Anna from FROZEN Disney Infinity Figure

The Disney Infinity gaming system is no more but merchandise from the line is still lingering on store shelves. Drastic price reductions makes filling out your 1.0/2.0/3.0 play pieces easier on the pocket book, restricted only by the remaining stock. I just picked up the last Anna 1.0 figure (from FROZEN) at my local Toys-R-Us.

Anna Figure Front

Ready for Action!

I am on record for really hating the Disney movie, FROZEN. It failed on so many levels, but the one shining light that broke through the disappointment was the character of Anna! Rather than making a fuss over The Snow Queen, Elsa, I believe Anna to be the one true hero of the movie and the one that should be looked to as a role model.

Anna Figure Package FrontAnna Figure Package Back


Elsa may have the cool powers, but it’s Anna who has the responsible, loving, go-getting attitude that should be admired.

Anna Figure Side left

Rope at the Ready

Actually, Anna does have a ‘power’ in the Disney Infinity universe. Her climbing hook conquers heights and helps her swing past danger.

Anna Figure Back

Practical Hair Braid

I love the detail of Anna’s costume. The little flowers around her skirt are beautiful!

Anna Figure Side right

What’s in the Bag?

Nice detailing on the boots, too! Each Disney Infinity play piece is mounted on a base, usually specific to the character. Here, Anna is standing on a snow flake.

Each figure comes with a card with a code to unlock on-line extras:

Anna Figure Card

Code on Back

I haven’t checked, but one may assume that such codes are useless now that Disney has abandoned the franchise.

So are/were you a Disney Infinity fan? How do you feel about Disney’s decision to discontinue the gaming system after only three years?

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Darth Vader & Baloo

Da da da DUM, da da DA, da da DUM-mmmmm!’ Yes, that is the signature riff of everyone’s favorite Man in Black, Will Smi… er, Darth Vader! And today as he visits our blog he is not alone. He has with him one of his greatest Imperial allies: Baloo the Bear. Yes folks, we’ve traveled well past the galaxy far, far away and can’t even see The Twilight Zone in the rear-view mirror! We’ve gone to Disney Infinity… and beyond!


Coolness factor: Off the Charts!

disney-infinity-3-0-characters-001          disney-infinity-3-0-characters-002

3.0 is the third and last series of characters

I attended the pre-launch press party for Disney Infinity at the El Capitan Theatre in 2013 and believed this to be one of the greatest game concepts ever designed! The sculpture-quality gaming figures were worth the money almost for their display cred alone.

But my enthusiasm waned when version 2.0 was released and I discovered that none of the 2.0 characters would play on an old 1.0 version. And by old I mean just released the year before! So I already had an outdated and partially useless gaming system. This was a dastardly marketing plan worthy of:



But it got worse. Just one year later, and only two years after the launch, came the release of version 3.0 characters that, you guessed it, wouldn’t work with either 1.0 or 2.0 platforms! Disney, “You’re excessive greed disturbs me!”

And then… Disney cancelled the whole thing. No more Disney Infinity.

So now, not only have millions of gaming fans been betrayed, but retailers are stuck with shelves of slow-moving, and in some cases unusable, merchandise!

But all is not lost, as I am now able to pick up selected character figures for display purposes at up to 50% off the original prices. And as the retailers get more desperate to dump this defunct merchandise, we all should be able to get even more character figures at an even greater discount!

Now I’m sounding as evil as Darth Vader! But hey, I got Baloo for a deep discount, so it’s all good, right?


He was a bare necessity to my collection!

disney-infinity-3-0-characters-003          disney-infinity-3-0-characters-004

So now I have multiple 1.0 characters, a few 2.0 characters, a these two 3.0 characters. Why? Because I’m a collector. Because collecting is a disease. And because, as of yet, there is no cure!

disney-infinity-3-0-characters-009          disney-infinity-3-0-characters-010

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