Mini Eggs Globe Candy Bank by Nestle

Being as we will be taking a tour around the world shortly, we should stock up on some energy food. I suggest a package of Nestle Mini Eggs:

Mini Eggs Packaging

Smart Choice!

Now just where might we find a package of this tasty treat? How about inside a vintage 1990’s tin Globe:

Mini Eggs Container Open


A package of candy, like the one pictured above, would have been stuffed inside the tin. It’s probably just as well that it’s missing, being as candy from 1990 might be a tad stale by now!

Mini Eggs Container Base

But fortunately this little globe has other uses, both educational, and practical. Apart from displaying an edited version of our earth, it also doubles as a piggy bank:

Mini Eggs Globe Bank Slot

Larger coins only, please!

This could be a fun way for children to learn about geography while saving up for a trip.

Mickey appears around the world in different ethnic garb. Let’s have a look:

Mini Eggs Globe AsiaMini Eggs Globe Pacific OceanMini Eggs Globe Atlantic OceanMini Eggs Globe Europe

The Globe rotates on the base

Mini Eggs Globe Stand

I hope you learned something today. I learned that the planet is smaller than I thought!

Check out this other globe featured in an earlier post. It is covered with even more Disney characters.

Mickey and Minnie Banks

Guest Blogger: Nick Maglio

Weekends at the Columbus Flea Market are hit and miss. Some days, my wife and I walk the isles of stuff and don’t find a thing. Other times, we pick up several items, like these banks.

Let’s start off with this large, 8″ x 6″ (20.32  x 15.24 centimeters), ceramic Mickey bank:

I picked it up for $5 US


You can make out the simple Copyright Disney under the price tag

I picked up these terrific Mickey and Minnie banks for $10 US

Made of rubber, they measure 6″ (15.24 centimeter’s) tall

At their bases they are marked Walt Disney Productions, aging them to the early 80’s

Made in Korea

No markings on the bottom. I’d love to know where they were originally purchased

As a bonus feature, which I didn’t even notice when I bought these, they each have one articulated arm! Minnie’s raises up to her mouth. You can almost hear her giggle!

You can hear Mickey saying “Hello, everybody!”

Banks, er, thanks for stopping by our little blog today!

Reviews: Columbus Antique Market

Guest Blogger: Nick Maglio

I’ve written extensively about our almost weekly trips to the Columbus Flea Market and the Disney treasures we discover there. Right next door is the Columbus Antique Market, which is fairly new, and we’ve only stopped in once before. On a weekend recently, we paid a visit, and I took some pictures of the Disney items we found. There were surprisingly few, actually, but we did leave with a couple of things.

There was a chalkware Bandleader Mickey Mouse bank for $25 that I was tempted to buy.

Made in Mexico, he was about 16 inches (40.64 centimeters) tall.

These skates were in pretty nice shape.

I’d love to do a cabinet in the kitchen with vintage items like this set of Mickey straws. $29 was a bit steep for me, however.


Now, on to what we bought. There were a lot of postcards. We asked the sales person if she knew off-hand if there were any Disney postcards. She said she wasn’t sure, but as we looked around, she started going through a box. When we came back to the front, she said she’d found this one postcard, and even though it wasn’t Disney World or Disneyland, would I like it? Would I?!

This is a postcard from the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair, featuring the Small World Pavilion by Walt Disney. For $1!

The writing is hard to decipher: “It’s been great and really not too tired.  ______(?) program is (has?) been delightful. Today we do the foreign section. Love – E_______(?)”

Pepsi-Cola Pavilion – New York World’s Fair 1964-1965
“Peace through Understanding”
“Animated figures representing Children in national costumes will entertain visitors in a Walt Disney-created cruise taken in specially designed boats. A UNICEF exhibit is also included.”


I found a great children’s book on the New York World’s Fair next door at the flea market a few months ago, which made a great companion piece for the postcard!

I also got this Pluto Shampoo Bottle from the early 70’s:

Walt Disney Productions and Avon

Last, but certainly not least, , we bought this curio cabinet:

Wait, what does this cabinet have to do with Disney? Well…

… in our house, plenty!

Several items in the curio have been featured here on the blog, but there is still plenty to share, so please stop back in the future to see more!

Simba Vinyl Bank

This Simba Bank, or Simbank, (yes, I JUST came up with that, thank you) I believe was purchased at the Disney Store back when the Lion King came out in 1994.

It’s made of a heavy duty plastic.

I love the detailed sculpture of Simba, which is why I bought it originally, I’m sure.

Made by Just Toys, 1994.

I couldn’t find much info on Just Toys on Google, but I also have a Grumpy produced by the same company.

Orange Bird Vinyl Bank

And this little fella didn’t break the bank!

I’ve been trying to get one of these Orange Bird Banks for a few months now, but the prices have been too high. Amazingly, I saw one at our local flea market last Summer, and it was even more expensive than I’ve seen on eBay!

I got this at a reasonable price off of eBay for a good reason. It is missing its stopper. But since I wasn’t looking to buy this as an investment, or to hold change, I was fine with that:

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions, but no indication of exact production year

This very happy bird measures 5 inches high

Until next time, think orange thoughts!

Winnie the Pooh Ceramic Piggy Bank

Or should that be a Bear Bank?

This great little ceramic Winnie the Pooh bank was picked up at a flea market. You can see why anyone would be immediately drawn to it, like a bear to honey. (Get it? Bear to…moving on.)

Walt Disney Productions is marked on the bottom, which means it was produced before February of 1986.

This particular piece is missing it’s stopper and has some chips in it, which definitely affects its value.  If these things don’t bother you, then you can add one of these cute little items to your collection without breaking the piggy bank! (Get it? Break the bank… forget it!)