Snow White Lithographs from The Disney Store

We’ve covered some of the other Princesses in an earlier post, and now it’s time for the original, the fairest of them all, to have her turn. In this post we have Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (what can I say, they go everywhere together!)

I am featuring two different lithograph releases. The first has four prints:

Snow White Set Folder


The envelope that contains the prints is made of a very heavy museum-quality paper with a nice texture. The prints are also rendered on better quality paper than some Disney Store lithographs.

And speaking of lithographs:

Snow White Set 3Snow White Set 2Snow White Set 1Snow White Set 4

‘Hi Ho’ and there you go! Even though Snow White was released back in the 1930’s it still contains some of the most breathtaking imagery of any Princess movie!

Snow White Set Folder Back

Above is the back of the folder which sports a very famous fruit.

The set above was released in 2001 to commemorate one of the many re-releases of this most classic of classics. The single lithograph below is an earlier release from 1994. Neither release coincides with a major anniversary of the film:

Snow White Single Envelope

Over-sized Envelope

Unfortunately, this lithograph has been damaged by moisture. However, it is unique in that it’s one of the few releases to be bigger than the 8×10 format of most other Disney Store prints.

Snow White Single LithoSnow White Single Litho Back

Lithograph & Back of Frame

So when asked which lithographs are the fairest of them all, I think you will agree that these ones, featuring Snow White, are certainly the front runners!

Princess Lithographs from The Disney Store

The Disney Princess. Iconic and controversial all at once, but still a marketing juggernaut, these ladies turn heads for whatever reason! And so do these stunning lithographs from The Disney Store.

We have a lot to see, so let’s get right to it:

Priness Envelope SBPrincess Print SBPrincess Frame SB

Sometimes The Disney Store releases multiple lithographs in a set, with either 4 or 6 prints. But this one only has the one print.

Princess Envelope CPrincess Print C

Cinderella also gets the one-print treatment for her video re-release.

And now we move on to a more modern era Princess with a set of 4 prints from Beauty and the Beast:

Princess Folder B&BPrincess B&B Print 1Princess B&B Print 2Princess B&B Print 3Princess B&B Print 4Princess Folder Back B&B

And these lithographs will live happily ever after in my media collection! As will these lithographs featuring The Little Mermaid.

For more Princess fun, check out how they use the stairs on a Disney Cruise, and how they would be described by today’s Paparazzi.

Disney Cruise Line Princesses Use the Stairs

We’re all used to seeing scenes like this:

Disney Cruise Princesses 1

But all good things must come to an end and therefore so must all meet-and-greets:

Disney Cruise Princesses 2          Disney Cruise Princesses 3

It can’t all be glamor and elegance, even for Princesses! At the end of the day even they must hoist up the hems and hike up the stairs:

Disney Cruise Princesses 4

So Tiana sets the royal example and the other Princesses must follow it:

Disney Cruise Princesses 5          Disney Cruise Princesses 6

And so up goes Cinderella, one step at a time, just like us commoners! And one more Princess follows  her royal sisters and trudges the vertical exit machine:

Disney Cruise Princesses 7

See? Hiking the hem!

Being a royal Princess on The Disney Wonder doesn’t guarantee the royal treatment. No elevators for these pretty ladies! But to their credit they handled it with grace and dignity!

Disney Tiny Kingdom – Sleeping Beauty

A friend of mine had been saying he had something Disney for me for the last two years. He picked it up at a yard sale but we just never connected being as we lived in different areas. Well, recently I moved into the same area as my friend, and he finally gave me:

Sleeping Beauty Tiny Kingdom 1

An unassuming white box?

He asked me to let him know if it was anything worth while. So I opened it to find:

Sleeping Beauty Tiny Kingdom 2

Something very worth while!

This series of miniature scenes from famous Disney films was released in 2008 featuring figurines that stood up to 2.75 inches tall in a box 2.5 inches tall by 8.25 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep (above).

Which of the many variations do I have? Let’s open the box and find out:

Sleeping Beauty Tiny Kingdom 3

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Tiny Kingdom 4

Figures made of metal and enamel

The figures are about the size of a Disney Trading Pin, but without the pin stem. They move slightly back and forth in little slots in the bottom of the display box:

Sleeping Beauty Tiny Kingdom 8

It seems that the pins are grouped in three areas, or scenes. Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

Sleeping Beauty Tiny Kingdom 5

Prince Phillip and Maleficent

Sleeping Beauty Tiny Kingdom 6

Briar Rose and Dancing Partner

Sleeping Beauty Tiny Kingdom 7

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather (w/crown)

Sleeping Beauty is the 16th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series and was released in theaters on January 29, 1959. The film was made while Walt Disney was building Disneyland and so to help promote the film, Imagineers named the park’s icon “Sleeping Beauty Castle”. It was to be Snow White’s castle, in honor of Disney’s first Princess, but she got ‘evicted’ from the place and has never had a castle named for her in a Disney Park yet! Bummer.

As mentioned, the Tiny Kingdom featured many different films. Here are a few of them:

Alice in Wonderland Cinderella

Dumbo Mickey Mouse Club

Peter Pan Snow White

This line (Tiny Kingdom) also released individually boxed miniature figurines of each of the main Disney characters.

The above boxed film scenes can sell for up to $50.00 US on-line or for considerably less at a local yard sale! The Sleeping Beauty variant I have still had the original bubble wrap inside to protect the figures, so it was purchased but never opened or displayed.

Disney Lamps in Store

Whenever I’m out and about I like to find little bits of Disney. Usually I’ll see something out of the corner of my eye, like I did recently while visiting a big box home improvement store. We were looking for lighting for our new home, but I found these instead:

Lamps Princesses 5

Lamps Princesses 4     Lamps Princesses 3

Pretty as a Princess… lamp

This was a cool lamp with the addition of the Castle dresser base! Each drawer opened so that little treasures could be stored inside.

But wait, there was another Princess lamp selection, featuring just three of the famous ladies featured in the lamp above:

Lamps Princesses 2     Lamps Princesses 1

Belle must have begged off from this photo shoot!

As is common these days, the selection was very boy-girl skewed, as the next two selections will show:

Lamps Toy Story 1     Lamps Toy Story 2

Not to say that little girls can’t thrill to having Buzz or Woody lighting up their lives, but I think boys were the target of the design above, and of the one below:

Lamps Cars 1     Lamps Cars 2

Cars 2

Prices ranged between $30 and $40 CAN which I thought was a little bit high for the quality of the lamps. But the Disney license obviously pushes up the final sticker price.

Would you buy one of these lamps? Would you stand in a store and photograph them while people look at you and wonder why you’re doing it? Would you read a blog post about them?

I know you will answer ‘yes’ to at least 1 out of the 3 questions above!

Cinderella Collector’s DVD Gift Set

I’d like to start by saying that the promises of Blu-ray have been overstated and under-realized. The claim of better picture quality and sound along with increased storage capacity were supposed to bring a whole new world to home entertainment.

The reality has been a marginal increase in presentation quality and, in most cases, less extras than we previously enjoyed on DVD. Much less if you compare today’s Blu-ray releases with yesterday’s Platinum 2-disc DVD Editions! And as you will see in this post, there simply is no comparison when you look at the Collector’s DVD Gift Sets:

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 003

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 002

Cinderella Collector’s DVD Gift Set

  • 2-disc Special Edition DVD (Platinum Edition)
  • 8 Exclusive Character Portraits
  • Collector Book
  • Film Frame from the movie

I have three of these Disney collectible DVD sets and I continue to be amazed at the value they yield. Let’s start with the Platinum Edition DVD:

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 004

Remember when the DVD case came in a cardboard sleeve with an opening cover? Remember that once you opened the DVD, you found a booklet inside describing what was on the discs, with navigational flow charts? Remember when ‘hours of extras’ meant hours of extras, not just 2 hours, if you were lucky? Then you remember the Platinum series of DVD’s!

The gift sets gave you this version of the DVD along with exclusive extras, like:

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 005     Cinderella DVD Gift Set 006

A Dream Come True ‘making of’ Storybook

As you can see from the picture above right, the illustrations in this publication are amazing! You’ll also find behind-the-scenes pictures and stories of production.

Next, this set has something truly special:

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 008

Film Frame: Cinderella on the staircase

But wait, that’s not all! You also get:

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 011

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 012  Cinderella DVD Gift Set 013

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 014  Cinderella DVD Gift Set 015

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 016  Cinderella DVD Gift Set 017

Cinderella DVD Gift Set 018  Cinderella DVD Gift Set 019

8 Exclusive Character Portraits by:

Ollie Johnston and Andre Deja

This set sold for upwards of $50.00 CAN when it first came out, and they are hard to find today, even on eBay. And when you do, the price is usually quite high. I’m glad I picked this up when I did!

So the next time you hear a commercial extolling the virtues of Blu-ray, remember this post, and the great Platinum DVD and Collector’s Gift Sets of yesterday.

When Princesses Meet and Greet

The best part of our Disney Cruise was the amazing decor of the ship (Disney Wonder). I spent a lot of time walking around in awe snapping shot after shot!

I got this great moment between Tiana (Princess and the Frog) and a little version of Aurora (Sleeping Beauty):

Tiana with Little Princess

The regal surroundings made this a perfect shot, but it also feels intimate due to the isolation of the subjects.

I don’t know what they were saying, but it looks like they were having a little dance practice. Too cute!

Princess Dress Challenge

One of the most iconic things about the stereotypical Disney Princess is the dress. Each Princess has a signature dress that defines her look and image, usually based on how she looks after her transformation, whatever that may be.

While visiting Downtown Disney (renamed Disney Springs now) I saw three Princesses posing around The World of Disney store. And in one display window, I also saw the dresses of these same three Princesses made out of dolls.

So I thought it would be neat to see side-by-side comparisons. Who will win the Best Dress Challenge? We’ll start with Cinderella:

Cinderella Statue     Cinerella Dress

Now, we know that Cinderella started out with her mother’s dress, altered with the help of her critter friends. But that one got ruined by her jealous step sisters, and I believe it was white with pink embellishments (above right). The final version ended up being blue (above left). But I think both colors look great!

Now on to our next Princess, Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Beauty Statue     Sleeping Beauty Dress

There was no question that this Princess is pretty in pink! And you have to admit it is a striking design! But if you notice, the basic design matches Cinderella’s but with more angular lines around the neck and waist.

Now on to our last Princess, Belle, from Beauty and the Beast:

Belle Statue     Belle Dress

By far the most intricate design of these three Princess dresses. And I think the most successful when rendered in dolls!

You can still pose with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty out and around The World of Disney store, and see Belle up in the rafters inside. But I don’t think the doll-dresses are still on display. So enjoy them here! Which is your favorite?

Princess Erasers

I can’t imagine using these cute little Princess erasers! Rubbing a part of their head off just to correct a mistake just seems… wrong somehow.

Special Princess Erasers 4 +    Special Princess Erasers 1 +

Special Princess Erasers 5 +

Special Princess Erasers 3 +     Special Princess Erasers 2 +

The only problem with displaying these little cuties is that their hands and heads fall off. Other than that…

I can’t remember where I got these, and had actually forgotten I even had them until I was looking through my picture files for my Disneyana collection. Something like this is inexpensive to buy yet fun to own!

NOTICE: There are no spelling mistakes in this post to avoid Princess eraser damage.

Downtown Disney Stuff

Apart from the stores and shopping opportunities, Downtown Disney has a lot to offer. And this is apart from the special seasonal events and shows. I’m talking about the little touches that every store has. For the first time visitor, it is impossible to notice these little touches while you’re being overwhelmed by all of the merchandise!

So I’ll just ‘point out’ a few of them for you in pictures:

Disney Last Days 179     Disney Last Days 176

Never forget to look up

Disney Last Days 177 Disney Last Days 178

More to see than just merchandise

Florida Three 046

A doll of a 1950’s Airline Hostess with Mickey Ears? Who wouldn’t want one? Not for sale.

Florida Three 054

Don’t forget to look everywhere for memories!

I won’t tell you just where these things can be found other than to say that you have to look up, behind, beside, and below to find them. So the next time you visit Downtown Disney, be sure to do just that!