Mini Eggs Globe Candy Bank by Nestle

Being as we will be taking a tour around the world shortly, we should stock up on some energy food. I suggest a package of Nestle Mini Eggs:

Mini Eggs Packaging

Smart Choice!

Now just where might we find a package of this tasty treat? How about inside a vintage 1990’s tin Globe:

Mini Eggs Container Open


A package of candy, like the one pictured above, would have been stuffed inside the tin. It’s probably just as well that it’s missing, being as candy from 1990 might be a tad stale by now!

Mini Eggs Container Base

But fortunately this little globe has other uses, both educational, and practical. Apart from displaying an edited version of our earth, it also doubles as a piggy bank:

Mini Eggs Globe Bank Slot

Larger coins only, please!

This could be a fun way for children to learn about geography while saving up for a trip.

Mickey appears around the world in different ethnic garb. Let’s have a look:

Mini Eggs Globe AsiaMini Eggs Globe Pacific OceanMini Eggs Globe Atlantic OceanMini Eggs Globe Europe

The Globe rotates on the base

Mini Eggs Globe Stand

I hope you learned something today. I learned that the planet is smaller than I thought!

Check out this other globe featured in an earlier post. It is covered with even more Disney characters.

Walt Disney Classics: Ludwig Von Drake

Imagine you’re in school, or you’re back in school, and you go to your geography class for the first time, and standing at the head of the class is a duck. That is a pretty wild imagination you have!

But all things are possible in Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color!

This awesome figurines is from the Walt Disney Classics Collection

Titled Wonderful World of Color: Didactic Duck, this is from 2007, the production mark on the bottom is Captain Hook’s hook.

OK, maybe you’re wondering what ‘didactic’ means? The definition: In the manner of a teacher, particularly so as to treat someone in a patronizing way.

Hmm, Ludwig Von Drake – patronizing? Yeah, OK. I can’t argue with that!

Some of the “plussings” are metal glasses frames with acrylic lenses.

The globe is made of porcelain and actually spins


The globe stand is made of metal

Oh, gosh, look at the time, gotta run! You know how ducks can be if you’re late for their class! And if you want to practice your penmanship to impress the teacher, you may want to check out this chalk board officially sanctioned by Drake himself!

World Globe featuring Disney Characters

Anyone with a love of travel and Disney should just love this gorgeous World Globe by Rand McNally!

This metal Disney globe is fairly small, measuring just 10″ high from the base.

Brought to us by Walt Disney and Rand McNally

I believe this globe to date from the late 1950s. As globes are not dated, you can figure out roughly when they were manufactured by geopolitical names and boundaries. Now, I’m no scholar, but this globe does have a couple of clues to help us reach that conclusion.

First, I know it’s from after 1955 by this wonderful little graphic of Mickey inviting us to “Visit Disneyland and see All your Disney friends like ME.”

Then, the globe also shows Goofy riding a camel across French West Africa, which Wikipedia tells me was a federation that existed from 1895 until 1960. So, It had to be made somewhere between 1955 and 1960.
Sound logical so far?

Below, Mickey points the way, and lets us know “There’s something to learn Wherever you turn.”

Indeed, there are little bits of trivia all around this globe:

Okay, I wonder just how they know that?

The base has some interesting characters, including Willie the Whale from the Short entitled “The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met” from the 1946 package film Make Mine Music from 1946 (shown below.)

I couldn’t find any information as to who this penguin was, even in The Encyclopedia of Walt Disney’s Animated Characters there were no clues. But with more research it turns out he is a cold-blooded penguin in a Short from The Three Cabelleros, narrated by Sterling Holloway in 1945. His name is Pablo (shown below.)

So who is up for a very quick spin around the world via this Disney character world globe?