Mickey Mouse Comic Book by Gladstone

As a teenager, I collected hundreds of comic books, most from the Marvel comics company (now owned by Disney). Although I dabbled a little in DC titles I never did pick up any Disney or other cartoon comics. So the Gladstone company is a new name in comic books to me.

The Mickey Mouse comic book I am featuring here is from 1989 and contains reprinted stories by Floyd Gottfredson. The main story is from 1941 and is entitled The Land of Long Ago:

Gladstone Cover

Front Cover

Monetarily valueless but rich in content these reprints are a wonderful way to see and read old strips that are out of print and too expensive to buy in original editions.

This issue has some interesting features:

Gladstone Letters

Letters Page

I always used to love the letters page of a comic book. Reading what other readers had to say about the characters and the stories made me feel more a part of the comic book community. The above edition contains a complaint against Carl Barks (of Donald Duck fame) for being anti-German. Yikes!

Gladstone Advertising

Subscribe or Buy an Album

An integral part of any comic book are the advertisements for more comic books! The original up-sell.

Gladstone More Advertising

More Stories by Floyd Gottfredson & Carl Barks

Now let’s start our story:

Gladstone First Page

The Land of Long Ago: Chapter 3

Suffice to say that Mickey, Goofy, and a professor have landed in a world of cavemen and have been captured. It’s up to Mickey to free everyone, which he does!

I found Mickey to be a bit more aggressive and callous than he is today, which wasn’t uncommon in Mickey’s earlier days.

Gladstone Page Spread

The Goof in a Loincloth

And how did Mickey get his loincloth? He rigged up a trap and stripped it off a passing caveman, leaving him naked behind a bush! You see, I told you Mickey was a bit more aggressive back in the 1940’s.

This reprinted edition also had a two-page strip with Mickey and Minnie and this one-page strip starring Pluto:

Gladstone Pluto Strip

Foiled Again!

The advertising doesn’t stop with the inner ads, but continues on the back cover:

Gladstone Back Cover

Bonus Donald Duck Strip

I hope you enjoyed viewing this great old comic book! For more Mickey Mouse comic strips, you can read my review of the book entitled Color Sundays of Mickey Mouse or see a Donald Duck comic book in a famous Norman Rockwell painting.

Gladstone Publishing was an American company that published Disney comics from 1986 to 1990 and from 1993 to 1998. Reprints of classic Donald Duck stories by Carl Barks and Mickey Mouse stories by Floyd Gottfredson were the foundation of their output. Although Gladstone is no longer an active publisher, it continues to offer its back issues through its website.

Mystery Stack Pack featuring Disney Tsum Tsum

Good old Walmart. Always a toy on the shelf, and as it happens, on sale! The Tsum Tsum craze is moving along with more merchandise twists added to capitalize. And so we have Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Pack.

Mystery Stack Pack Group

 Series 2

Actually, I picked up nine packages, some from Walmart and the rest from Toys-R-Us. Both had them on sale for under $3.00 CAN per pack. With each package, you get a small Tsum Tsum figure and a stacking accessory.

Mystery Stack Pack Baggies

A Mystery No More!

Out of the nine mystery packages I purchased, I got three of one character (The Red Queen) but no other duplicates. So not a bad average for a blind buy!

So here are the seven characters I got:

Mystery Stack Pack Queen of HeartsMystery Stack Pack Queen Stacked

The Red Queen

Mystery Stack Pack MickeyMystery Stack Pack Mickey Stacked

Mickey Mouse

Mystery Stack Pack ChipMystery Stack Pack Chip Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack SuzyMystery Stack Pack Suzy Stacked

Suzy (from Cinderella)

Mystery Stack Pack EeyoreMystery Stack Pack Eeyore Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack OlafMystery Stack Pack Olaf Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack Jiminy CricketMystery Stack Pack Jiminy Stacked

Jiminy Cricket

These are designed to stack on the back of the medium Tsum Tsum characters. You can stack them on each other but then they are wobbly at best! It is pretty hard to get the character to stay on his/her own prop!

Here is a group shot:

Mystery Stack Pack Group Shot

Which Is Your Favorite?

The Series 2 set has fifteen characters including Buzz Lightyear and the LGM from Toy Story. These were the two I was hoping for.

Now I don’t know whether to go back and buy more Mystery Stack Pack, er… packs, or just be satisfied with what I have. Blast these mystery packs/blind boxes of Disney!

In case you aren’t up on just what a Tsum Tsum is:

Disney Tsum Tsum is the name of a range of collectible toys based upon Disney characters (including characters from the Disney-owned Star Wars and Marvel franchises). The name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning “to stack”, because the toys are shaped like rectangles and designed to stack on top of each other, forming a pyramid shape.

With four basic sizes and a few different materials, there is a Tsum Tsum for everyone. At least, that’s what Disney marketing hopes!

Check out more of my Tsum Tsum collection here.

Leather Belt featuring Engineer Mickey

Showing your Disney Side is easy these days what with the plethora of clothing options offered by The Mouse. From underwear to outerwear, headwear to footwear, Disney can literally cover you from head to toe! But would you like a genuine leather belt to go with that ensemble?

I just happen to have the perfect one for you from Heritage Leather:

Leather Belt Looped

Bling Bling

This was given to me by a friend and fellow Disney enthusiast. It is in mint condition and sports some very nice detailing.

Leather Belt Buckle


We know that Walt was a steam engine hobbyist and so we find many instances of Mickey paired with locomotives. Look closely for details like a heart, smoke, and flowers!

Leather Belt Loops


Every train needs passengers and Mickey has sold passage to his best girl, Minnie Mouse, and his frenemy (a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry), Donald Duck.

Leather Belt Tip


And Mickey’s best pal, Pluto, is riding in the caboose.

Leather Belt BrandingLeather Belt Buckle Branding


Leather Belt Maker


This was produced by Heritage Leather for… I don’t know. They stamped ‘Genuine Leather Handmade in Canada’ over the rest of it! Or… can we deduce the rest?

Leather Belt Size 34


It’s been a long, long time since I had a size 34 waist so this will be added to my display collection and not worn. Oh, and who did Heritage Leather make this for? According to the shield logo above, it was The Frat House.

So now I have a decision to make: Do I eat more chips, or diet until I can use this belt. Chips it is!

The Magical Music of Walt Disney Box Set

The Walt Disney Studio is best known for its achievements in both Shorts and feature-length animations. Live-action movies aren’t far behind. But after those must come music! Because for almost every Disney movie you know, you can probably hum a tune that you identify with that movie. Yes?

Hence, we have The Magical Music of Walt Disney box set, brought to you with glorious 8-Track tape quality:

Music 8 Track Box Set

Ahhh… 1978 lives!

I found this set at a charity shop for just $5.99 CAN and just had to have it, even though I don’t have an 8-track player. Who does?

Music 8 Track FrontMusic 8 Track Back

Front and Back of the Box Set

This commemorative box set was released to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the creation of Mickey Mouse, who you might remember, first appeared on-screen in the 1928 Short entitled Steamboat Willie.

So it all started with a mouse and ended, in 1978, with this glorious tribute.

Music 8 Track Tape FrontMusic 8 Track Tape Back

Who remembers these?

My father bought an old Fargo van when I was still a teenager and it actually had an 8-track player in it (along with a 3-on-the-tree shifter) and I would borrow it to ‘cruise.’ I cranked the two tapes I found on the floor of the van. One was Burton Cummings, I think. Good times in rural Ontario!

Music 8 Track Tape Label

Big. Bulky. And beautiful!

Apart from just wanting an unusual piece for my disneyana collection, I also bought this set because it has a 52-page full-color book included. It starts with an introduction to both Dick Schory, the producer of this set, and the book itself. Next, there is a two-page spread about Walt Disney. Let’s have a look at one page from that spread:

Music 8 Track Book 1

This montage shows Walt from his beginnings up to just months before his death (center picture, on the set of The Happiest Millionaire).

Next is a two-page spread featuring the art of Disney animation. Below is one page from that spread:

Music 8 Track Book 2

The next several pages cover Mickey’s early years in Shorts as well as the Silly Symphonies, and Mickey’s later years.

The book moves into the feature-length feature films starting with Snow White and including Pinocchio, Dumbo (below), and Bambi.

Next we are treated to some of the great animated classics of the Forties:

Music 8 Track Book 3Music 8 Track Book 4

Following is Song of the South, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Fantasia, Lady and the Tramp, and Sleeping Beauty. Then the True-Life Adventures series is covered as are the later animated years with 101 Dalmatians and The Rescuers, among others.

The live-action movies are covered next with Mary Poppins and Pete’s Dragon, both known for their excellent use of music.

Below are pages showing the music and sound effects departments:

Music 8 Track Book 5Music 8 Track Book 6

The book concludes with a look at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks. Both have a long history of musical storytelling!

Music 8 Track Book 8

Music 8 Track Book 7Music 8 Track Book 9

Sweet Nostalgia!

So maybe some day in the distant future, 8-track tapes will make the same comeback journey that vinyl has today… but I doubt it! Oh well. This set makes a great keepsake, a conversation piece, and definitely provides a cool slice of Disney history.

For more cool Disney history, check out my book reviews of The Magic of Disneyland and Walt Disney World and Walt Disney, an American Original.

Tsum Tsum Stackable Collectible Figurines

Disney and I have a partnership going that is pretty lopsided! They put out collectible whatever and I buy it. They get my money, and I get… stuff. Case in point: Tsum Tsum stackable collectible figurines!

Tsum Tsum Front Packaging

Nine in a Set

I’ve resisted branching out into the smaller plastic versions of this merchandise line after adding an assortment of the original plush versions to my collection. You can see those here. The link will take you to a Swedish Chef Tsum Tsum, but that post has a link to other plush Tsum Tsum characters as well.

Tsum Tsum Back Packaging

The Backside of Tsum Tsum

And by ‘backside’ I mean their backsides! Don’t look at Snow White, it would be rude.

Now let’s free the little critters:

Tsum Tsum Open Packaging

Who is the mystery character?

More on who the mystery character is later. In each of these sets, you get three large, three medium, and three small sizes of characters. My large characters are:

Tsum Tsum Stitch


Tsum Tsum Snow White

Snow White

Tsum Tsum Eeyore


My medium characters are:

Tsum Tsum Lady


Tsum Tsum Hiro

Hiro (Mystery Character)

I was pleasantly surprised to get Hiro, as Big Hero 6 is one of my favorite Disney movies!

Tsum Tsum Buzz

Buzz Lightyear

I actually broke down and bought this set solely because of this Buzz Lightyear figure. Buzz as a tiny gerbil? Irresistible!

And finally, my small characters are:

Tsum Tsum Tiny Ones

Joy, Piglet, and Mickey Mouse

A secondary reason for buying this set was to obtain the Joy character for my wife.

These silly little things could definitely grow on me and I already realize that I will have to put up a strong fight against buying more! And how will I know what to look for?

Tsum Tsum CG Cover

Tsum Tsum Collector Guide

This little fold-out booklet comes with every set of Tsum Tsum stackable figures. What I purchased is part of the Series 2 collection:

Tsum Tsum Collector Guide

40 Characters in all!

Now keep in mind that if you want the complete series, you will have to collect 120 individual pieces, as each character comes in all three sizes of small, medium, and large. Depending on how Disney has apportioned the characters throughout the packs, you will have to buy at least 13 packs at $19.97 each. Round that up to an even $20.00 and those 13 packs are going to cost you $260.00 CAN.

Now I’m sure I’ve seen duplicates of characters in multiple packs, which means you will have to buy more packs and you will end up with duplicate characters. So I advise trading with friends!

So will you zoom zoom to the store to buy these Tsum Tsum figures?

Luggage: Mickey and Minnie Disney Day Bag

We don’t have a lot of Disney-themed luggage but it is nice to have one or two pieces to add a bit of fun to our trips. Recently friends of ours gave us this nice Disney Day Bag:

Luggage Day Bag

Approximately 8″W x 8″D x 18″L

This is a perfect size for day trips or overnight stays. We will probably use it to carry toiletries and such.

Luggage Bag Side

Mickey and Minnie are shown in their classic versions in both black and white and with some splashes of color.

Luggage Bag Inside

The inside of the bag is bright red which matches the color of the zipper and Minnie’s hat.

Luggage Bag Tag FrontLuggage Bag Tag Back

Global Design Concepts Inc.

So the next time we take a trip we will do so in Disney style!

For more luggage goodness, check out a Hidden Mickey Luggage Tag by clicking the link.

Psychedelic Disney Character T-Shirt Design

Disney merchandise, especially artwork, tends to reflect just about every design trend of the past and present. Even movements like Psychedelic are fair game for wall art and t-shirt designs:

Psychedelic design

Now that’s a trip!

I found this example as a print on a t-shirt in Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) at Walt Disney World back in 2010.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto all appear a number of times depicted in different styles from over the years or from different Short subjects they appeared in.

How many of each character can you find? And which character appears the most? Have fun on your trippy trip!

And for more Disney T-shirts and a woman’s ‘T’ featuring Cinderella’s Coach, just click the links!

Tomorrowland Speedway Car from Walt Disney World

The Tomorrowland Speedway in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is one of my favorite attractions! I just love choking on the gas fumes as I bump around the track listening to the motors of dozens of (basically) little go-carts. And that wasn’t sarcasm, I really do love this attraction for just those reasons!

So when I started to find these great toys on eBay and elsewhere, I started building my fleet:

Speedway Profile

 Mickey Mouse Driving No. 45

I purchased this model recently even though I already have one. And I have two red ones and a blue one. And I’ll add dozens more if I can find them!

Speedway Front

Nice bumper. NO BUMPING!

Eventually I am going to build a large Walt Disney World layout in my basement with a monorail set-up and, of course, a Tomorrowland Speedway track. That’s why I need a fleet. See, it makes perfect sense, my buying dozens of these things.

Speedway Rear

No brake lights. Maybe that’s why people bump!

Now my wife stared at me in disbelief when I told her I had just purchased something that I already had. More than one of. And wanted dozens more of. What is it with women???

Speedway Undercarriage

Oh, Mickey flipped it again!

So maybe the guide rails on the track are a good idea after all.

I paid $10.00 CAN for this particular example. They sold for $12.00 US back in the day:

Speedway Price Tag

Isn’t everything?

These toy cars use a pullback motor. Pulling the car backward (hence the name) winds up an internal coil spring. When released, the car is propelled forward by the spring. When the spring has unwound and the car is moving, the motor is disengaged by a clutch or ratchet and the car then rolls freely onward. Winding must be completed in one pass.

To see my collection of Disneyland Autopia toy cars, just click the link! It is from the days of Chevron sponsorship.

Jewelry: Charm Bracelet with Multiple Beads

We added two new beads to my wife’s charm bracelet this year for our 27th Wedding Anniversary. It continues to be an ever-changing piece of jewelry holding our memories of the years we’ve spent together.

Of course, it has become as eclectic as our relationship in that it contains beads from a variety of companies, instead of from just one. That would be boring! Here is what we have assembled so far:

jewelry Bracelet

7 Beads with Spacers

The actual bracelet, or chain, is a sterling silver no-name variant (FNA Italy) we got from an independent store. But any bead, whether Pandora, Chamilia, or Persona will fit onto it, sometimes needing a little persuasion. Of course, there are many more companies in the bead business!

Pandora is an exclusive line requiring jewelry stores to jump through many hoops to qualify to carry it. The market opened up to other bead companies because many stores couldn’t, or wouldn’t, meet Pandora’s criteria.

The company designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewelry made from high-quality materials at affordable prices (that’s open for debate!). Pandora jewelry is sold in more than 100 countries on six continents through approximately 9,000 points of sale, including more than 2,000 concept stores.

jewelry Cruise Ship

Pandora Disney Cruise Line Exclusive ‘Cruise Ship’

Sterling Silver

We bought this bead on board the Disney Wonder while on our 25th Wedding Anniversary Cruise (from Hell). Click the link to begin reading of our unfortunate experience. The bead was by far the best thing to come out of this life event apart from another year of marriage!

This bead could only be bought on board the ship and cost $60.00 US at the time. Because of its exclusivity some eBay Sellers are trying to get upwards of $105.00 US for it now.

jewelry Love at First Kiss

Pandora Disney ‘Mickey & Minnie Love’

Sterling Silver & Clear CZ

We purchased this bead for our 27th from a local Pandora concept store. It cost $75.00 US and was perfect as it beautifully matches our Precious Moments figurine called Love at First Kiss, which you can see by clicking the link.

Also, notice the proliferation of hearts on the bead: Surrounding the bead, framing Mickey and Minnie, and made by Mickey and Minnie’s hands.

jewelry Sleeping Snoopy

Persona ‘Snoopy on Dog House’


Every bead on my wife’s bracelet was purchased as a reminder of some special event in her life. This bead was my gift to her for our 27th Wedding Anniversary. She wanted a Snoopy bead because of my love of the character, which is linked to a childhood memory of mine of a little stuffed Snoopy I used to sleep with. Awwww!

Persona was launched in 2009 and is distributed by First Jewelry Limited. Persona is currently sold online, through their state of the art e-commerce store, and in over 1,000 brick-and-mortar retail stores across North America. The three main jewelry stores I know of that sell Persona beads are Zales in the U.S. and Peoples/Mappins in Canada.

We purchased this Snoopy on Dog House bead from Mappins for $50.00 US.

There is still a lot of room on this bracelet for more beads and I’m sure we’ll be adding more as our adventure together continues!

Precious Moments ‘Love at First Kiss’ Figurine

Precious Moments is a very nice line of figurines, or sculptures, featuring the little moments in life that we treasure so much. Yes, that are precious to us! The figurine I am sharing in this post was given to my wife and me for our 27th Wedding Anniversary.

I wonder how they knew we’d like something with a Disney theme?

figurine First Kiss

Almost there…

I guess kissing is harder when you both have big noses. But this iconic couple has been putting in an awful lot of practice over the years!

figurine Mickey's Handsfigurine Minnie's Hands

Hands Up!

Mickey and Minnie just have to do things their own way, I guess. You see, usually, people lift a foot when they kiss, they don’t curl their fingers!

figurine First Kiss Close up

And they finally plant one!

When you go back in time to when Mickey first met Minnie in the Disney Short ‘Plane Crazy’ you find a very different relationship. Minnie isn’t too sure of her little suitor and slaps him when he tries to get fresh.

Mickey shows all of us guys that perseverance will win the day! But maybe you should ask before puckering up.

figurine Base

Love at First Kiss: 2015

If this post has made you feel a little amorous, why not check out our earlier post where we and our friends at The Magical Blogorail list the most romantic restaurants in Walt Disney World.