Lilo & Stitch Lithographs from The Disney Store

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch was a surprise hit when it debuted in 2002. The little blue ‘dog’ found its way into everyone’s heart, but most of all into the heart of a girl named Lilo.

With a story that features the value of family, this movie became an instant classic! The Disney Store released a wonderful set of lithographs to commemorate the release of the film on video:

Stitch Folder

Like some of these releases, this one featured an inventive cover folder. When opened, it yields a nice Hawaiian panorama.

Let’s lift the first flap:

Stitch Folder Open

Lifting the first flap reveals a beautiful pastel sky and a surprised Stitch being kissed by Lilo. Now there are two flaps that open sideways. Below is how the folder looks from the back when fully opened:

Stitch Folder Back

And next we see how the folder looks from the front when fully opened:

Stitch Folder Front

Surf’s Up!

The prints tuck in behind the sand in the middle. And now for a look at the prints themselves:

Stitch Print OneStitch Print TwoStitch Print Three

Did you enjoy Lilo & Stitch when you first viewed it? Has it become one of your Disney favorites?

For more fun with Lilo and Stitch, check out a WDCC figurine featuring Stitch, and a Disney Animator’s Collection doll featuring Lilo.

Tsum Tsum Stackable Collectible Figurines

Disney and I have a partnership going that is pretty lopsided! They put out collectible whatever and I buy it. They get my money, and I get… stuff. Case in point: Tsum Tsum stackable collectible figurines!

Tsum Tsum Front Packaging

Nine in a Set

I’ve resisted branching out into the smaller plastic versions of this merchandise line after adding an assortment of the original plush versions to my collection. You can see those here. The link will take you to a Swedish Chef Tsum Tsum, but that post has a link to other plush Tsum Tsum characters as well.

Tsum Tsum Back Packaging

The Backside of Tsum Tsum

And by ‘backside’ I mean their backsides! Don’t look at Snow White, it would be rude.

Now let’s free the little critters:

Tsum Tsum Open Packaging

Who is the mystery character?

More on who the mystery character is later. In each of these sets, you get three large, three medium, and three small sizes of characters. My large characters are:

Tsum Tsum Stitch


Tsum Tsum Snow White

Snow White

Tsum Tsum Eeyore


My medium characters are:

Tsum Tsum Lady


Tsum Tsum Hiro

Hiro (Mystery Character)

I was pleasantly surprised to get Hiro, as Big Hero 6 is one of my favorite Disney movies!

Tsum Tsum Buzz

Buzz Lightyear

I actually broke down and bought this set solely because of this Buzz Lightyear figure. Buzz as a tiny gerbil? Irresistible!

And finally, my small characters are:

Tsum Tsum Tiny Ones

Joy, Piglet, and Mickey Mouse

A secondary reason for buying this set was to obtain the Joy character for my wife.

These silly little things could definitely grow on me and I already realize that I will have to put up a strong fight against buying more! And how will I know what to look for?

Tsum Tsum CG Cover

Tsum Tsum Collector Guide

This little fold-out booklet comes with every set of Tsum Tsum stackable figures. What I purchased is part of the Series 2 collection:

Tsum Tsum Collector Guide

40 Characters in all!

Now keep in mind that if you want the complete series, you will have to collect 120 individual pieces, as each character comes in all three sizes of small, medium, and large. Depending on how Disney has apportioned the characters throughout the packs, you will have to buy at least 13 packs at $19.97 each. Round that up to an even $20.00 and those 13 packs are going to cost you $260.00 CAN.

Now I’m sure I’ve seen duplicates of characters in multiple packs, which means you will have to buy more packs and you will end up with duplicate characters. So I advise trading with friends!

So will you zoom zoom to the store to buy these Tsum Tsum figures?

Adorable Disney Characters

I can’t remember where I first saw these super-cute versions of some of Disney’s most iconic characters, but I thought they were definitely worth sharing. Enjoy!

Adorable Anna     Adorable Ariel     Adorable Donald

Adorable Figment     Adorable Mad Hatter

Adorable Snow White     Adorable Stitch     Adorable Tinker Bell

This should provide your daily intake of cuteness for the day!

Disney Characters: Props

Apart from the costumed characters that pose at meet-and-greets, there are so many other places to find your favorite Disney characters. For instance, in almost every store you can find them in the form of a prop:

90  Magic 88 +

Vacation 48 +  Magic 100 +

You just never know who you’ll encounter!

Vacation 109     Vacation 111 +

You’ll find Mickey almost everywhere

Disney goes to great lengths to create an environment that instantly impresses you and then continues to engage you for minutes or hours, and for many visits to come.

Magic 176 +

One of my favorites

This mechanized paper boy/vending machine actually has a readable paper inside with a cover story about Stitch. You can’t get a more reliable source for news than Robo-Newz!

Disney characters also come in the animatronic variety, as I’ll explore with you tomorrow.

A Vacation with Character

Guest Contributor: Gaylin

In November 2012 I went on a Disney World vacation on my own. 
Being solo meant I could take time to do things I haven't done before, 
like go back to the resort in the afternoon for a nap! 
It also meant that I could go line up for character photos without 
someone pulling on my arm to go on a ride or to see a show. 

My first afternoon I went over to Epcot and voila, no line-up for Belle. 
If the Beast is with her the line up can get long quite quickly. 
For some reason she was all on her own so I even got to chat with
her for a moment.

belle and me 

Walking through the World Showcase all the way around the other side, I came across Duffy the Disney Bear. While I am not a big fan of the bear, a friend of mine is so I got in the short line and got this shot. I like the Canada in the background!
duffy and me

A couple of days later I was back at Epcot and decided to go into the Character Spot for a few photos. The original location of the Spot was under renovation so there was a temporary location set up with a great backdrop of Epcot. Here I got 3 photos, me with Mickey, Pluto and Minnie. Also while I was in the not very long line-up I got to chat with a great family and help them get their daughter to look up when it was her turn to get her photo taken.

Notice I even did the toe pointing like Minnie, I am so darn cool . . .
The Magic Kingdom was my next stop and this photo with Stitch. While there was a bit of a line-up, Stitch was being very entertaining and made it worth the wait.
And this is what happens when Stitch takes over your camera!!! The hand you see on my shoulder is Stitch’s attendant, she was laughing really hard at his antics. I sort of wish she showed up in the photo, oh well.
Then it was on to the new photo area in Fantasyland called Storybook Circus. As you can see from the very pink lighting, the lights are set for the Photopass cameras, not my point & shoot camera. I did the toe point for my photo with Daisy, she didn’t.
It looks like both Minnie and I are having pink hot flashes, we weren’t, honest.
And the Great Goofini! I complimented him on the revamp of his roller coaster, he was pleased. Thumbs Up!
I am not sure what kind of magician Donald is supposed to be, he was number 1 and I was thumbs up.
And over at the Animal Kingdom, you can now get your photo with Russell and Doug. This photo is a little blurry but I still love it.
At the Animal Kingdom when you are leaving Discovery Island and heading to Dinoland there is the Character Landing, the characters are always from Winnie the Pooh and this day they had on their Christmas garb. I was once told to always get my photo taken with Pooh because he makes everyone look skinny! At the Character Landing they rotate characters in and out for breaks so there is always characters there, waiting just for you.
Eeyore is so very huggable.
Tigger couldn’t make up his mind if we were dancing or posing so we ended up with a bit of both.
And there are my character tales for November 2012. I always get a few character photos and highly recommend that other people do as well, there has been a few times I have paid the big bucks for a Photopass picture just because it was so darn good. Usually I am happy enough with the photo that shows up on my camera, after all, I am on vacation and looking happy is what counts.

Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Vinylmations


Recently, Mary, a co-worker of my wife’s, went to the Olympics in London. And then to Disneyland Paris. She asked my wife if she would like anything. My wife did some investigation, and discovered there were some 20th Anniversary Vinylmations and asked her to pick them up.

On my birthday, she presented me with 2 wrapped boxes that I immediately knew were Vinylmation, but I was completely taken by surprise by the actual items themselves! First up, let’s take a look at Donald. Donald is sporting a Sorcerer type hat, with a crescent moon adorned shirt and a tie:

The box below says, in French: ‘No returns or exchanges, or…refunded’. At least that’s what the French-to-English software I used told me.


“With Vinylmation, the imagination is without end! The Disney artists have created original designs and innovation on the basis of a character in three dimensions. This box contains one of the four figurines of the range ’20th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris’. Build your collection with your favorites. You have the choice!”


At the time of me writing this, 12.88 Euros is approximately $16 American! Kind of steep for a Vinylmation!

Nice illustration of Tinker Bell over “Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant”, or “The Castle of the Beauty Sleeping in the Wood”. Wow. French is different!

The other side features an illustration of Mickey Mouse:


And speaking of Mickey Mouse, that is the second figure I received::

I’m going to keep Donald in his box, because I really like the packaging. But I took Mickey out of his box because it was a little damaged.

Mickey here is sporting a Sorcerer hat with matching robes and tie:


I feel the back is…odd. I guess the white strip on the back of the head is the collar to his cape?


Interesting that the bottom of the figure is in English while the majority of the packaging is in French:


My wife also asked Mary to pick up any interesting items featuring her favorite character, Stitch. She bought these two awesome pins:


She also got this really great pin:


Press the button on the back…


… and Stitch’s body pops out!


The bag all the goodies came in:


Some really great gifts from a really great friend!

WDCC Limited Edition Hawaiian Stitch

Summer arrives in the Northern Hemisphere this evening.

This Walt Disney Classics Collection Stitch was the 2006 Spring Premiere Event Limited Edition sculpture. But to me, it says “Summer” rather than Spring:

“Greetings From Paradise” measures 4 1/2 inches high

What do you think Stitch has in his coconut?

That is one awesome shirt he’s sporting!

Limited to 4000. Created by artist Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales

The production mark for 1996 is the Trowel, in honor of Practical Pig in the Academy Award winning 1933 cartoon, ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful Summer here in the north, and we hope folks in the Southern Hemisphere have a wonderful Winter!