Magical Blogograil: What to do on Non-Park Days – Waterways

What’s more relaxing than enjoying the waterways of Walt Disney World? Many take a resort day to escape the crowds, but we like to board one of the many water craft, available at no cost, and chart a course!

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are sharing fun things to do at Disney on non-Park days.

Hi Ho and it’s a pirate’s life for me! Well, not actually a pirate’s life, more like a passenger’s life!

Come aboard this post and enjoy the views of Walt Disney World from a different perspective:

Waterways On Board

Here we are aboard one of the many Water Taxis that take passengers from one resort to the next on the Seven Seas Lagoon. You can visit Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa (pictured above), Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. And of course, ending up at The Magic Kingdom.

Waterways Craft

While on route, you can enjoy beautiful vistas and view your favorite attractions from unique angles, such as Space Mountain, above. Also above you can see one of the smaller water craft that you can rent for personal tours of the lake.

Waterways Contemporary View

Seeing structures like the Contemporary from the water side is a rare treat, complete with a monorail sighting if you time things just right!

Waterways Docking

Above is a view of one of the Water Taxis arriving at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground.

Waterways Shoreline

Sometimes you can see older attractions, or what’s left of them, such as this landing from the old River Country water park. The above picture was taken in 2008 so I wonder how much of this scene is left now.

Waterways Arrival at Magic Kingdom

Ferryboats run from the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) across the Seven Seas Lagoon to the entrance of The Magic Kingdom. You could take the monorail, but that wouldn’t be as wet!

Waterways Ferryboat

Empty Ferryboat on Training Run

Other vessels also ply the waterways:

Waterways Misc Boat

No matter which option you choose, the fun is the same! As hinted at earlier, you can also rent jet skis, paddle boats, canoes, and other water craft for solo or group adventures.

Waterways Sailing

Sailboats Too!

Waterways Sunset

And when the day is done, you will be treated to some of the most breathtaking images you can imagine!

So who’s with me? Will you take to the waters on your next non-Park day?

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Top Five List: How to Make Each Day Disney-ish

When a Disney Princess gets up in the morning, she just knows she is going to have a Disney day. I think it’s in her contract. She doesn’t need a top five list to help her achieve this goal. But we do!

We may not be Disney Royalty, but we all deserve to enjoy the fun and magic that comes along with a Disney day! So here is my top five list of things you and I would need to do to ensure that each and every day we have is just a little more Disney-ish:



top five list costume

Ever notice that every main Disney character never changes his or her clothes? Well, rarely anyway. One can only hope this single-minded fashion statement doesn’t extend to undergarments!

But just think of how much time you would save each morning not having to decide what to wear. And most important is the instant recognition you would receive everywhere you go!

Yes, dressing in the same clothes… forever… is the first step towards having a truly Disney day.



top five list singing

Before you can amaze and startle everyone around you with your gifted warbling, you will need to pick a theme song that encapsulates your goals and spirit. Every Disney character is known for belting out a jaunty tune about themselves whether anyone wants to hear it or not.

So be sure to wait for the right moment. Perhaps while waiting in line at the grocery store. Or while seated in a crowded medical office (let’s be honest, sick people need to hear a good song!). Or perhaps in a packed elevator where no one can leave.

To make this a true part of your Disney-ish day, why not include some impromptu dance choreography? Be sure to add some pivots, turns, and lots of arm waving!



top five list animals

After years of selection, most of the cute little critters are already spoken for. Birds especially. Man, what’s up with Princesses and birds?

Being Canadian, I’ll pick a moose. Or a beaver. See what I’m doing here? Try to pick something that people in your region will identify with. Then travel with it everywhere!

Nothing says “This person is special and different” in quite the same way as walking down Main Street America with a bald eagle on your shoulder!



top five list nemesis

We all have people in our lives that we don’t necessarily like. So why not pick one and elevate them to Nemesis status!

Perhaps that girl at the office who’s always hogging the copier. Or that guy at the gym who never wipes off the equipment when he’s done using it. Or how about that old lady in the grocery line who has a dozen expired coupons and then forgets where her wallet is only to find it in time to decide she needs 500 lottery tickets!!!

Yeah. She’s my Nemesis.



top five list dreams

Instead of taking the Worry Turnpike or staying on the Downer Highway be sure to swerve your hypothetical vehicle onto the Dreams Exit Ramp each and every day!

Even big dreams can be attainable. Remember, because you are having a Disney-ish day, all things are possible! And you probably have a cast of dozens there to help you. Every Disney dreamer does.

So what’s your Big Dream?

So there you have my top five list of things you and I would need to do to ensure that each and every day we have is just a little more Disney-ish.

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Magical Blogorail: Disney Bucket Lists

Everyone can visit a Disney theme park anytime they want. For a fee, they can even get a special tour. But not everyone can get a VIP tour behind the scenes of the Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. This should be one everyone’s bucket lists!

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Orange Loop. Today we are sharing our Disney Bucket Lists and what you should add to yours.

Touring Disney  & Pixar Animation Studios

bucket lists

Wouldn’t it have been great to live back in the time when Walt Disney was eager to show people around his new studio? Any excuse to show off his thriving animation operation was taken with gusto! He even did promotional and theatrical films depicting life inside the studio in response to the demand from the public to see how his films were made.

Yes please.

The closest to a private behind-the-scenes tour would be the Walt Disney Studios Tour offered by Adventures by Disney. This is a three-day California experience where, in part, you can learn the story of The Walt Disney Studios during a privately guided visit, which includes The Walt Disney Archives.

If I can’t get my own private tour into restricted areas, the above experience would certainly be a good consolation prize!

And although Pixar Animation Studios hasn’t been around for as long as the Walt Disney Animation Studios, I think everyone would agree that it would be a fun place to visit! And something to add to everyone’s bucket lists.


Apparently there are no public tours of Pixar so getting past these gates is probably not going to happen. Or is it? Check out this link for seven ways that just may get you in!

One of the ways to get in mentioned in the link is to ‘know a guy’ on the inside. You can enjoy a pictorial tour by Ken Miyamoto or watch the cool video below from Keith Lapinig, both who used this method of entry:

34,761 people have already ran through the halls with Keith, to date, but there’s always room for one more guest! And there are literally dozens of tour videos from special guests and media outlets on the Internet so there are many ways to tour vicariously through others.


Could I get past the guard and sneak around?

Probably not. I’ve visited Walt Disney World and Disneyland, gone on a Disney Cruise, interviewed Dave Smith, and recently visited the birth place of Walt Disney in Chicago, IL. My Disney Bucket List is growing!

It’s only a matter of time before I add tours of the Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios to that list. I hope!

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Magical Blogorail: Saving Money for Disney

Now I know you are probably going back to Disney to pick up even more treasures to add to your collection. And yes, some more memories too. But don’t rule out one of the best ways to generate capital to make that trip possible – selling off some of your existing Disney swag!

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Red Loop. Today we are sharing ways to save money for your Disney vacation.

Selling Your Way to Disney


I’m going to do my post this month in the form of a Top Five List. So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Reasons for Selling Your Way to Disney, which means selling some of your Disney collection to pay for your next Disney vacation:

Reason Five


Do you like to dust? I don’t so my wife is always after me to dust my collectibles! I try to tell her that if I don’t dust, then when I pick up a collectible, I will know exactly where to place it down again due to the dust ring. And that is why men are more creative thinkers than women!

But you may want to clean the item up a bit before you sell it. Or have your spouse do it.

Reason Four



Outer Space is infinite. Your shelf space is not. Sooner or later, or probably sooner than later, you will start to run out of places to put your Disney stuff. When your children’s toys are all over the floor because their toy chest is full of your collectibles and your spouse’s closet space is disappearing, it may be time for a purge!

Reason Three


Back in the 1980’s you were all about The Little Mermaid and Roger Rabbit, but now we are living in the Millennium. We now have Baymax and Hank the Septopus merchandise everywhere! No one wants to look at the same stuff year after year, right?

OK, maybe we do, but sacrifices must be made. We’re trying to get to Disney, people!

Reason Two


You have it. Everyone else wants it. That is basically how the demand for Disney collectibles goes. So why not take advantage of someone else’s obsession and unload some unwanted stuff?

They’ll thank you for providing a new-to-them treasure and you’ll add some much needed capital to your Disney trip jar!

Reason One



You want it. Your unwanted Disney collectibles could turn into it. And seriously, if you want to go on a Disney vacation… you’re going to need lots of it! So get out there (or online) and sell! Sell! Sell!

And if you do, I’ll see you in the parks!

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Top 5 Non-Disney Disney Movies

How many times have you been talking about Disney movies and someone says that their favorite is An American Tail? Or when talking live-action movies another friend raves about how well Disney did with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

You see the problem here, right? Neither of those movies were made by Disney. So why do people think they are? Possibly because they assume if an animated movie is successful, it must have been done by Disney. Or if a live-action classic is still around today and shown on television once a year, it must have been done by Disney.

This is a definite tip-of-the-hat to the reputation of Disney but not something the other competing studios likely appreciate! But it does bring up a good topic for discussion. Which non-Disney movies really should have been, or could have been, released by Disney?

I’m going to focus on live-action movies that have become children’s classics. None of the movies in my Top 5 List will be from Disney, so I will provide the name of the actual studio responsible. For the sake of this exercise, I will assume that Disney has acquired the rights to each movie listed, as that is how it seems to most people anyway:

Acquisition Number Five

Dr. Dolittle: 20th Century Fox (1967)


Containing no less than 14 songs and a host of real and puppetry animals this movie has become a children’s classic that most have forgotten. It did poorly in theaters when first released but has gained a cult following of sorts.

Synopsis: The movie follows the adventures of Dr. Dolittle (Rex Harrison) as he transitions from a regular physician to a veterinarian. He is helped in this by a talking parrot who teaches him animal languages, thus enabling him to actually talk with the animals, ‘grunt, squeak, squawk with the animals’! This gets him into trouble with a local magistrate and sentenced to an insane asylum which he quickly escapes from. Now free, he embarks on a quest to find the Great Pink Sea Snail, which he finds near a traveling island. Stuff happens and he finds true love and is able to return to his home.

The highlights of the special effects are the Push-me-Pull-me lama-like creature and the Great Pink Sea Snail, which is huge and actually sails on the ocean!


Think of a man doing for animals what Mary Poppins does for children. Now that’s Disney-like!

Acquisition Number Four

The Sound of Music: 20th Century Fox (1965)


This is a no-brainer as it stars Julie Andrews who also played the part of the very Disney-like Mary Poppins.

Synopsis: Maria is a free-spirited young Austrian woman studying to become a nun. Her love of music and the mountains, her youthful enthusiasm and imagination, and her lack of discipline cause some concern so she is sent off to the villa of retired naval officer Captain Georg von Trapp to be governess to his seven children. They sing many songs (My Favorite Things, Do-Re-Mi, Sixteen Going on Seventeen, Climb Ev’ry Mountain) have fun adventures, endure heartache, and eventually fall in love, get married, and then escape from the Nazis by climbing over the mountains. Just your average story!

The facts that it is based on a true story, and is played on television every year, makes this an enduring classic worthy of being considered a Disney movie!

Acquisition Number Three

The Wizard of Oz: MGM (1939)


The oldest movie on this list but perhaps one of the most well-known. There is a whole section devoted to this classic in The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios but I don’t think anyone believes Disney did this one. But he should have! In fact, the Disney Studios did obtain the rights and released Return to Oz in 1985, but Walt was interested in this property much earlier and even planned a live-action movie starring the Mouseketeers.

Synopsis: Dorothy (Judy Garland) lives in Kansas with her family and her dog Toto. A tornado sweeps her off to Oz where she accidentally kills a wicked witch which understandably angers the witch’s sister! The movie plays out as Dorothy meets the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow, and together they save Oz. Short version.

Wicked Witches. Funny side kicks. Flying Monkeys. And the Wizard of Oz. No wonder Walt wanted in on this classic!

Acquisition Number Two

Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory: Paramount (1971)


This is one of the best children’s musicals of all time! Forget the Johnny Depp remake and go back to the 1971 Paramount version for a stunning adaption of this wonderful series of books by Roald Dahl. Starring Gene Wilder as Wonka, there is just so much to love about this movie!

Synopsis: Willie Wonka realizes that he can’t care for the chocolate factory by himself forever and so goes about finding a replacement among the children of the world. He issues golden tickets and Charlie gets one. Of all the children tested for the job only Charlie shows the right stuff and wins the day!

A magical factory. Oompa Loompas. And chocolate and candies galore. Add a dash of songs like ‘The Candy Man Can’ and ‘Pure Imagination’ and you have a very Disney-like non-Disney movie! Oh, and Disney did do another Dahl adaption with James and the Giant Peach in 1996.

Extra: Read my review of the Commemorative Edition LIFE magazine about the life and career of Gene Wilder.

Acquisition Number One

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: United Artists (1968)


Dick Van Dyke without the cockney accent. Music by the Sherman Brothers. A flying car. Wacky characters and villains. This was the follow-up to Mary Poppins that Disney hoped for when the studio did Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Synopsis: The children of Caractacus Potts (Van Dyke) talk him into buying an old race car which he restores to better than new. And to even better than he thought as it turns out it can float on water and fly in the air! Along with love interest Truly Scrumptious and the children, Potts ends up in the far-off kingdom of Vulgaria where they have many adventures. In the end, they return home, and it was all just a story-like dream. Or… was it?

The real standouts in this movie are the music and dance numbers! From the title song to classics like Me Ol’ Bamboo, Toot Sweets, and Hushabye Mountain, Walt’s boys were in fine form!

Conclusion: A good Disney movie has a fantastic storyline, engaging characters, uplifting music, and great special effects. The five movies on this list have all of these things in spades! No wonder many people think they actually are Disney movies.

So why not put aside your Disney Movie Night and have a Non-Disney Disney Movie Night instead?

Top Five Indications You Are a Hopeless Disney Fan

Well, I wouldn’t call myself hopeless. But others would! Since my first visit to Walt Disney World as an adult in 2006 I have been hooked on The Mouse. I don’t take it overboard (no, really) but I do enjoy the wholesome and oft-times folksy charm of the Disney brand.

But maybe you’re wondering if you are a hopeless Disney fan? If so, I think I can help you to answer that question. Here is my Top Five List of indications that you are indeed a hopeless Disney fan:


Your favorite movie is a Disney animated classic


From the Golden era to the modern renaissance to today’s instant classics everyone has a favorite Disney animated movie. But you: Your favorite movie of all time is a Disney animated movie! Citizen Kane? The Bodyguard? James Bond? Garbage compared to Bambi, Beauty and the Beast, and Big Hero 6 as far as you’re concerned!


Your house looks like a Disney Store


You say you just collect a few things here and there, but your house guests get a different impression when they enter room after room of Disney merchandise. To steal a bit from Jeff Foxworthy: When The Disney Store calls you when they run low on stock… you may be a hopeless Disney fan!


You visit a Disney Park at least yearly


Walt Disney World. Disneyland. Disney’s California Adventure. If it’s in North America, you’ve been there! And if you’ve been to a Disney park abroad? Man, you really are a hopeless Disney fan!


You have a Disney Blog


Oh my goodness! I just realized… I really am a hopeless Disney fan! Yes, in my case, it all started with a blog called Disleelandia back in 2009. I then wrote for other sites like Chip & Company, Disney Dose, the original Theme Park Press site, as well as numerous guest posts on other sites like My Dreams of Disney. I now regularly contribute to The Magical Blogorail in addition to writing my own blog called Disney Nouns (you are here.)

Hello. My name is Lee. I have a blogging problem.


You read about being a hopeless Disney fan


Admit it: If you could have this ceiling fan in your house, you would! Admit it: You see Hidden Mickeys everywhere! Admit it: You know more about Walt Disney than you’re own grandfather! Admit it: You have more Disney t-shirts than plain ones! Admit it: You have worn Mickey Ears outside a Disney park! Admit it: If Disney became illegal, you’d buy it on the street! Just admit it: You are a hopeless Disney fan!

Top Five Top 5 Lists on Cool Nouns

If you have just started following us here at Cool Nouns, you may have missed some of our legendary (at least in our own minds) Top 5 Lists. If so, that would be a shame, as we spend several minutes compiling each and every one!

Top Five Graphic

So, without further ado and certainly without any requests from our readers, here is the top five list of our Top 5 Lists, in no particular order:


Things They Should Bring Back at Walt Disney World


Mistakes Walt Disney Made


Time Wasters at Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World Things We Want Everywhere!


Characters That Should Have a Meet-and-Greet

So click away and enjoy these Top 5 Lists from the past. And I was only kidding when I said we only spend a few minutes on each list. Sometimes, we can crank one out in under a minute flat!

Top Five Disneyland Attractions

You can’t visit California without visiting Disneyland. This iconic park is synonymous with the bright and fun spirit of that State!

I’ve already given you a list of the top five attractions at Disney’s California Adventure, and now it is time to walk across the courtyard to Walt’s original dream: Disneyland. So here will be my list of the Top Five attractions in Disneyland. Keep in mind that my focus is on attractions unique or better realized in Disneyland, so expect some obvious candidates like Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean to be overlooked on this list. After all, these have been copied and built in almost every Disney park. With that said, and an acknowledgement that this could very easily have been a Top 10 list, here we go:



Columbia Ship

Synopsis: Board the 110-foot-long, fully rigged Columbia and feel the wind and sun upon your face. Marvel at the towering 84-foot mainmast or inspect the merchant ship’s 10 cannons and 2 deck-mounted swivel guns — necessary to repel the attacks of ruthless pirates. Imagine what it must have been like to challenge the ocean aboard the Columbia with a determined crew of skilled sailors. It took the original Columbia 3 years to sail around the world, but your voyage will only take about 15 minutes.

Below the main deck you’ll find historical displays recreating the living conditions of 18th-century sailors. The maritime museum celebrates the dedication and sacrifice of the brave explorers who filled in the final details of the world’s map.

Disneyland is the only Disney park where you’ll find this amazing nautical recreation. Most parks have a paddle-wheeler, but not The Columbia! So this is a not-to-be-missed attraction at Disneyland because of its uniqueness, splendor, and edutainment value.



Finding Nemo Subs Signage

Synopsis: Board the yellow research submarine of the Nautical Exploration and Marine Observation Institute (N.E.M.O.). Sit at one of the portholes where you will be dazzled by the underwater curiosities as your submarine dives fathoms beneath the surface. Your mission is to explore a newly erupting undersea volcano! Float past the scattered ruins of an ancient civilization that rest on the floor of a lush kelp forest, recently uncovered by the volcanic explosions. Watch deep-sea divers as they search for diverse exotic fish. Including a certain little Clown fish named Nemo!

Finding Nemo Subs 1

I remember the original 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine Voyage that was in Walt Disney World. I was very young when I experienced it (back in 1972) but still have very vivid images in my mind. To have this attraction back again, albeit in another form, is breathtaking!

Be sure to ride this attraction at least once despite the long lines as one never knows when such an expensive ride will disappear again.




Synopsis: Take the wheel and whirl around the tracks of Autopia, a fun-filled roadway where you can both be the driver of your own small car and get glimpses of things from the car’s perspective! A combination of the words “automobile” and “utopia,” this roaring racetrack features 4 lanes of fun! Drivers of almost all ages can experience the thrill of putting their pedal to the metal on this imaginative motorway lined with lush green foliage and humorous billboards. Guide rails keep less experienced drivers on course as the cars hug curves, cross bridges and even go off-roading!

Disneyland Autopia

If you love the smell of the open road, and by ‘smell’ I mean gas fumes, then this attraction was made for you! I personally love it and it would be in the number one spot if not for that pesky pollution thing. Some parks that have duplicated this attraction have made the cars electric but I hope Disneyland keeps the original smoke-belching cars that Walt placed in his park! Of course, this attraction is getting another make-over now that Honda is taking over sponsorship, so that is also something to look forward to when you visit.

Many say this attraction is boring but I implore you to try it yourself at least once. And if you can do this with your child driving, I promise you won’t regret it!



Peter Pan's Flight

Synopsis: This is an enchanting aerial journey inspired by the classic Disney movie Peter Pan. Soar over Never Land in a flying pirate galleon and watch the daring adventures of Peter as he confronts his dreaded arch-nemesis, Captain Hook.

I should admit that I am firmly in Camp Disney World when the debate over ‘which is better’ comes up. I loved Disneyland when I visited in 2013 and hope to return some day, but it didn’t sway me from my beloved ‘home’ park! However, I have to admit that Disneyland kicks some serious butt when it comes to variations of repeated attractions, like Peter Pan’s Flight. DL wins hands down!

The ride is smoother, the effects are cooler, and the overall presentation is somehow indescribably… better. I really did feel like a child again riding Disneyland’s version of Pan! And you will too.



Monorail Plaque

Synopsis: Ride this high-speed, “green” transportation system that rockets along a single rail that circles Disneyland Park! As you are whisked around the Resort for a 13-minute ride, sit back and enjoy aerial views of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland in Disneyland Park and Grizzly Peak, Buena Vista Street and Hollywood Land in Disney California Adventure Park. The route also parallels Harbor Boulevard and travels over the Disneyland Main Entrance and Entrance Plaza, taking you above and beyond the Park scenery.

And ride in the front with the Pilot, something you can’t do in Walt Disney World at present.

Disneyland Mono Ride

To ride a monorail is truly to experience a bit of transportation history and to share one of Walt’s personal passions. He wanted one of these in every city, but he had to settle for one in both of his beloved parks.

Conclusion: Disneyland has many other great attractions from shows to dark rides. And like I said at the outset of this post, this could easily have been a Top 10 list! But I think I have chosen the best five must-try offerings in this park. Do you agree? Let us all know what your favorite Disneyland attraction is in the comments below!

Top Five Disney's California Adventure Attractions

This much-maligned park has made some amazing strides in recent years. At this point it has some of my favorite attractions to be found in any Disney theme park!

So without further ado, let’s look at the Top 5 DCA attractions:

A T T R A C T I O N     F I V E


Redwood Trail

Synopsis: Take in glorious wilderness sights and embark on exciting adventures along the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. You’re free to explore the area in any order you wish, but wherever you go, you’ll find plenty of fun activities that the whole family can enjoy together!

From climbing to exploring your youngsters will wear themselves out in no time! And you just might meet Russel and Dug from the Pixar movie UP! This fun area is at number five due to its selected target audience that somewhat excludes older guests.

A T T R A C T I O N     F O U R


Maters Junkyard Jamboree

Synopsis: Board a trailer pulled by an adorable little tractor and swing in time to lively music. Mater rounded up a herd of little tractors for some old-fashioned dancing fun. If you look closely, you’ll notice that no 2 of the 22 tractors are the same. They have different spots, mouths and eye colors. The one thing they all share: they love to dance!

Tractor     Tractor Crossing

This won’t appeal to every age group and is of course aimed at the shorter members of Disney fandom. But even taller riders are sure to have a good time as they sing along with Mater! This sits at the number four spot because of its selected target audience.

A T T R A C T I O N     T H R E E


Soarin Around the World

Synopsis: The globetrotting kicks off in the Swiss Alps, as clouds clear the way and unveil a towering sight familiar to longtime Disneyland fans. But the adventure doesn’t end there… it’s just beginning! Throughout your tour, you’ll hop past The Great Pyramids of Egypt, sail across the spectacular Sydney Harbour, cruise near Mount Kilimanjaro and explore many other picturesque locales.

This is your chance to feel like you’re flying on a hang-gliding ride along the horizon—all set to an iconic musical score—before coming in for a climactic and unforgettable landing!

With new locations this fan favorite just got even better! But its only number three on the list because it isn’t unique to this park, appearing in Walt Disney World’s Epcot as well.

But it does begin to ramp up the selections preparing the way for the top two attractions that both deliver all the thrills and chills anyone could possibly handle:

A T T R A C T I O N     T W O


Cali Screamin

Synopsis: Race up a steep incline to an altitude of almost 120 feet, then take the plunge downward! Buckle up in a coaster car and glide to the launch zone along a rocky jetty on Paradise Bay. As you anxiously wait for the starting signal, hold on tight as the excited voice of a carnival sideshow barker overhead begins the countdown to your whirlwind ride. And then, take off!

Catapult past splashing waves and swoop, swirl, dip and curl in and out of the Paradise Pier boardwalk area. Hurtle into the sky blue “scream tube” and then twist and turn until you reach a brief lull at the peak. Catch your breath for half a second before diving into the loop-de-loop that winds 360 degrees around a blazing sunburst.

Cali Screamin cars

This is the longest and fastest roller coaster at the Disneyland Resort and one blast of a ride I can tell you! If you love fast and furious, you need to experience this attraction!

A T T R A C T I O N     O N E



Synopsis: Kick the fun into overdrive on this auto race attraction that features familiar characters, fantastic scenery and “wheel” thrills! Come side-by-side with your competition. Your car is pitted against another for a friendly race for first place at the checked flag. Zip over hills, zoom around high-banked turns, and cruise down camelback straightaways past spectacular red-rock formations.

While there is only one winner, everyone is sure to have a great time. Just like in the Cars movie, the focus is on the journey, not the finish line!

Racers Racing

Test Track in Walt Disney World’s Epcot was the inspiration for this hyper-attraction. But in my opinion the Racers take the technology to all new heights! The environment is truly immersive and I dare anyone to deny this attraction belongs in the top spot.

Conclusion: DCA has many other great attractions from shows to dark rides. But I think I have chosen the best five must-try offerings in this park. Do you agree? Let us all know what your favorite DCA attraction is in the comments below!

Check out my post about the Top 5 Attractions in Disneyland too!

Top Five Politically Incorrect Disney Attraction Names – DL

So we still live in a world where anything goes and no one is supposed to criticize what someone else is doing. Yes, there has been no change since we discussed this issue in our last post from yesterday where we looked at attraction names from Walt Disney World and changed them to more PC-friendly versions. We were so sure that such efforts would make a difference! But being ‘politically correct’, or PC for short, is still struggling to be the new norm.

So we here at Disney Nouns still hold that to be fully PC the movement would have to be taken to the nth degree.

In this post we are going to look at attraction names from Disneyland and then apply PC rules to them. After that, we will suggest a new name that will be so PC that it couldn’t possibly offend anyone! Well, again… we’ll see…

So here are the top five offenders from Disneyland in alphabetical order:


The Bakery Tour – DCA, Pacific Wharf

The Bakery Tour

“Go on a tasty tour of a real bakery and see how the world-famous San Francisco sourdough bread is made.” Sounds innocent enough until you realize that thousands of people are being subconsciously lured into obesity! It’s hard enough to resist fattening bread products without seeing them made right before your eyes. And don’t get me started on the aroma!

We realize that we all need food but under the new PC laws suppliers need to accept that they have to stop short of becoming pushers!

Alternate Name:

There’s a Bakery, but You Can’t Tour It!


Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – Disneyland Park, Tomorrowland

Finding Nemo Voyage

Picture this scenario: A company offers bus tours to various locations in a city to find random children. The idea is to watch them and perhaps photograph them. Would that be PC? Certainly not! So why then is it acceptable to ask complete strangers to lower themselves into a submarine to actively stalk, find and then stare at a young fish?

Remember, fish aren’t food. They are people too!

Alternate Name:

Submarine Voyage to Nowhere in Particular for No Apparent Reason


Goofy’s Sky School – DCA, Paradise Pier

Goofy's Sky School

Here we revisit the issue of intelligence that we addressed with the Country Bear Jamboree attraction from Walt Disney World. Giving someone a nickname that highlights their IQ, or lack thereof, is not PC.

Another PC problem here is the recommendation that we take flying lessons from someone who clearly is not qualified to teach. Claiming that this is an accredited flying school and that we should learn to ‘fly the Goofy way’ is both irresponsible and dangerous!

Alternate Name:

A Roller Coaster With an Aviation Theme


Haunted Mansion – Disneyland Park, New Orleans Square

Haunted Mansion

Haunted: To inhabit, visit, or appear in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being. Well, that’s just plain scary! Inviting people to be possessed is a bit off the beam, don’t you think? Or perhaps they mean: To recur persistently to the consciousness of; remain with, as in memories of love haunted him. So they want us to remember horrible things from our past? That’s not much better!

Thankfully our PC Police are charged with making sure that nothing unpleasant ever happens to us! So this attraction is very hard to rename. We must make sure that not even one person is made to fidget because that would be one person too many! But of course our new attraction name must warn people of what to expect inside. So the best we can do is…

Alternate Name:

Unexplainable Things Happening in a Mansion


Snow White’s Scary Adventures – Disneyland Park, Fantasyland

Snow White's Adventure

Firstly, the name ‘Snow White’ is a PC problem. Calling her ‘Snow’ to denote her beauty implies that she is only worthy of our attention because of her looks. Mentioning that she is white seems to imply the superiority of her race. Are we implying that ‘white women’ are ‘good’ and that ‘women of color’ by comparison are ‘bad’?

Secondly, because we say that the adventures she has are ‘scary’ to her, are we insinuating that women can’t be as brave as men? There is no room for sexual stereotypes in our safe PC world!

Alternate Name:

A Typical Female Who Fears Nothing Goes for a Walk in the Woods

As you can see, we now have a list of PC-friendly names that sound horrible but shouldn’t offend anyone. We have corrected how we view obesity, stalking, intelligence, the paranormal, and both racial and women’s equality.

We hope these posts of the top ten politically incorrect Disney attraction names from Walt Disney World and Disneyland have helped you to feel safer and more at ease in a greater world of inclusion. You’re welcome!

Disney Nouns, its writers and editors, wish it known that they hope they have not offended anyone by discussing the possibility of taking offense or by insinuating that taking offense was possible or that this is or would be good or bad and that in no way was this post intended to single-out any religious group, any IQ quotient, any person with any body type, anyone with any challenge whatsoever, nor were they trying to label or remove a desired label from any person, or animal, living or dead, from the past or present, or from any person, or animal, that may or may not come into existence from the time of the posting of this subject to any time forward ad infinitum.