Mini Eggs Globe Candy Bank by Nestle

Being as we will be taking a tour around the world shortly, we should stock up on some energy food. I suggest a package of Nestle Mini Eggs:

Mini Eggs Packaging

Smart Choice!

Now just where might we find a package of this tasty treat? How about inside a vintage 1990’s tin Globe:

Mini Eggs Container Open


A package of candy, like the one pictured above, would have been stuffed inside the tin. It’s probably just as well that it’s missing, being as candy from 1990 might be a tad stale by now!

Mini Eggs Container Base

But fortunately this little globe has other uses, both educational, and practical. Apart from displaying an edited version of our earth, it also doubles as a piggy bank:

Mini Eggs Globe Bank Slot

Larger coins only, please!

This could be a fun way for children to learn about geography while saving up for a trip.

Mickey appears around the world in different ethnic garb. Let’s have a look:

Mini Eggs Globe AsiaMini Eggs Globe Pacific OceanMini Eggs Globe Atlantic OceanMini Eggs Globe Europe

The Globe rotates on the base

Mini Eggs Globe Stand

I hope you learned something today. I learned that the planet is smaller than I thought!

Check out this other globe featured in an earlier post. It is covered with even more Disney characters.

Book Review: Along Interstate 75 by Dave Hunter

“The ‘must-have’ Guide for your drive to and from Florida!” This is how Along Interstate 75 is billed on the cover and I can say from personal experience that it’s that and so much more.


Type: Soft cover

Pages: 206

Publisher: Mile Oak Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 978-1-896819-198

When my wife and I were planning our first drive down to Florida in 2007 we felt a little apprehensive. We hadn’t driven that far into the States before and had no idea how to plan hotel stays and how to find out what to see along the way. Of course, every State has a Welcome Center as you cross the border, but we wanted to do some advanced planning.

We were used to using Birnbaum guides for planning our itinerary at Walt Disney World, and so we checked the travel section at our local book store for similar travel guides. We found Dave Hunter’s Along I-75 and have never looked back!


With 19 years of publication behind it this guide is quite probably the most comprehensive tourist guide of its kind. Part map, part guide-book, it really does have everything the traveler needs to enjoy the drive between Detroit and Florida and back again.


This publication also doubles as a history book. If the drive is starting to bore you simply have your navigator (spouse/travel companion) read from the many white pages and enjoy hours of interesting stories about the people and events that happened all around you along the I-75.

But the main use of this publication is as a map. As mentioned, there are separate pages for going to Florida from Detroit, appropriately with yellow borders (for the sun you know!) And another set of pages for traveling back.


Speed limits, speed traps, exits, alternate routes, gas and food, entertainment, and trivia are all found on each and every page.

The key feature is the ‘upside down’ orientation. If you place the publication on your lap, you can follow the route from the bottom of each page to the top, mimicking the forward direction of your driving. Each page covers approximately 25 miles or 30 minutes of driving time. So if you want to eat in 2 hours, simply turn four pages ahead and check to see what restaurants are available in that area. Want to stop for the night in 4 more hours time? Turn 8 pages ahead and pick your favorite hotel.


Every vacation must come to an end and you eventually have to drive back to Detroit from Florida, so you simply follow the blue pages home again. Blue for cold. Snow. And depression!

Review: I can’t imagine a more comprehensive but easy to use guide! It is one of the few publications out there that deserves a full 5 out of 5 Stars. I’d give it more if I could!

We hope to put this 19th Edition to good use early next year as we once again take to the American highways (the I-75 specifically) to visit our happy place in Florida. In case you’re wondering, our happy place in Florida is Walt Disney World. Duh!

Hundred Acre Wood Wall Map

Hallmark stores are almost becoming as good as, or better than, The Disney Store for offering great Disney treasures! I kid you not.

Take a look at what we just picked up yesterday:

HAW Plaque 001

Hundred Acre Wood Map 001

15″ W x 15″ H x 1 1/2″ D

This great reproduction of the Hundred Acre Wood map can stand or be hung, which is what we have done with it. It features all of your favorite characters from the A. A. Milne’s classic Pooh stories. Here are closer looks at each corner of the piece:

Hundred Acre Wood Map UL

The houses of Rabbit, Kanga, and Owl

Hundred Acre Wood Map UR

Christopher Robin’s house

Hundred Acre Wood Map LL

Winnie the Pooh’s house (or Mr. Sander’s, depending on who you ask)

Hundred Acre Wood Map LR

Eeyore’s gloomy place… er, house

The only omission is Piglet’s house. Poor little guy! But he shouldn’t feel too bad as Tigger is missing altogether! Most of the other main attractions of the Hundred Acre Wood are represented here.

In conclusion, kudos to Hallmark for offering such wonderful things. And to Christopher Robin we say: Work on your spelling!

Disneyland 1968 Park Map

In today’s post, I’d like to share a very special item. It’s a 1968 park map which measures 45″ x 29 3/4″ and is beautifully rendered:

Walt Disney’s opening day dedication speech

Beautiful colors and details

The Disneyland hotel was connected to the park via Monorail

Great to see one of the most often overlooked characters, Humphrey the Bear, along with a bear buddy, prominently featured in the upper left hand corner.

Mickey’s center stage welcoming guests

The Tomorrowland  of today looks very different

I hope you’ve enjoyed this great piece of Theme Park merchandise!

Disneyland 1972-1973 Guide

Everyone likes a good Guide Book! Today we have the Fall-Winter 1972-73 Disneyland Guide! The booklet is presented by INA Insurance, “The Insurance Company of North America”.

The cover is of The Country Bears:

Apparently, INA sponsored the “Carefree Corner”, Disneyland’s official information and registration center, located on Main Street, U.S.A.

An explanation of Ticket Books is up next, with a few pages of what tickets cover which attractions.

Then we have a map of each individual land and a list of all the shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Bear Country replaced the Indian Village in 1972, and was changed once again in 1988 to Critter Country.

In the center, an overall map of the park

For contents, we have Food and Refreshments:

Next we have Shops and Stores, which seems somewhat redundant to me:

Finally, the entertainment calendar
Back cover, with more information about INA:

So now if you invent time travel and go back to 1972 or 1973, you’ll know what’s going on at Disneyland! And obviously, if you intend to go back in time, you’ll visit The Happiest Place on Earth, right?

Oh, and you may need a ticket book, so check out this link for a 1972 Disneyland Ticket Book!

Walt Disney Character Pictorial Map

As you may know, there are many Disney-themed collectible globes and maps. If you check out sites like eBay, you can find a few good examples.

This one is assembled and glued on a piece of cardboard and finished with a nice frame:

Made by Jaymar for Walt Disney Productions

Like the Disney globe from another post (click and check it out!) I am not sure what year it is from, but as Hawaii is included as a state, it was made during or after 1959.

Also, Disneyland is very prominently displayed in California, and there is no indication of Walt Disney World in Florida, so it was very likely before 1971.

So we’ll just say that it’s from the 1960’s.

While not in the best of shape, with pieces peeling, some seemingly missing bits, and pencil marks, it still looks great if only for the graphics of our favorite characters:

Disneyland Framed Map Print with Pins

Disneyland has a soft spot in the hearts of every Disney fan because it was the first theme park and was directly supervised by Walt Disney himself. So any merchandise featuring this iconic place, like this Map Print, is bound to find a home:

In April of 2005, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Disneyland, the Disney Catalog reprinted a 1956 Disneyland map, and produced pins of certain attractions and other elements into six pins representing the original Disneyland lands, limited to 1500 sets. A certificate of authenticity is on the back, but it doesn’t give a specific number.

Main Street USA: The Main Street Station and Train

Tomorrowland: The Moonliner Rocket

Fantasyland: Sleeping Beauty Castle

Frontierland: Sternwheeler Mark Twain

Adventureland: Jungle Cruise Boat

What a beautiful way to commemorate Disneyland history!

World Globe featuring Disney Characters

Anyone with a love of travel and Disney should just love this gorgeous World Globe by Rand McNally!

This metal Disney globe is fairly small, measuring just 10″ high from the base.

Brought to us by Walt Disney and Rand McNally

I believe this globe to date from the late 1950s. As globes are not dated, you can figure out roughly when they were manufactured by geopolitical names and boundaries. Now, I’m no scholar, but this globe does have a couple of clues to help us reach that conclusion.

First, I know it’s from after 1955 by this wonderful little graphic of Mickey inviting us to “Visit Disneyland and see All your Disney friends like ME.”

Then, the globe also shows Goofy riding a camel across French West Africa, which Wikipedia tells me was a federation that existed from 1895 until 1960. So, It had to be made somewhere between 1955 and 1960.
Sound logical so far?

Below, Mickey points the way, and lets us know “There’s something to learn Wherever you turn.”

Indeed, there are little bits of trivia all around this globe:

Okay, I wonder just how they know that?

The base has some interesting characters, including Willie the Whale from the Short entitled “The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met” from the 1946 package film Make Mine Music from 1946 (shown below.)

I couldn’t find any information as to who this penguin was, even in The Encyclopedia of Walt Disney’s Animated Characters there were no clues. But with more research it turns out he is a cold-blooded penguin in a Short from The Three Cabelleros, narrated by Sterling Holloway in 1945. His name is Pablo (shown below.)

So who is up for a very quick spin around the world via this Disney character world globe?