Twilight Matterhorn Mountain at Disneyland

My wife and I have only been to Disneyland once, but it was certainly a memorable trip! From our hotel room (the Howard Johnson across the street) we could see the Matterhorn mountain.

Matterhorn Mountain

We loved watching the monorail glide past it as we stood on our balcony. It was also visible from the Casey Jr. train and the Storybook Canal boats:

Matterhorn Mountain 2

No matter where you are in Disneyland, you can see this iconic mountain!

For more photographs in and around Disneyland, including one more of the Matterhorn, check out Vertical Disneyland.

Vertical Disneyland

As promised, here are a few vertical shots I took at Disneyland in 2013:

Disneyland 103

Here the subject, Big Thunder Mountain, sits almost dead center of the vertical frame. You are basically drawn to it as your eye flys over the rooftops, down the path, and directly to the base of the mountain. I thought the leaves at the top right really helped to sell the distance of the mountain from the camera.

Disneyland 241

Vertical shots work best for really tall subjects, like this tower. I liked that it isn’t really centered in any way but still comes across as the main subject.

Disneyland 95

So again, the Matterhorn mountain is dead center of this shot. A tall item can work in a horizontal format as well as long as it is far enough away, but I prefer the vertical format for my tall subjects.

Having the busy elements of the lower third in shadows adds interest without competing with the main subject, and I thought the sky added a majestic quality to the overall composition.

Empty Disneyland

In January of 2013 we visited Disneyland for the first time. We held off for many years because we felt that there was more value in a Walt Disney World vacation, what with the larger Magic Kingdom, and the addition of so many other Theme Parks.

But in the end, the allure of Walt’s First pulled us onto a plane headed for California, where we saw:

Disneyland 2 +

Which way to go first?

Of course, the only choice had to be ‘Disneyland’ itself with Downtown Disney and Disney California Adventure waiting for another day. Maybe you notice the peculiar lack of people? I was early to take advantage of an Extra Magic Hour to get in line for tickets to the limited engagement of the Golden Horseshoe Revue revival. Unfortunately, Frontierland is not opened for this extra time, so I had to find something else to do to kill an hour before the regular hours began.

And ‘Yes’, I chose to take photographs!

Disneyland 12 +     Disneyland 10     Disneyland 13

Notice again how these areas are empty

Having much of the Park almost to myself to take some uncrowded pictures was magical, to say the least. As others were running to E-ticket attractions to get in an early ride with low wait times, I was enjoying a uninterupted walk around Walt’s dream. I think I made the better choice!

Disneyland 5 +

Disneyland 4 +

So empty, even the Cast Members were missing!

Disneyland 16

But the ducks were getting ready to great Walt’s guests

OK, I did manage to squeeze in a few rides, like the Matterhorn (never again!) But I’ll always remember this visit for the time I spent ‘alone’ walking the pathways that Walt had walked, and maybe seeing the Park like he did: Like an eager host just waiting for someone to entertain.