Tsum Tsum Stackable Collectible Figurines

Disney and I have a partnership going that is pretty lopsided! They put out collectible whatever and I buy it. They get my money, and I get… stuff. Case in point: Tsum Tsum stackable collectible figurines!

Tsum Tsum Front Packaging

Nine in a Set

I’ve resisted branching out into the smaller plastic versions of this merchandise line after adding an assortment of the original plush versions to my collection. You can see those here. The link will take you to a Swedish Chef Tsum Tsum, but that post has a link to other plush Tsum Tsum characters as well.

Tsum Tsum Back Packaging

The Backside of Tsum Tsum

And by ‘backside’ I mean their backsides! Don’t look at Snow White, it would be rude.

Now let’s free the little critters:

Tsum Tsum Open Packaging

Who is the mystery character?

More on who the mystery character is later. In each of these sets, you get three large, three medium, and three small sizes of characters. My large characters are:

Tsum Tsum Stitch


Tsum Tsum Snow White

Snow White

Tsum Tsum Eeyore


My medium characters are:

Tsum Tsum Lady


Tsum Tsum Hiro

Hiro (Mystery Character)

I was pleasantly surprised to get Hiro, as Big Hero 6 is one of my favorite Disney movies!

Tsum Tsum Buzz

Buzz Lightyear

I actually broke down and bought this set solely because of this Buzz Lightyear figure. Buzz as a tiny gerbil? Irresistible!

And finally, my small characters are:

Tsum Tsum Tiny Ones

Joy, Piglet, and Mickey Mouse

A secondary reason for buying this set was to obtain the Joy character for my wife.

These silly little things could definitely grow on me and I already realize that I will have to put up a strong fight against buying more! And how will I know what to look for?

Tsum Tsum CG Cover

Tsum Tsum Collector Guide

This little fold-out booklet comes with every set of Tsum Tsum stackable figures. What I purchased is part of the Series 2 collection:

Tsum Tsum Collector Guide

40 Characters in all!

Now keep in mind that if you want the complete series, you will have to collect 120 individual pieces, as each character comes in all three sizes of small, medium, and large. Depending on how Disney has apportioned the characters throughout the packs, you will have to buy at least 13 packs at $19.97 each. Round that up to an even $20.00 and those 13 packs are going to cost you $260.00 CAN.

Now I’m sure I’ve seen duplicates of characters in multiple packs, which means you will have to buy more packs and you will end up with duplicate characters. So I advise trading with friends!

So will you zoom zoom to the store to buy these Tsum Tsum figures?

Zaini Big Hero 6 Trinkets

I love Big Hero 6. I’ve bought many products based on the Big Hero 6 characters. I love chocolate. My wife loves chocolate more. So I bought these:

Big Hero 6 Choco 002     Big Hero 6 Choco 001

Which after removing the wrappers, quickly turned into this:

choco 007

And my wife is systematically working her way through the chocolate. I, on the other hand, am working my way through this post. Not a bad deal because I get the toys/trinkets!

Big Hero 6 Choco 004     Big Hero 6 Choco 005

Hiro erasers

Big Hero 6 Choco 003

Baymax vinyl figure

Big Hero 6 Choco 006

Baymax key chain (?)

These trinkets are very small but still a lot of fun! As always, Zaini has sculpted some pretty nice figures. Here are the rest of the set, as seen on the advertising paper included in each egg:

choco 006

Thankfully, I found these at the local dollar store, so trying to complete the set won’t be too expensive. What would be your favorite?

Big Hero 6: Inflatable Action Hero

If you could design a hero, what would you start with? An inflatable marshmellow-like medical robot with a kindly disposition? Me too! And as luck would have it, Disney thought this would make a good premise for a movie, and so we have Baymax. Of course, Marvel Comics thought it would make a good comic book first, so it seems that we all agree on the formula.

Big Hero 6 008

Haturday Luncheon 006     Haturday Luncheon 007

So, this is what I started with

I picked up my basic Baymax at Toys-R-Us for under $20 and was ready to build him into the world’s coolest super hero since Buzz Lightyear! And this is what I ended up with:

Big Hero 6 002

Haturday Luncheon 002 Haturday Luncheon 003

OK, well maybe I had a little more help from Toys-R-Us

I haven’t geeked out over a toy so much since I got my original Buzz Lightyear action figure. This deluxe Flying Baymax is just too cool! He’s huge, has pop-up wings, sounds, a rocket punch hand, and… he makes flying noises when you run around the room with him. At least… that’s what the box says.

Big Hero 6 001 Big Hero 6 007

Hiro even sticks on the back using magnets

Even before I got these guys out of the box, I was at my local Chapters book store and found this wonderful Art Of book:

Big Hero 6 009

Priced at $40 US/Can I was waffling as to whether or not I would buy this until a sales associate walked up with a special one-day 25% off coupon. It now sits on my book shelf. It would be impossible to cover all that is in this book, but obviously it has many concept sketches and information on how the film was developed. If you’re a Big Hero 6 fan you need to pick this up.

If you do, you’ll be able to see just how Baymax is put together:

Big Hero 6 014

Enjoy this sneak peek!

So are you hoping to revisit San Fransokyo when Big Hero 6 comes out on DVD/Blu-ray next year? Me too! But until then, I have my toys to play with and a book to read.

App Review: Baymax Blast

I’m always looking for something to do when I have to wait. It could be outside a store while my wife shops. In a waiting room before an appointment. Wherever. Having my iPhone handy with a few gaming apps provides just the time-wasting diversion I need!


Choose your character. I chose Baymax!

As a fan of the upcoming movie Big Hero 6 you can immerse yourself in the action as you soar thru the streets of San Fransokyo with Hiro, the child robotics prodigy, and his closest companion: Baymax. And some other spunky friends as well.

The Mission: Find Hiro’s stolen microbots! Suit up and skillfully skirt deadly obstacles while you smash through barriers along the streets of the city. All the while you unlock exciting original video clips, exclusive character backgrounds, and story art from the film.

Scrncap18     Scrncap17


I ran into more than a few of the street cars!

Once you get onto the one-finger control groove of the game, avoiding obstacles and collecting microbots becomes easier. Simply move from side to side and up and down to collect things and avoid dying. I had my nieces play and they both enjoyed the app. The 8-year old enjoyed the game but found it challenging (but not so challenging that she wanted to give up the iPhone to her sister!) while the 12-year old caught on quickly. The key, as she pointed out, was that Baymax Blast is very similar to many other hand-held gaming apps.

This just may be the best way to introduce yourself to Disney’s newest characters, but don’t expect any great gaming revelations. Again, the platform isn’t new, but the re-skin is quite good!

Rating: I’d give Baymax Blast 4 out of 5 stars.

You can download the app for yourself for just $5.99 US.