Twilight Matterhorn Mountain at Disneyland

My wife and I have only been to Disneyland once, but it was certainly a memorable trip! From our hotel room (the Howard Johnson across the street) we could see the Matterhorn mountain.

Matterhorn Mountain

We loved watching the monorail glide past it as we stood on our balcony. It was also visible from the Casey Jr. train and the Storybook Canal boats:

Matterhorn Mountain 2

No matter where you are in Disneyland, you can see this iconic mountain!

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Twister Game at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Disney’s Pop Century Resort, located at Walt Disney World, is wonderful for its over-sized props!

I took many pictures throughout the grounds, but thought this image was particularly fun:

Twister Game Board

Get Ready to Stretch!

So who’s up for a game of Twister?

To continue your over-sized fun, check out my earlier post showing more of the props around the Resort.

Walt’s Gate at Disney’s Birthplace, Chicago

Walt Disney’s birthplace in Chicago was a beautiful little home with a welcoming front porch, just beyond the gate. No one was home when I arrived, so I decided to wait:

Walt's Gate

Was this fence and gate there when a young Walt returned home each day oh those many years ago?

It was fun to stand where he would have walked and played!

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Soda Jerk Goofy at Disney’s Soda Fountain

While Goofy may not be a ‘jerk’ per se, I think we can all agree that he would make the perfect Soda Jerk!

While visiting the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store in Hollywood, California, I enjoyed looking at pictures of celebrities on the walls. The one below caught my eye:

Soda Jerk Goofy

“Will that be one scoop or two? A-hyuk!”

Just what is a Soda Jerk? It is a person who serves and sells soft drinks and ice cream at a soda fountain. They don’t necessarily have to be an actual jerk. Which is a good thing for sales!

FUN FACT: ‘Hyuk’ is Goofy’s famous laugh, or a South Korean singer and actor born in 1995. Yup, you can Google it!

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A Snowbird Scraping Off the Florida Sunshine

Although this winter has been very mild and as yet has yielded little snow, I still wish I was in Florida! A Canadian who heads South for the winter is called a Snowbird and perhaps you remember the Anne Murray song of that name? No matter.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Snowbird looks like, here is one now:

Snowbird in Florida

That Florida sunshine gets on everything!

The only drawback I found during my visit to Florida in 2014 was just how much sunshine got on everything! Especially my van’s windshield. I had to spend valuable vacation minutes scraping it off each morning before I could be on my way.

However, if I could be in Florida now, it’s a problem I’d gladly deal with!

Weeki Wachee Springs: Embarrassing Photo Op

The official website has this to say about the history of Weeki Wachee Springs: “If you thought mermaids were just the lively imaginings of lonely sailors, think again — and come to Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, the City of Live Mermaids, on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Located about an hour north of Tampa at the crossroads of U.S. 19 and State Road 50, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park is more than just a mark on a road map. Weeki Wachee is an enchanted spring — the only one of its kind in the world — and one of Florida’s oldest and most unique roadside attractions. For 70 years, the fun, family oriented park has lured in visitors with beautiful mermaids who swim in the cool, clear spring waters. Weeki Wachee Springs is a magical entrance into a mysterious blue underwater world of mermaids, manatees, turtles and bubbles. Sitting in the Mermaid Theater, visitors feel like they are inside the flowing spring, and are transported back to simpler times, before super theme parks and super highways appeared. So come to Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, and see a splendid side of Florida lore, where dreams really do come true.”

And if you’re not easily embarrassed, here is just one of the photo ops awaiting you:

Weeki Wachee Springs Photo Op

That’s not me. Okay, it’s me. On the right!

Don’t King Triton and his mermaid bride look just divine?

This State park is beautiful to say the least and as such offers many great locations for family photos. So if you’re looking for a nice place to go, and you live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, why not make it a day trip?

And speaking of day trips, be sure to check out a post on the Magical Blogorail filled with suggestions of where to go for some fun this winter. I’ll see you there!

Epcot: Jumping Water Fountain at Night

It’s always fun to watch the jumping water fountain at Epcot in Walt Disney World. But at night, it adds a special dimension:

fountain leaping water

From one pot to another

The shot is a bit grainy but I still like the colors and of course the water in mid leap.

If you look closely, you can also see Spaceship Earth in the background with the Epcot wand still installed.

This picture was taken in 2007.

Vehicle Creativity at the Old Car Festival 2016

So what is creativity? Can it only be found in writing or art? Or can it be expressed in many other ways? Like with a vehicle?

I’ve always loved automotive design, specifically body styling, but also how even the smallest working part is given a little life of its own. Older vehicles yield more examples of this than modern ones, as my latest trip to Greenfield Village and the 2016 Old Car Festival proves:


Look down when you put your foot down

It will be covered in dirt and mud and for the most part be totally ignored, but Oldsmobile still thought it was important to brand this metal entry step and use a fetching crosshatch pattern.


Renault does Steampunk before Steampunk does

I don’t know just what this gizmo does but it was installed on the dashboard of a Renault. I’m thinking electricity plays a part which would make it something Dr. Frankenstein would appreciate! I also love the little liquid tube.


So what do I turn when?

Okay, I know what to do with the big round thing, but just what is the purpose of the two chrome levers? Gear changers? Signals? Whatever the purpose these chrome accents make this steering wheel stand out!


Suspect Suspension

Would this suspension assembly really give you a smooth ride? Well, no doubt it was better than what you would get with a buckboard wagon, but perhaps its looks surpass its function!

greenfield-village-jj-022          greenfield-village-jj-082

Hood Ornament Glory!

From animals to ladies, from Indians to archers, there really wasn’t anything too outlandish for a radiator cap decoration back in the day!

And so I think we can agree that everyone working on automotive design in the early years of Detroit and elsewhere felt that every part in or on a vehicle was an opportunity to express one’s creative side. And for the sake of photographers the world over, it’s a good thing they felt that way!

Greenfield Village: Relaxation on a Bench in Summertime

Into every vacation a little relaxation must fall. When visiting a theme park it’s easy to get into the rush of racing from one attraction to the next! But as one gets older, the scene below starts to have a certain appeal:


Greenfield Village – 2016

Again, I don’t pretend to be a professional photographer, so I try to focus on subject and contrast rather than technical tricks. In this shot, I liked how the building in the background was in shadow as it made the illuminated picket fence pop even more. The curved border and paved walkway added interest through variety of shape.

And yes, I sat on the bench after taking the shot!

Epcot Pavilions as Seen from World Showcase Lagoon

Have you ever looked at something in a different way and come to a whole new appreciation of it? I did so back in 2008 when I boarded a Friendship Taxi to circle the World Showcase Lagoon and saw the Pavilions from a whole different angle.

You can see some of these perspectives by viewing an earlier post entitled Scenes Around World Showcase. But I’d like to display more Pavilions from the vantage point of the water for you again:








How many times have you taken a Friendship Taxi to get around the World Showcase, viewing it only as a form of transportation from point A to point B? No matter where I am or what am I doing, I always look for opportunities for another photographic essay!

Have you ever taken to the World Showcase Lagoon to get a better angle or the perfect shot?