Teapots & Piggy Banks at Dixieland Flea Market

We return to the Dixieland Flea Market to check out some more great ceramic collectibles. This time we are featuring teapots and piggy banks, all in the shapes of our favorite Disney characters.

Let’s get right to it:

Teapots Selection


Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella all have their own unique teapot. I like how each has a complementary character perched on top of the lids! And look, Cinderella even brought a snow globe to display!

Teapots Pooh

Modern Winnie the Pooh

Perhaps my favorite example! Of course, you would have to have your tea with a smackeral of hunny to use this teapot.

Teapots Classic Pooh

Classic Pooh and Piglet

This is actually a piggy bank. Although I grew up on the Disney-style Winnie the Pooh (with red sweater) I’ve always loved the look of the classic style!

Teapots Tigger

He’s not the only one!

On the left is a cookie jar (it photo-bombed my shot) but on the right is another piggy bank. Or perhaps a tiggy bank?

All of the above examples were priced between $20.00 and $30.00 US but were on sale for 50% off. This sale continues until all stock is gone, likely sometime this summer.

To conclude, we have a Limited Edition figure that is neither a teapot nor a piggy bank, but simply a display figurine:

Teapots Roger Rabbit

Va Va Vrooooom!

Roger and Jessica Rabbit are out for a ride in this great piece selling for a whopping $200.00 US (but with 50% off, the whop is lessened).

So if you need teapots or piggy banks, be sure to drive over to The Dixieland Flea Market at 2045 Dixie Hwy. in Waterford, MI. Tell them I sent you and they’ll charge you double!

For more Dixieland offerings, check out my post featuring lots and lots of cookie jars featuring not only Disney characters, but also other cartoon and cultural icons!

Classic Tigger Figurine by Beswick of England

So are you a fan of the classic Winnie the Pooh look or have you grown up on the Disney version? I like both, but I must say, this classic Tigger figurine by Beswick is awesome:

Tigger Figurine front

T I double Guh Ur!

Alan Alexander Milne was an English author, best known for his books about the teddy bear Winnie the Pooh and for various poems. Milne was a noted writer, primarily as a playwright, before the huge success of Pooh overshadowed all his previous work. And then Disney got ahold of his franchise and the rest is history!

Tigger Figurine right sideTigger Figurine left side

“And we’re the only ones!”

John Beswick Ltd., formerly J. W. Beswick, was a pottery manufacturer, founded in 1892 by James Wright Beswick and his sons John and Gilbert in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. In 1969, the business was sold to Doulton & Co. Ltd. The factory closed in 2002 and the brand John Beswick was sold in 2004. The pottery company was chiefly known for producing high-quality porcelain figurines like the one featured here.

Tigger Figurine back

Psst! Look behind you!

In 1952, Beswick began manufacturing a range of Disney characters including Snow White, Mickey Mouse, and Bambi. And of course, the cast of the Winnie the Pooh stories. It is likely that the Pooh figurines were released in the late 1960’s according to a consensus of eBay Sellers.

Tigger Figurine bottom

This Tigger was one of a set of eight characters:

Tigger figurine set

The gang’s all there

Tut, tut! I must say that Piglet seems twice his usual size in comparison to the other characters. “Probably my fault” says Eeyore.

These figurines are plentiful on eBay and other selling sites and range in asking price from $20 to $90 each. My advice would be to buy the lower-priced offerings.

To see more Tigger figurines, check out these archived posts featuring one from Britto and another from the Arribas Brothers.

Splash Mountain Decorative Collectible

My favorite attraction in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland is Splash Mountain. It gives one of the longest rides. It has perhaps the most animatronic figures. And… it is one of the most awesome flume rides ever!

So when I can find unique collectibles featuring this ride, I snap them up. The piece I’m featuring today was found in a large flea market in Florida:

Splash Mountain Sculpture 007

Splash Mountain Sculpture 002     Splash Mountain Sculpture 003

Splash Mountain Sculpture 004     Splash Mountain Sculpture 005

This is a great concept as it makes a nice piece even when it is not opened up. But when you open it, the display potential explodes!

Splash Mountain Sculpture 008

Tigger and Winnie the Pooh are riding the flume together and can be removed from the piece. Why these two Disney characters were added to a Splash Mountain collectible is unclear, although they do appear to be having fun!

Splash Mountain Sculpture 009     Splash Mountain Sculpture 010

At least Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear get to wait in ambush, but I think they’ll be surprised when they catch a Tigger and a Pooh Bear instead of Br’er Rabbit!

Splash Mountain Sculpture 011

“Please keep paws and cute noses inside the log at all times.”

It’s pieces like this that make my day as a disneyana collector! If you’d like to see another post about Splash Mountain, you can view my post entitled Br’er Chicken on Splash Mountain. I bet you didn’t know there was a Br’er Chicken, did ya?

The Key to My Heart

Guest Contributor: Gaylin

Another useful souvenir from Disney is a key chain fob. I now have more of them than I have keys to put on them!

The whole collection
 Chinese symbol, double happiness
 Is it any wonder this is my everyday key chain?
Two-sided Mickey
This next key chain only has one key on it, it is too heavy to carry around all the time. It was a present from a friend and I love how the detail is on the front and the back.
And Tigger too!
This Tigger key chain was in use until recently. I just sold my car and this was the fob and ring that had my car keys on it.
Cay Chain
A friend of mine has taken his family on two Disney cruises in the last 18 months, on his last trip he brought me back this wee present.
Hidden Mickeys

And last but not least, my weekend key chain, colourful and slightly sparkly (just like me!)

Britto Tigger

Guest Contributor: Gaylin
This Blog has featured a few figurines made by Britto. Since I bought a Britto on my last trip I thought I’d add mine to the collection. So here it is: The most colourful Tigger ever…

 Still in the package
Side and back panels
 Bottom & top of box
 I am a frugal shopper so for me to spend $22 on a figurine, you know I like it.
 And may I present, Tigger
 I love the exclamation mark on his stomach and how his paws look like mittens.
Again with the heart shaped exclamation mark
 My camera wouldn’t take a close-up of the writing on Tigger’s bottom!

I did ponder over getting more than one figurine but Tigger is my all time favourite character and I loved this one and decided, since he’s the only Tigger, I only need one figurine!

A Vacation with Character

Guest Contributor: Gaylin

In November 2012 I went on a Disney World vacation on my own. 
Being solo meant I could take time to do things I haven't done before, 
like go back to the resort in the afternoon for a nap! 
It also meant that I could go line up for character photos without 
someone pulling on my arm to go on a ride or to see a show. 

My first afternoon I went over to Epcot and voila, no line-up for Belle. 
If the Beast is with her the line up can get long quite quickly. 
For some reason she was all on her own so I even got to chat with
her for a moment.

belle and me 

Walking through the World Showcase all the way around the other side, I came across Duffy the Disney Bear. While I am not a big fan of the bear, a friend of mine is so I got in the short line and got this shot. I like the Canada in the background!
duffy and me

A couple of days later I was back at Epcot and decided to go into the Character Spot for a few photos. The original location of the Spot was under renovation so there was a temporary location set up with a great backdrop of Epcot. Here I got 3 photos, me with Mickey, Pluto and Minnie. Also while I was in the not very long line-up I got to chat with a great family and help them get their daughter to look up when it was her turn to get her photo taken.

Notice I even did the toe pointing like Minnie, I am so darn cool . . .
The Magic Kingdom was my next stop and this photo with Stitch. While there was a bit of a line-up, Stitch was being very entertaining and made it worth the wait.
And this is what happens when Stitch takes over your camera!!! The hand you see on my shoulder is Stitch’s attendant, she was laughing really hard at his antics. I sort of wish she showed up in the photo, oh well.
Then it was on to the new photo area in Fantasyland called Storybook Circus. As you can see from the very pink lighting, the lights are set for the Photopass cameras, not my point & shoot camera. I did the toe point for my photo with Daisy, she didn’t.
It looks like both Minnie and I are having pink hot flashes, we weren’t, honest.
And the Great Goofini! I complimented him on the revamp of his roller coaster, he was pleased. Thumbs Up!
I am not sure what kind of magician Donald is supposed to be, he was number 1 and I was thumbs up.
And over at the Animal Kingdom, you can now get your photo with Russell and Doug. This photo is a little blurry but I still love it.
At the Animal Kingdom when you are leaving Discovery Island and heading to Dinoland there is the Character Landing, the characters are always from Winnie the Pooh and this day they had on their Christmas garb. I was once told to always get my photo taken with Pooh because he makes everyone look skinny! At the Character Landing they rotate characters in and out for breaks so there is always characters there, waiting just for you.
Eeyore is so very huggable.
Tigger couldn’t make up his mind if we were dancing or posing so we ended up with a bit of both.
And there are my character tales for November 2012. I always get a few character photos and highly recommend that other people do as well, there has been a few times I have paid the big bucks for a Photopass picture just because it was so darn good. Usually I am happy enough with the photo that shows up on my camera, after all, I am on vacation and looking happy is what counts.

Arribas Brothers: Tigger Figurine

Guest Blogger: GAYLIN

If you have been to the Arribas Brothers store in Downtown Disney or the Main Street store in the Magic Kingdom, you probably know that it is a wonderful, sparkly, place to visit! It is especially exciting when the glass blowers are hard at work. Isn’t it amazing what they can make out of glass?

The little fellow I am featuring here today is one of my prized possessions! He is small but very sturdy, so I have been able to carefully wash him when he has gotten too dusty:

Front view, his chest and face are ceramic, the stripes are enamel and the rest is Swarovski Crystal.

Look at that grin!

Lots of sparkling in the sunshine

Looks like he is getting ready to bounce

If you ever decide to buy something from Arribas, don’t worry about transporting it home. Each item comes in a fitted box that travels well:

The white, larger box, is what holds the crystal base and the blue box is for Tigger. I love all things sparkly, as much as I love Tigger. The two of them together: Irresistible!

Walt Disney World Beach Towel

Guest Blogger: Gaylin

My first trip to Florida, July of 1978, I was 18. The whole month visiting a friend and her family. One day she asks “Do you want to go to the Magic Kingdom for a day”? My response, “Sure, if it is not too expensive”. This was my first vacation away from my family, including my first airplane ride and much to my relief my first non-camping vacation.

A few days later 4 teenage girls, on a road trip to see Disney World. I had little clue what I was heading for, we didn’t yet have cable TV until I was 13 and my parents ruled what we saw. I had a few memories of the World of Disney but not much beyond that.

The shocker for me was how the magic hit right there on Main Street. I loved it, every ride, every line-up, the junk food and seeing characters, I was amazed. There was very little in the budget for souvenirs and my friends, being Florida natives, had little interest in shopping. I did manage to talk them into letting me look around a bit and I bought a beach towel. If memory serves me, it was $6.95.

As soon as I got home I started using the towel. I used it constantly, a new favorite.

The next summer, this lovely family invited me back! Of course I went and yes, we did go back to the Magic Kingdom for another day. This time I bought 2 towels.
I wore the first towel out by sheer overuse and then started using the other two. Thankfully I didn’t wear them out quite as much and then stopped using them because I wanted them to last.
This is the whole towel. Very thin cotton when compared to the plush, highly colored beach towels they make now:
The top of the towel with Pluto and Minnie all ready for the beach
The center with Mickey, hanging ten like the cool dude that he is
And the bottom of the towel, including the Walt Disney Productions logo
And, proving it was well made, the tag is still attached!
Finally, one of the few photos I have that proves I was really there, 1978, me and Tigger!!!