Minnie Mouse is Bosom Buddies w/Fannie Flagg

It was all just one big happy (dysfunctional) family on the Match Game during the 1970’s. Game shows were all the rage and many stars were eager to gain the exposer they could provide. One such star was the American actress, comedian and author, Fannie Flagg.

COOL FACT: Flagg wrote the original book and did the Academy-Nominated screenplay for the movie adaption of Fried Green Tomatoes.

I’ve seen her on the show dozens of times, but this time I noticed something a little different:

Fannie Flagg Match Game Set

Match Game Set w/Stars

This game featured Gary Burghoff from M.A.S.H. (upper right) and of course, the man who would later host The Family Feud, Richard Dawson (lower center).

But take a look at Fannie Flagg in the anchor position (bottom right). She is sporting a Minnie Mouse sweater! I guess they must be bosom buddies.

Fannie Flagg Pic TwoFannie Flagg Pic One

She Got a Match!

At the beginning of the show, there was some discussion as to whether her sweater had Mickey or Minnie on it. But all agreed it was indeed Minnie.

You can watch vintage game shows like Match Game and the Family Feud on the Buzzer channel.

Minnie Mouse Sighted in London, Ontario

Friends of mine were checking out the Masonville Mall in London, ON and came across a famous Disney personality:

Minnie in London

How to Draw a Crowd 101

Apparently she was there with Mickey (not pictured) to help open a new Disney Store! This is good news for us as we live just over an hour away. Check out the news report here.

FUN FIND: How many Disney Store Cast Members can you see in the picture?

Mickey’s Poppin’ Magic Game by Parker Brothers

This is a variation of the game Trouble even sporting that little plastic dice bubble that we all loved so much as kids. However this game is much simpler and aimed at the younger 4 to 8 age market.

Here is the box:

Mickey's Poppin Magic Game 002

Mickey's Poppin Magic Game 003

Mickey's Poppin Magic Game 004

The Fab Five play together

The rules are a bit vague. To play each player pops the dice bubble and moves ahead the number of spaces indicated on the die. But if the die shows this:

Mickey's Poppin Magic Game 008


Then you slide the red lever and one or more players may be popped off the board. No one is safe! But here is where it gets confusing. The box says ‘Will you get popped off? And where will you land when you pop back on – ahead of where you were, or behind?’ There is no explanation as to how you can ‘pop back on’.

Mickey's Poppin Magic Game 006

Mickey's Poppin Magic Game 009

Mickey's Poppin Magic Game 007

Fairly generic character art

This game is by Parker Brothers and was released in 1991. You can play as either Pluto, Goofy, Minnie, or Donald but not Mickey as he is the one hosting the poppin’ party:

Mickey's Poppin Magic Game 011

Is that much butter healthy? Ah, the 1990’s!

I’m constantly surprised, shocked, and dismayed when I realize that a game from 1991 is now 25 years old. The 90’s seem like yesterday to me!

I picked this game up for just $7.50 CAN in a deal of two games for $15.00 together.

Tokyo Disneyland Plates featuring World Bazaar & Adventureland

I had all but given up on Value Village (a Canadian charity shop) for finding Disney treasures. Either people weren’t parting with the stuff as much anymore or more Disneyana fans had caught on to the great deals!

But now that I have moved to a different part of Ontario, I have access to new Value Village stores with new donated treasures. And so I am again finding a Disney treasure or two. Like these:

Tokyo DL Plates Main Street

World Bazaar

In the North American parks, this would be called Main Street USA. But even though the name has been changed, the attractions are mostly the same with lots of eateries and shopping opportunities.

Mickey and Minnie seem to be enjoying a fall day in dapper style!

Tokyo DL Plates Adventureland


I love the Jungle Cruise setting for this hunting expedition, but I think our three intrepid hunters have picked the wrong prey in Sher Khan!

Kudos to Goofy for shooting with a camera.

Tokyo DL Plates Back

The back side of plate

Unlike the North American products where the merchandise is stamped with both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland gets to issue these all on its own.

I wonder if there were plates for the other lands? Those being Westernland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Toontown, and Tomorrowland. Also, the 7 areas of Tokyo DisneySea could also have a plate each. The Internet yielded up no pictures to prove the existence of such plates.

Again, I am pleased as punch to again find Disney treasure on the cheap ($5.99 CAN each).

WDW 25th Anniversary Guide & T-shirt

I love finding unusual items for my collection, and when I saw this Special Edition release for the 25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, I just had to have it:

25th Anniversary Guide 012

12″ x 12″ Presentation Box

25th Anniversary Guide 13

One Anniversary Guide and T-shirt (medium)

This is from perhaps one of the most vilified promotions in WDW history. It included the hated Birthday Cake Castle, as pictured on the cover of the Anniversary Guide.

25th Anniversary Guide 001


I for one wish I could have seen the Birthday Cake Castle in person, if for no other reason than to say ‘I was there!’ ‘I saw it!’ But my trips to WDW would bracket this promotion.

Let’s have a look at the contents of the Anniversary Guide. As we do, I’ll point out the new attractions that were offered for this promotion:

25th Anniversary Guide 003

New: Hunchback of Notre Dame – A Musical Adventure

25th Anniversary Guide 004

New: Remember the Magic Parade / ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

25th Anniversary Guide 005

New: Ellen DeGeneres Universe of Energy / Honey I Shrunk the Audience

I hear that as of 2016, the Honey I Shrunk the Audience attraction will be discontinued. Not perhaps the worse news?

I’d also like to mention that Epcot had some new Streetmosphere acts in the form of Stilt Birds and Moving Statues for 1996.

25th Anniversary Guide 006

New: Toy Story Parade

25th Anniversary Guide 007

New: Blizzard Beach

It’s also interesting to note that at this time, 1996, WDW had three water parks, as River Country was still in operation. Discovery Island was also open and the two attractions were advertised as two great places to be visited in one day.

25th Anniversary Guide 008

New: Planet Hollywood

25th Anniversary Guide 009

Old: The Disney Village Marketplace

25th Anniversary Guide 010

Character Dining chart and map

25th Anniversary Guide 011

WDW Maps: Three Parks (no Animal Kingdom yet)

25th Anniversary Guide 002

Back Cover

I hope you can take the time to enlarge the above pictures and enjoy a look into the past of WDW as it was found in 1996!

But this great box set also contained a very nice t-shirt with the promotional logo and a special surprise on the back:

25th Anniversary T-shirt 4 25th Anniversary T-shirt 5

Autographs from four Big Celebs!

25th Anniversary T-shirt 1     25th Anniversary T-shirt 3     25th Anniversary T-shirt 2

Mickey Inc. Made in the USA

I haven’t worn this t-shirt (it wouldn’t fit anyway!) instead choosing to leave it with the set. I enjoy opening it up from time to time for a look into the past of my favorite Disney park!

Which of Disney’s FAB FIVE Are You?

Each of Disney’s characters has a distinct personality and qualities unique to themselves. Now you could waste your time taking an Internet Buzz Quiz to find out which Disney character you are most like… or… you could waste your time reading this post. I recommend the latter.

In this post I will summarize the primary reasons why you might like to be either Mickey or Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, or Pluto. Then, rather than having some randomizer program pick a character for you, you will have the information you need to make your own informed choice. Well, at least a choice. So here we go!



Mickey is a little guy in a big world. He’s spent his fair share of time being picked on and laughed at, but despite that, he always comes out on top. He’s a natural leader with the charisma to draw almost anyone to his side. From humble beginnings as a steamboat Pilot to rising to become the world’s most well-known corporate Icon, Mickey’s done almost everything in-between.

And how about that love life? A one-woman man who’s earned the love and respect of one of the world’s sweetest females! And although he hasn’t been able to seal the deal with a proposal, you’ve gotta admire his stick-to-itivness!

And let’s face it, if your obituary could start with “It all started with… YOU!” how could you not choose to be Mickey Mouse?



Minnie is one of the world’s first independent women. She has had many suitors over the years, but has decided to remain single. She has made it on her own in a variety of occupations, owning some of the most desirable real estate along the way. And when it comes to personality, who has more kindness, compassion, and love than our polka-dot Queen?

Although a modern woman, Minnie has made no secret of her love for that one special someone, but is content to wait until the time is right to press for committment.

Do you have a song written about you? Minnie does! And it’s a chart topper to remember. So if you choose to be Minnie Mouse, the song can be about ‘Yoo Hoo’ too!



What can we say about the Goof? He’s a fun-loving free spirit with no clue that he’s a fun-loving free spirit. In fact, he hasn’t got a clue… about anything. But that’s OK! Goofy knows the world owes him a living but has the class to never show up to pick up the pay check. He’s too busy being loyal, helpful, and the best friend anyone could ever hope for.

Goofy isn’t overly good with the ladies. Always a gentleman but never a boyfriend, Goofy is just satisfied to show respect and to lend a helping hand. How this guy ever ended up with a son will forever remain one of life’s little mysteries, right up there with the Bermuda Triangle and spam.

So far you may not think that Goofy is a contender for your vote. But imagine going through life without a care, with nothing bothering you, and being regarded as loveable by millions. Are you sure you don’t want to be Goofy?



Certainly the most explosive personality on our list, Donald certainly knows how to blow off a little steam! And just steam in general. And steam in excess. Not one to hide how he feels, everyone around him always know exactly where he stands on the issues. There are no shades of gray for Donald, everything is just plain black.

His long-time and long-suffering girlfriend Daisy Duck knows the other side of Donald, though. Behind the bluster and blasting lies a heart of gold that motivates him to go above and beyond for his friends. A more loyal friend to have at your side one could not ask for, even if he would be cowering behind you instead.

Donald has stepped up and taken care of his three young nephews for years, and that has to be a big factor in making him a contender for your vote!



Sometimes it’s a dog’s life, and no one knows that better than Pluto. Starting out as a nameless mutt and finally finding a home with Mickey Mouse himself, this canny canine has defined loyalty for us all! From protecting his master from danger to saving kittens from certain death, this pooch has proven his prestigious pedigree.

Unfortunately ladies, Pluto has been known to play the field as the original Playa of the animal kingdom. Seen with many different partners, usually with more than just a few pups around, Pluto may have a problem with monogamy. But on the upside, he likes big families!


Time to choose! Now that you know the pros and cons of each character, which one would you like to be?

  • Mickey Mouse: The little guy living big?
  • Minnie Mouse: The independent success?
  • Goofy: The oblivious free-spirit?
  • Donald Duck: The explosive heart of gold?
  • Pluto: The loyal playa?

Please take a moment to share your choice in the comment section. And if you have just a moment more, please let us know why!

Psst! I chose Goofy!