Lady and the Tramp II – Scamp Lithographs from The Disney Store

Here we have another direct-to-video sequel of a Disney classic. Scamp’s Adventure centers on Lady and the Tramp’s only son, Scamp, who longs for freedom from house rules and desires to become a “wild dog”.

Adventure ensues, as the title suggests, with a happy ending for all. In case you’re wondering, Lady and the Tramp had four puppies, named Annette, Collette, Danielle and Scamp.

Let’s have a look at the lithographs released by The Disney Store to commemorate the release of this movie:

Scamp Folder Cover

Both Sides of the Tracks

I vaguely remember this movie but do remember that I wasn’t particularly impressed. Most direct-to-video releases seemed to be rushed and merely produced to generate revenue, not memorable stories.

What is worth remembering is this beautiful folder:

Scamp Folder Unfolded

Which Side Are You From?

This is a basic grass-is-always-greener story with dogs. I guess we could say that Scamp has a strong urge to piddle in someone else’s lawn!

Of course, there is a love element to the story, as seen in the recreation of the iconic spaghetti scene from the original classic:

Scamp Print SpagettiScamp Moonlight BarkScamp Escape from PoundScamp Togetherness

The Plot in 4 Lithographs

My recommendation would be to skip this effort. But if you could pick up a set of these lithographs, that would be worthwhile!

Scamp Folder Back

Back of Presentation Folder

I also have a great set of Disney Store lithographs featuring the original cast of Lady and the Tramp. Definitely worth a sniff!

Lady and the Tramp Disney Store Lithographs

Lady and the Tramp was released to theaters on June 22nd, 1955. It was based on the book Happy Dan, The Whistling Dog by Ward Greene and tells the story of a refined female cocker spaniel named Lady who gets mixed up with a local mutt named Tramp. Love and adventure ensue!

But other than a hit Disney animated film, what do Lady and the Tramp have in common? This set of four Disney Store lithographs:

Lady and the Tramp Cover

Front cover of folder

Lady and the Tramp back

Back cover of folder

These lithograph sets are commonly given out by The Disney Store to promote the re-release of classic Disney animated films, such as Lady and the Tramp. However, in this case, the set featured here had prices on it: $14.95 US and $18.95 CAN. So it was either free if you pre-ordered Lady and for sale to everyone else, or you had to pay the price even if you pre-ordered and no one else could purchase it at all.

Lady and the Tramp Folder

Open Folder

This was one of the examples where the folder is just as interesting as the artwork inside. Above you can see the folder opened, but look what happens when you remove the lithographs and start to unfold the folder:

Lady and the Tramp folder 2

All set for a romantic dinner

Now we unfold once more:

Lady and the Tramp folder 3

Just another empty alley

This set was released in 1998 and so still has a unique folder but in later years The Disney Store started to release only one lithograph in a paper envelope. As always, as time goes by, things are more cheaply produced!

Now let’s have a look at the lithographs:

Lady and the Tramp Lady

Lady’s House Guests

Lady and the Tramp Warning

Lady Meets the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp Date

Lady’s First Date

Lady and the Tramp Dinner

Dinner Reservations for Two

Although each lithograph pictures a scene from the film, they are not labeled, so I have supplied my own titles for each one.

Each lithograph is 11″ x 14″ including the white border and are printed on high gloss paper.

To see a really great set of lithographs featuring the characters from Monsters Inc. just click the link. It has an amazing folder too!

Disney’s Read-Along Books and Records: 1960’s

1965 was a good year: The Beatles were at their creative best. The cars were amazing. I was born. And Disney was releasing awesome books with 33 1/3 rpm records for children. Each one was a Read-Along Book and Record:

Vintage Record Readers 029

The Three Little Pigs

This classic Short from 1933 is retold here with the story basically intact. Some details have been edited out but the hit song “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” is also included.

Vintage Record Readers 030

Most of the record/books from this period had a coloring page at the back next to the record. For some reason, full artwork was included with this release.

Vintage Record Readers 038

Sleeping Beauty

Side A of the record has the story, with the traditional bell ringing to tell you when to turn the page. On Side B there are two songs from the film: “Once Upon a Dream” and “I Wonder”.

Vintage Record Readers 039

Again, the main story is basically intact for this release, and the coloring page is present, and uncolored (which is excellent from a collecting point of view!)

Vintage Record Readers 031

Lady and the Tramp

All three of these record/books from 1965 have the tag line ‘Walt Disney’s Story of’ before the title. In later years, this tag line changes.

The story for this film has been changed substantially. Let’s have a look:

Vintage Record Readers 032

Lady and Tramp meet early in the story, with Tramp warning Lady of the trouble to come from having a baby in the family.

Vintage Record Readers 033

Lady is muzzled, not because of her fight with the Siamese cats, but simply because Aunt Sarah doesn’t like her.

Vintage Record Readers 034

The entire love story is dropped with the couple returning to the house because Lady is homesick.

Vintage Record Readers 035

Another major change happens here, with the danger that gets Tramp accepted into the family being a fire instead of a rat looking for the baby’s milk. Perhaps a rat was deemed too scary for young readers?

Vintage Record Readers 036

Instantly, Tramp gets his collar and four pups!

Vintage Record Readers 037

The coloring page is present, but if you look closely, you’ll notice a mistake. Lady and Tramp have a pup in this image, but Tramp’s collar is missing, which he should have at this time.

I have one more record/book from close to this period, from 1967:

Vintage Record Readers 027

The Jungle Book

The tag line changes to ‘Walt Disney Presents’ now. The story follows the basic plot of the movie with only basic omissions for space considerations.

Vintage Record Readers 028

The coloring page is still being printed at this time. The record contains two songs from the film: “I Wan’na Be Like You” and “The Bare Necessities”.

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