Anna from FROZEN Disney Infinity Figure

The Disney Infinity gaming system is no more but merchandise from the line is still lingering on store shelves. Drastic price reductions makes filling out your 1.0/2.0/3.0 play pieces easier on the pocket book, restricted only by the remaining stock. I just picked up the last Anna 1.0 figure (from FROZEN) at my local Toys-R-Us.

Anna Figure Front

Ready for Action!

I am on record for really hating the Disney movie, FROZEN. It failed on so many levels, but the one shining light that broke through the disappointment was the character of Anna! Rather than making a fuss over The Snow Queen, Elsa, I believe Anna to be the one true hero of the movie and the one that should be looked to as a role model.

Anna Figure Package FrontAnna Figure Package Back


Elsa may have the cool powers, but it’s Anna who has the responsible, loving, go-getting attitude that should be admired.

Anna Figure Side left

Rope at the Ready

Actually, Anna does have a ‘power’ in the Disney Infinity universe. Her climbing hook conquers heights and helps her swing past danger.

Anna Figure Back

Practical Hair Braid

I love the detail of Anna’s costume. The little flowers around her skirt are beautiful!

Anna Figure Side right

What’s in the Bag?

Nice detailing on the boots, too! Each Disney Infinity play piece is mounted on a base, usually specific to the character. Here, Anna is standing on a snow flake.

Each figure comes with a card with a code to unlock on-line extras:

Anna Figure Card

Code on Back

I haven’t checked, but one may assume that such codes are useless now that Disney has abandoned the franchise.

So are/were you a Disney Infinity fan? How do you feel about Disney’s decision to discontinue the gaming system after only three years?

For more gaming figures, see Yoda and Han Solo, Darth Vader and Baloo, and my picks for Disney’s Top 5 Worst Decisions, which includes ending the Disney Infinity gaming system.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Discontinued Gaming Figures

I attended the launch of this new gaming system at the El Capitan Theatre in California back in 2013. It was called Disney Infinity 1.0 back then, to be followed by the money-grabbing Disney Infinity 2.0 and Disney Infinity 3.0.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Launch

I had a media pass and a first look at what would become a very exciting gaming platform. It built a rabid fan base with online competitions and Disney-sponsored contests, so naturally, Disney chucked the whole concept as of 2016.

I consider the cancellation of Disney Infinity to be one of Disney’s Top 5 Worst Decisions ever! But as I’ve said over and over again, at least we are left with some of the most awesome displayable figures ever to be created!

Here is the Han Solo 3.0 figure:

Disney Infinity 3.0 Solo

Face is a bit off…

Disney Infinity 3.0 Solo Back

… but the cool meter is off the scale!

Since the cancellation of the gaming system, I’ve been watching the stores for slashed prices on remaining figures. And, not surprisingly, Wal-Mart was one of the first to take a Lightsaber to the prices.

So I also picked up Yoda 3.0:

Disney Infinity 3.0 Yoda

Now this is spot on!

Disney Infinity 3.0 Yoda Back

“Young Yoda not need cane, he doesn’t!”

I’m not keeping these awesome figures in their original packaging as they will not likely maintain any real collectible value, both due to the short time they were available to build a fan base, and the millions of units that were produced. Plus, I want to display them!

Disney Infinity 3.0 Solo PackageDisney Infinity 3.0 Solo Package Back

Disney Infinity 3.0 Yoda PackageDisney Infinity 3.0 Yoda Package Back

I’m in a funny position. I am angered at how Disney handled this division but also have to admit that, although I own a 1.0 version of the game, I have yet to play it! Check out my post about that here.

But again, I have collected over a dozen figures and may one day use them for their intended purpose. Until then, I will play with them thusly:

Disney Infinity 3.0 Confrontation

Mexican Stand-off in Space

For a closer look at Darth Vader, click the link. Star Wars figures just started appearing with the Disney Infinity 3.0 launch.

So do you have a Disney Infinity gaming platform? Are you disappointed that it was cancelled?

Disney Infinity 3.0 Darth Vader & Baloo

Da da da DUM, da da DA, da da DUM-mmmmm!’ Yes, that is the signature riff of everyone’s favorite Man in Black, Will Smi… er, Darth Vader! And today as he visits our blog he is not alone. He has with him one of his greatest Imperial allies: Baloo the Bear. Yes folks, we’ve traveled well past the galaxy far, far away and can’t even see The Twilight Zone in the rear-view mirror! We’ve gone to Disney Infinity… and beyond!


Coolness factor: Off the Charts!

disney-infinity-3-0-characters-001          disney-infinity-3-0-characters-002

3.0 is the third and last series of characters

I attended the pre-launch press party for Disney Infinity at the El Capitan Theatre in 2013 and believed this to be one of the greatest game concepts ever designed! The sculpture-quality gaming figures were worth the money almost for their display cred alone.

But my enthusiasm waned when version 2.0 was released and I discovered that none of the 2.0 characters would play on an old 1.0 version. And by old I mean just released the year before! So I already had an outdated and partially useless gaming system. This was a dastardly marketing plan worthy of:



But it got worse. Just one year later, and only two years after the launch, came the release of version 3.0 characters that, you guessed it, wouldn’t work with either 1.0 or 2.0 platforms! Disney, “You’re excessive greed disturbs me!”

And then… Disney cancelled the whole thing. No more Disney Infinity.

So now, not only have millions of gaming fans been betrayed, but retailers are stuck with shelves of slow-moving, and in some cases unusable, merchandise!

But all is not lost, as I am now able to pick up selected character figures for display purposes at up to 50% off the original prices. And as the retailers get more desperate to dump this defunct merchandise, we all should be able to get even more character figures at an even greater discount!

Now I’m sounding as evil as Darth Vader! But hey, I got Baloo for a deep discount, so it’s all good, right?


He was a bare necessity to my collection!

disney-infinity-3-0-characters-003          disney-infinity-3-0-characters-004

So now I have multiple 1.0 characters, a few 2.0 characters, a these two 3.0 characters. Why? Because I’m a collector. Because collecting is a disease. And because, as of yet, there is no cure!

disney-infinity-3-0-characters-009          disney-infinity-3-0-characters-010

Why not click on over to see why I think shutting down Disney Infinity was one of Disney’s Top Five Worst Decisions!

Magical Blogorail: Disney Movie Night – The 1980's

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing movie night ideas based on Disney movies from the 1980’s.


Condorman DVD

Condorman? Really? Yup, we’re starting the loop off with an old live-action superhero romp from 1981.

Condorman Movie Poster

Condorman is an all-but forgotten Disney adventure comedy superhero film directed by Charles Jarrott, produced by Walt Disney Productions, and starring Michael Crawford, Barbara Carrera and Oliver Reed. Inspired by Robert Sheckley’s The Game of X, the movie follows comic book illustrator Woodrow Wilkins’ attempts to assist in the defection of a female Soviet KGB agent.

Super Spy  Super Hero

Both Super Spy and Super Hero

With Michael Crawford in the lead role (he of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em fame) one might assume that he would fail miserably at being both! But surprisingly he does quite well, although in many unorthodox ways. Like strapping on a highly improbable glider suit and jumping off of very high places while carrying a woman on his back. Hey, you can’t call yourself ‘Condorman’ without wearing wings and flying!

It doesn’t hurt his chances for success either that he has a deep-pocketed government backing him up and creating all sorts of cool spy gadgets directly from out of his comic books. Like this super car:

Cool Car

Three pursuing Porsche? No problem!

The Condormobile was a modified Nova Sterling kit car. There are more gadgets, but I’ll let you be surprised when you watch the movie for yourself. On that point it may be hard to find new copies as it is out of production. It was available through the Disney Movie Club at one point (see first picture above) but not now. All is not lost however as you can get copies on eBay ($25 US/$32 CAN and up) or download it like I did from iTunes ($9.99 CAN). And forget about Blu-Ray!

Although Condorman isn’t one of Disney’s most recognized properties, you would expect an accomplished super hero to show up from time to time. And Condorman has done just that:

Infinity Condor Glider          Silly Toy          Vinylmation Figure

From left to right: A Disney Infinity Glider upgrade, a silly toy, and a Vinylmation figure, just to name a few. And of course he had his own three-part comic book adaption from Whitman Comics:

 Condorman Comic Part 1  Condorman Comic Part 2  Condorman Comic Part 3

Pictures from

But was the movie any good? Here is My Review: This movie plays like one of the made-for-TV movies shown on Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. Not one of the best ones, though, maybe just slightly in the middle! It offers nothing new to the spy genre and is slow in places but still offers up some truly entertaining moments.

For me the best part was watching Michael Crawford act in a semi-serious role. You may best remember him from The Phantom of the Opera but he was a major comedy star long before that. Be sure to check out this posts Fun Fact for more on Crawford.

I would give this movie 3 out of 5 Stars but still recommend it for a family movie night!

Fun Fact: Michael Crawford appeared in Wall-E by means of the video clips Wall-E played in his ‘home’. You can see him singing, dancing, and most importantly, holding hands. To read more about this, please check out my earlier post entitled Classic Movie References in Disney Movies.

For more ways to beat summer boredom, check out the other great posts from the Blogorail!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Yellow | Disney Movie Night | The 80’s Loop:

Disney’s Top Five Worst Decisions

No matter how good a company is they are bound to make a mistake or two along the way to success. In the case of Disney their mistakes seem to be amplified because of the intense scrutiny fans put the company under.

But every company has to honestly admit that some decisions just have no defense! So here is my Top 5 List of the worst decisions that Disney has made:



Disney Sequel Montage

Just make it stop. Direct-to-video sequels is how it all began and we can only thank whatever the power was that stopped these bombs from being theatrical releases! But in today’s world most sequels are theatrical releases, like Toy Story 2-4 and Cars 2 and Finding Dory and soon-to-be Frozen 2 (kill me the day before it opens!) and and and and and.

Funny Story: After the success of Zootopia and its plus-billion box office take one social media source speculated that finally Disney would see the value of original stories and create more. Know what I thought? Here comes Zootopia 2! This time Nick goes back to Bunnyburrow with Judy and we have the typical reverse situation as Nick is the fox-out-of-water character and must learn to adjust to doing things a different way. Do I have a future writing sequels or what?

Don’t believe me that this could happen? I predict Zootopia 3 in 2022.



Pixar Studios

The original Brain Trust of Pixar came up with most of the first hit films for the company. And just about the time those ideas had been used up Disney acquired Pixar and things were never the same.

Pixar has shifted gears from wildly original films that touch our hearts to a long run of sequels that prove you can’t catch lightning in a bottle twice. With the exception of Inside Out most Disney/Pixar films have been disappointing. And there seems to be mostly sequels in the company’s future.

It was inevitable that Pixar would stumble at some point but it seems that the acquisition speeded that eventuality up considerably!



Jungle Cruise Skipper

Don’t worry, Disney has no plans to remove the Skippers from the Jungle Cruise. Or… do they? We’ve already lost the Cast Members from Living With the Land to be left with a recorded lecture and a computer-guided boat. This obvious cost-cutting measure could easily spread to more attractions!

I visited Disneyland and had the pleasure of riding the Storybook Canal boat for the first time with a Cast Member in costume giving us a lively and personal narration of the kingdoms we passed through. Unfortunately I spent the entire trip wondering what it would be like without our pilot. In the back of my mind I saw an accountant with a pink slip waiting back at the dock!

The Great Movie Ride and other attractions are all in the cross-hairs too. It could be only a matter of time before the only Cast Member you see is the one checking your lap bar.



D23 Logo

At first it seemed like the perfect fan club for Disney fanatics and it did live up to that image for the first few years. But then came changes to the membership perks and magazine gifts.

The gilding completely fell off the lily when the majority of members started complaining about how the D23 Expo is handled. Unfair distribution of limited edition collectables and overcrowding are just two of the issues raised. Of course, that hasn’t stopped members from attending and renewing their subscriptions, so the problem isn’t at a critical stage… yet!

My worry here is that many Disney magazines and official fan clubs have failed and I just hope Disney has learned enough from those failures to listen to the complaints about this one and find a way to keep it alive!



Disney Infinity Logo

I was in California at the El Capitan Theatre for the official kick-off of this excellent gaming system. It appeared to have all the earmarks of success and Disney gave it a big publicity push to get it started.

It had so many good features not the least of which was the beautiful and collectible play figures that were produced in series over the life of the game. The system made it to a 3.0 version before the word came down that Disney had had enough. But why scuttle such a wildly popular product?

The problem I see is that 2.0 figures couldn’t be played on 1.0 systems which changed my excitement to open disgust for Disney’s obvious money-grab ploy! And 3.0 figures can’t be played on 1.0 or 2.0 systems which means that not only would you have to shell out for new figures every year but also for new bases. I lost interest at this point. I think many others did as well and this probably led to a drop in sales which led to the real reason for the demise of Infinity: Money.

With billions of dollars being raked in from the movie division and the Marvel acquisition along with how well the parks are doing, surely Disney could have afforded to keep the Infinity brand going while changes were made to fix the declining monetary gains of the product. Disney needs to learn that sometimes short-term loses can be made into long-term gains!

CONCLUSION: Disney will continue to make bad decisions. Fans will continue to call them out on these bad decisions. Bloggers will continue to make Top 5 Lists to highlight the same bad decisions.

But Disney also has made some very good decisions over the years as well! Please check out my next Top 5 List entitled Disney’s Top Five Best Decisions posted now.

Glow in the Dark Anger Figurine

I’m quite taken with the Anger character from Pixar’s hit movie Inside Out. I now have several likenesses of him. This latest one may be on the fast track to become my favorite:

Anger 1

Anger 2  Anger 3

This is a figure released in the Disney Showcase Collection. It is produced by Enesco. And this particular one does something special:

Anger 4  Anger 5

I haven’t been able to expose the figure to enough light to see this feature in action, but it is something to look forward to, no?

Anger 6

So when people wonder about my love of Disney, and express how it might not be totally appropriate for a man of my age (over 30, ah-hem), I like to point out the last line that you see above: ‘Intended for Adults Only’.

I rest my case. And I intend to keep collecting!

Before I close this post, I would like to share two more items that we have collected for my wife, Karen. If I relate to the character of Anger, her favorite is of a different color:

Sadness 1  Sadness 2

The little figure on the left is, of course, Sadness from the Disney Infinity collection of playable characters. The plush on the right is an 8″ figure of Sadness that we obtained by redeeming points with Disney Movie Rewards.

Of the five emotions in Inside Out, we definitely like Anger and Sadness the best! Which character is your favorite?

Disney Infinity Rapunzel Sweepstakes

Rapunzel is letting down her long hair and using her frying pan to save the day in Disney Infinity! We wanted to let you know that Disney Interactive is giving away Disney Infinity’s first princess in the Rapunzel Saves the Day Sweepstakes.

Although I haven’t delved into the whole Disney Infinity Experience yet, I do have a console and many of the characters. I definitely plan to add Rapunzel to my ‘cast’ of gaming friends!


For the entire month of February, fans can enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a grand prize of a video game console, Disney Infinity Starter Pack and Rapunzel character figure (I saw this figure when I was at Walt Disney World recently and it is beautiful!) A different game system will be given away each week!


No Purchase Necessary. Entry/Rules:


Disney Infinity has certainly taken off since it was introduced last year. And the team at Disney Interactive seems determined to keep that momentum going with great giveaways like this! So don’t miss your chance: ENTER TODAY!

El Capitan El Capitan

We can’t exist in two places at once, but the El Capitan Theatre can:

This is the real one in Hollywood California, photographed when we attended the Disney Infinity Press Event back in January of this year. But while exploring Disneyland for the first time, we found it again!

And it looks like this El Capitan is playing Pinocchio. We couldn’t get inside because… it’s just a mural… but it made for a cool photo-op!

Disney Infinity… and Behind?

By now, anyone who purchased the new Disney Infinity gaming system has no doubt played it and played it and played it! I’ve had it since the Canadian release date but…

… still haven’t set it up!!!!!

I bought the starter pack for my Wii system. I must say, the three figures do look good sitting on my collectibles shelf.

Now here’s the silliest thing: I’ve collected almost all of the 20 power discs from Series One. I’m only missing (at this point) Mickey’s Car and the three ‘rare’ discs. My reasoning is to have all of them before I crack the game open for the first play.

At least that’s what I’ve been telling the wife as she sees me buying stuff for a game I’m… not playing.

For just $10 I couldn’t resist the power disc capsule to store all of my (unused) power discs!

And not wanting my Infinity base to get damaged (from all of the disuse it’s getting) I picked up this clear protector case for under $15.
I pre-ordered my Infinity game at Toys-R-Us and so couldn’t resist picking up this awesome-looking transparent Lightning McQueen with exclusive powers! Whatever they are.
So what about you, my Disney compatriots? Have you succumbed to Disney’s latest cash cow and gone nuts buying every power disc and exclusive character you can find?
No? Just me then. OK. I’m good with that!
I’ll let you know how I like the game… when I get around to playing it…