Suffering from the Collecting Bug is an incurable affliction that I have long since come to grips with. (My name is Lee. I’m a collector. Hello, Lee!) So when I recently found Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Packs on sale, I just had to buy some! Then I bought MORE. This post is an update to the previous post entitled Mystery Stack Pack featuring Disney Tsum Tsum.

Update Anger Together

Anger from Inside Out

Anger is my favorite character from the Pixar film Inside Out. So whenever I can find a figure of him, I add it to my Anger Management collection. Which you can see here (glow in the dark) and here (plush).

Update Anger Set

NOT Managing Anger Here!

These are the second-smallest size of Tsum Tsum and are made to be stacked on top of the next size up.

I love the fire feature on Anger’s head, and:

Update Anger Tie

His Tie!

Also, until I took the above picture, I didn’t know that there was so much text on the characters! Who has good enough eyes to read that?!?

I originally bought nine packages and ended up with seven different characters with the two duplicates both being The Red Queen. This time I bought three packages and only got one new character. Care to guess what the other two were?

You guessed it: both The Red Queen. I now have five Red Queens! And that’s your Mystery Stack Pack Update for the day.

More INSIDE OUT Yummy Zanai Chocolate Eggs

I was starting to go off Pixar movies until Inside Out hit theaters and I was in love with the studio all over again! It was difficult subject matter so I was apprehensive but ultimately delighted with the results.

I have never gone off chocolate and I don’t think I’m alone! So when I say more of the Zanai chocolate eggs I just had to pick up one of each of the characters:


The gangs all here

I already featured close-ups of both Joy and Fear in an earlier post that you can see here. But to round out the gang, here are close-ups of Sadness, Anger, and Disgust:

zanai-eggs-4     zanai-eggs-3     zanai-eggs-2

But it’s what’s inside that counts and that is chocolate! But you also get a little Inside Out themed prize. Last time I got an Anger eraser and a Rainbow Unicorn pendant. Here is what I got this time:


Only one double, the Anger eraser

My favorite is the police officer that looks like a blue M&M. So out of seven eggs I got six different prizes.

Book Review: Funny! (The Pixar Story Room)

Twenty-five Years of Laughter from the Pixar Story Room

Disney Pixar Funny 001

Forward by John Lasseter / Intro by Jason Katz

Right out of the gate I will say this book was a disappointment. ‘Not Very Funny!’ would probably have been a more appropriate title.

The book covers the first sixteen animated movies released by Pixar up to The Good Dinosaur. It contains sketches from the story department that were used to pitch gags to the various directors of the productions. I have no doubt that it must be very funny, and fun, to work in the story department at Pixar, but no real hilarity comes across in this publication.

Disney Pixar Funny 002          Disney Pixar Funny 005

Cute, but no belly laugh

Each film is featured in a chapter with brief snippets of wit and wisdom from one of the story persons who worked on it.

Disney Pixar Funny 004

OK, I would buy this in die-cast!

Some of the ideas, pictured in this post, are amusing. But I wouldn’t consider the majority of them to be ‘funny!’ at any stretch.

Disney Pixar Funny 003

Disney Pixar Funny 006

It took all of one hour to read through and digest the images in this book making the purchase price of $29.95 US feel a bit high. I’m glad it wasn’t priced at the much higher figures of similar books from Disney Press. Perhaps being manufactured in China by Chronicle Books brought the price down?

Disney Pixar Funny 007

My expression after finishing the book

Final Review: I’m not always gushing with my praise for Disney books and I certainly rarely pan a Disney book so thoroughly! But I can only give this effort a 2 out of 5 Stars.

The potential was high but the reality ranged from boring to disturbing with only a few chuckles in-between.

‘Ode to Joy’ Inside Out Plush

Originally Karen and I picked a character to represent ourselves from the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out. We did this tongue-in-cheek of course! Karen picked Sadness and I picked Anger. Neither character really defines us, but they looked so good in plush!

We finally decided we should add a little joy to our lives (and bedroom shelves) to remind us that even in the worst of times there can always be found a little Joy:

Inside Out Joy Plush 002

I’m sure we all remember good old Friedrich Schiller who wrote the famous poem Ode to Joy in 1785. A bit before your time? Perhaps you’re more familiar with the version done by Ludwig van Beethoven in the final movement of his Ninth Symphony in 1824. Still no?

Well, lucky for you I just happen to have the lyrics to this masterpiece available for your perusal. However, some of the words seem to have been changed sometime between then and now, which I have indicated by shading the changed words in grey. I think you will agree that Mr. Schiller definitely had Joy in mind when he wrote the poem all those centuries ago:

Joy, beautiful spark of Pixar,
Daughter from Inside Out,
We enter, hearts on fire,
Inward, thy sanctuary!
Your giggles join again
What decision strictly divided;
All people become brothers,
Where your gentle laugh abides.

Who has succeeded in the great attempt,
To be an emotion’s friend,
Whoever has won a free ticket,
Add his to the jubilation!
Indeed, who calls at least one character
Theirs upon this world!
And whoever never managed, shall steal himself
Weeping away from this storyline.

All creatures think of Joy
At Disney’s behest.
Just and unjust
Alike taste of her whim;
She gave us OCD and micro management,
A controlling friend to the end.
Even Anger has been granted peace,
And the animator stands before Walt!

Gladly, as Walt’s animators fly
On their courses through the dailies,
Thus, brothers, you should take your date,
As a hero and go to the movies.

You millions, she embraces you.
This Joy is for all the world!
Brothers, beyond the present box office
There must dwell the obligatory sequel.
Do you hurry to pay, you millions?
World, do you know your place?
Seek Joy in the theaters;
That is the place you must dwell.

If everyone embraced this poem, it would bring a tear of Joy to their eye, and a ton of money to Disney’s bottom line!

Disney Movie Rewards Mini-Posters

I’m not completely sure how I earned this reward but I think it had something to do with buying the Inside Out movie along with possibly the Tomorrowland movie which unlocked a special offer. The special offer was four 8″ x 10″ mini-posters. I just had to pay shipping. Here is the folder they came in:

Movie Rewards Bonus 006

Nothing special there…

Two mini-posters were from Inside Out. One featured Joy:

Movie Rewards Bonus 007

She just loves those memories!

The other depicts Joy and Bing Bong riding Riley’s Train of Thought:

Movie Rewards Bonus 008

That would be quite the trip!

The other two were reproductions of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland attraction posters featuring

Movie Rewards Bonus 009     Movie Rewards Bonus 011

Two of the best!

I would have thought A Small World would have been used instead of Space Mountain being as it appeared in the film.

Each mini-poster is presented on high gloss card stock and would be very suitable for framing. Well worth the three or four dollars it cost me for shipping!

Pixar’s INSIDE OUT Zanai Chocolate Eggs

Zanai has done it again! Just when I think I can resist their chocolate eggs, they go and make them irresistable by adding Disney or Pixar characters I just have to have:

Inside Out Zanini 001     Inside Out Zanini 002

Two ways to view chocolate: Joy and Fear!

I recently stopped off at a local convenience store to pick up a chocolate bar (because I didn’t get up early enough to make breakfast or lunch for later) and noticed the Zanai chocolate display. There was a Barbie set, some generic-toy set, but in amongst them were just two remaining Inside Out eggs. And just like that, they were mine!

Inside Out Zanini 003

Fear wasn’t too excited about the unwrapping process

Inside Out Zanini 004

The capsule with the prize inside

Inside Out Zanini 008     Inside Out Zanini 009

One eraser (left) and one pendant (right)

Anger (above left) is, of course, one of the main characters from Inside Out. I was hoping for something that would depict him!

Rainbow Unicorn (above right) is a character who lives in Riley’s mind at Dream Productions, where she stars in Riley’s dreams. She was notably in a dream titled Fairy Dream Adventure Part 7. Joy is apparently a huge fan of her. She is the second Pixar character to be a unicorn after Buttercup from Toy Story 3.

Inside Out Zanini 005

Here is the full line of collectibles for this set

I haven’t found the remaining characters yet, but I am keeping a look-out for them. If you would like to see more Zanai chocolate eggs, and the characters within, please read our post entitled  Disney’s Frozen Zanai Chocolate Eggs.

The ANGER Inside

Disney/Pixar’s latest movie success came from the mind of a teenage girl. Well, not exactly, it obviously came from the minds of hundreds of very talented and creative people! But it was about the mind of a teenage girl.

Disney Merchandise 004

I suppose we could get into a discussion of how creepy it would be to have two males inside the head of a teenage girl at all times, but let’s skip that for the sake of this post! I especially want to skip this because my favorite character was:

Disney Merchandise 001

ANGER (in his Anger Management suit)

We visited a Disney store this past weekend and were delighted to find that Inside Out merchandise was still on display. The above plush is one of the best versions of this character I’ve seen.

Disney Merchandise 002

The Disney Store does create some very good exclusive items. This piece is one:

Disney Merchandise 003

This little hothead set me back a reasonable $16.95 CAN (but don’t tell him I said that, I want him to think I’m angry about the price!) But my American readers can pick him up for $14.95 US.

Anger was voiced by Lewis Black. For another piece of Anger merchandise, as well as a few of the other emotions, please see the post entitled DMR: Inside Out Pop!s

So what is your favorite emotion from Riley’s head?

DMR: Inside Out POP!s

Go ahead, just try to figure that title out! DMR stands for Disney Movie Rewards, which we’ve been members of from the beginning. We’ve redeemed points for many great rewards, the latest being these wonderful POP! figures featuring the characters from Disney/Pixar’s hit movie Inside Out:

Inside Out POP 011

Anger, Joy, and Sadness

The POP! line of figures hasn’t appealed to me over all, but this series has caught my interest, mainly because of Anger (me) and Sadness (my wife). Yes, we have a quirky and wonderful home life!

But more about that later, eh? Let’s take a closer look at these figures first:

Inside Out POP 001     Inside Out POP 007

Inside Out POP 008

Dressed like someone in management = Anger Management

Of the five main emotions in Inside Out, Anger is the one I liked the most. So no, I’m not always angry! But I just love this red (my favorite colour) hot head who just wants a chance to say that one swear word he knows. Because it’s a good one!

Inside Out POP 006     Inside Out POP 003

Inside Out POP 010

“OK, I’m positive we’ll get lost!”

For years I’ve thought of my wife as my little Eeyore. Short and cute but a bit of a pessimist. So when another little blue character came along, with glasses no less (which my wife also wears) I just couldn’t help but tease her that I’d found a new Disney character to represent her!

OK, I gave up on getting the ‘Best Husband’ award years ago, so it’s all good!

Inside Out POP 004    Inside Out POP 005

Inside Out POP 009

“Let’s turn this day around!”

Ugh. You’ve got that friend that’s always ‘up’, right? Who can live like that? Well, we learned in Inside Out that sometimes, other emotions need to be in control. A good lesson, but it is better if Joy is front and center most often!

If you are a DMR member, you can redeem 500 points to get one of these figures. As of this writing, only the three figures above are available, with the final three of the series coming soon. And they are:

Inside Out POP 002

Disgust, Fear, and Bing Bong

I’m assuming by the numbering that there has been 137 POP! vinyl figures released since this line of merchandise was introduced by Funko. The line includes non-Disney characters as well.

So will you be adding some emotions to your Disney collection?