Mini Eggs Globe Candy Bank by Nestle

Being as we will be taking a tour around the world shortly, we should stock up on some energy food. I suggest a package of Nestle Mini Eggs:

Mini Eggs Packaging

Smart Choice!

Now just where might we find a package of this tasty treat? How about inside a vintage 1990’s tin Globe:

Mini Eggs Container Open


A package of candy, like the one pictured above, would have been stuffed inside the tin. It’s probably just as well that it’s missing, being as candy from 1990 might be a tad stale by now!

Mini Eggs Container Base

But fortunately this little globe has other uses, both educational, and practical. Apart from displaying an edited version of our earth, it also doubles as a piggy bank:

Mini Eggs Globe Bank Slot

Larger coins only, please!

This could be a fun way for children to learn about geography while saving up for a trip.

Mickey appears around the world in different ethnic garb. Let’s have a look:

Mini Eggs Globe AsiaMini Eggs Globe Pacific OceanMini Eggs Globe Atlantic OceanMini Eggs Globe Europe

The Globe rotates on the base

Mini Eggs Globe Stand

I hope you learned something today. I learned that the planet is smaller than I thought!

Check out this other globe featured in an earlier post. It is covered with even more Disney characters.

Chicago Toy & Game Fair Exhibitors: Wonder Crew

Chicago Toy & Game Fair: Navy Pier – November 19th, 2016

Dolls for boys. This is a statement that might cause some (men) to wonder. After all, aren’t dolls for girls? Well, consider this: has your son ever borrowed his sister’s dolls to play out some action scenario or other? Probably. But every ‘doll’ made for boys is called an ‘action figure’ and comes in smaller sizes, usually under 12″ tall. But why can’t boys have bigger ‘action figures’ to play with? Now they can with the Wonder Crew, Adventure Through Friendship! line of toys:


This is a brand new line of dolls that will soon be available in Target stores throughout the U.S. with plans for a Toys-R-Us launch later on, perhaps in Canada as well.

chicago-toy-fair-2016-031          chicago-toy-fair-2016-032


This line comes in four different ethnicities: Caucasian; African-American; Oriental; and East Indian (or perhaps Latino, I can’t quite remember). They only had the two versions shown above at the Toy Fair.

Crewmates combine the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of the favorite stuffed animal.


Striking a heroic pose!

Studies show that strong relationships and the ability to connect emotionally are key to happiness, health and even career success. Yet toys that encourage friendship and empathy are largely marketed to girls – sending the message to many boys that this kind of play is not for them.


Suit up!

Included with each Crewmate is a child-sized matching piece of adventure gear. When children suit up alongside their Crewmate, this not only adds to the crew-like vibe, but also deepens the imaginative play experience.

chicago-toy-fair-2016-036          ctf-1


Nice packaging and detailing

We only saw examples of the superhero crew members, but eventually boys (and girls too) will be able to choose other adventure buddies, such as a rock star, a builder, a dinosaur guy, and a dreamer.


Crewmates are for the kind, cool and creative child – that’s what it takes to live the company’s motto: “Go anywhere. Be anything”. If you’d like to go somewhere and do something, why not click on over to their official website for more information and a few videos, as well as a further link to their blog.

I wasn’t given a Wonder Crew buddy for this review. My wife says I’m too old to play with dolls.

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