.

With the crash of the collectibles market in 1986 prices have plummeted. In or out of a box these items just aren’t selling like they used to. Add to that the tendency for companies like Disney to release ‘collectible’ toys in ridiculously high production numbers and you can see why there is no point preserving (M.I.B.) or collecting multiples of this line.

r2d2-die-cast-4     r2d2-die-cast-6

That all said, I recommend picking up some of these excellent action figures! The R2-D2 example is very well done with a commendable level of detail. His side arms allow him to pivot forward and backwards and his center ‘foot’ pivots as well.

He can also do a balancing act:


What I was disappointed in was that his head does not swivel. Being a solid lump of die-cast metal though I guess I can understand that it would have been hard to achieve this. But it would have taken this action figure from excellent to awesome!

The benefit of un-boxing the little guy is that he comes with a display plate that you can use to show off your resourceful droid:


This line of action figures retails at $26.95 US or $33.95 CAN but I was able to get mine on sale (already) for just $18.00 CAN.

So will you be adding one of these action figures to a display cabinet in your living room?

Disney Lesney/Matchbox Cars from 1979

I love die-cast cars and especially if they contain a Disney character in the driver’s seat. I found two examples from the same line recently and was able to catch up with them while they were on the ‘open road’:


I think Donald is tailgating!

This line was produced by the Lesney Products & Company Limited for Matchbox. The cars themselves are the usual size for a Matchbox vehicle but the figures are obviously oversized! Let’s have a closer look:


Goofy seems to be driving a Volkswagen Beetle while Donald may be driving a Volkswagen Dune Buggy.


matchbox-79-2     matchbox-79-3

Coming and going


I don’t know how many cars were released in each series but I did find out that Series 1 had Mickey Mouse in a red fire truck.

These are indeed die-cast cars as plastic hadn’t taken over yet back in 1979, and thank goodness! There is one last detail to point out:


Can you read this license plate?

Could it be VB-5 standing for Volkswagen Beetle 5, the ‘5’ relating to its order in the car release schedule? That’s the best I can figure. Do you have another idea?