SMALL FRY Buzz Lightyear and Zurg Action Figures

Just when I think I have found every version of Buzz Lightyear I could possibly find, another one appears on a store shelf. This time it’s Mini-Buzz from the Pixar Short, Small Fry:

Small Fry Title Card

Here is the condensed synopsis: At a fast-food chicken restaurant called Poultry Palace,  Mini-Buzz Lightyear complains that he will never be played with because he’s just a display toy. Mini-Zurg (who actually prefers to stay) wants nothing to do with any attempt to change the way things are.

Small Fry Display

Bonnie is playing with the real Buzz in a ball pit when Mini-Buzz secretly climbs in and pulls the real Buzz underneath the balls so that Bonnie ends up picking up Mini-Buzz when she leaves the restaurant. Once Mini-Buzz gets home, he explains to the other toys that the balls in the ball pit shrunk him, and proceeds to generally annoy the whole gang.

Small Fry Confrontation

In the end, the real Buzz makes his way home, where his friends have already subdued the annoying Mini-Buzz.

Small Fry Buzz and Buzz

He is returned to the restaurant and all is back to ‘normal’. Of course, lots of other stuff happens along the way!

The Toy Story franchise has teased us with many toys within the movies, especially Toy Story 2, that you just can’t buy in the real world. So it was thrilling (yes, I’m that big of a Nerd) to find these fictitious fast-food toys in my local Toys-R-Us!

Small Fry Toy Set

2.5″ of Fun!

I love my full-sized Buzz Lightyear action figures (yes, I have more than one, and yes, I’m still that big of a Nerd) but I just can’t resist these little versions! They came in a companion pack:

Small Fry Package FrontSmall Fry Package Back

Let’s look at Buzz first:

Small Fry Mini BuzzSmall Fry Mini Buzz Back

Small Fry Mini Buzz Posed

And He’s Posable, Too!

Now let’s have a look at Emperor Zurg:

Small Fry Zurg Front

Small Fry Zurg Side LeftSmall Fry Zurg BackSmall Fry Side Right

Only His Arms are Posable

So these guys may be Small Fry, but are they awesome, or what?

Now we all know that Buzz Lightyear is a Space Ranger (at least, I think that’s the term we’re looking for). But would you like to meet The Original Space Ranger? Just click the link!

Pixar Lithographs from The Disney Store

I wish I had a complete set of lithographs representing the entire Pixar catalogue of films, but at least I have these three. The Disney Store did a great job with the selection of prints.

Let’s have a look. First, we have the original Toy Story from 1995:

Pixar Envelope Pixar Print Pixar Frame

This lithograph would have been released for the 1996 video release. The above pictures show the protective envelope, the lithograph itself, and the back side of the lithograph frame.

Next, we have a wonderful image from A Bug’s Life (1996):

Pixar Envelope Pixar Print Pixar Frame

Again, this lithograph would have been released in 1999 to commemorate the release of the film on video.

Last, but not least, is Toy Story 2 (1999):

Pixar EnvelopePixar PrintPixar Frame

This was released in 2000.

And that concludes my incomplete collection of Pixar lithographs from The Disney Store.

If you have a bit more time and would like to see more of my Pixar merchandise, check out these keychains and minis figurines.

Minis Figurines from Disney-Pixar Toy Story 2

Having a rabid fan base is like having a license to print money! Whenever one of us sees a new product, even if he has hundreds of similar items, he will nonetheless open his wallet and march obediently to the cash register. This happened to me recently when I spotted these Disney-Pixar Toy Story Minis:

Look at those eyes!

In my defense, I’ve always been a sucker for the ‘big eyes’ routine. Just look at how cute they look! Tell me you could resist them!

This line of PVC minis figurines are designed to look childlike in appearance, hence their charm. They vary in size from 1″ to 1.5″ and are Series 1. Heaven help me! Let’s have a look at the store display:

Toy Story Display FrontToy Story Display Back

Toy Story Display Side 1Toy Story Display Side 2

Now let’s look at the figures one at a time:

Minis Color Woody

Woody – The Leader

Woody’s hat is removable and he pivots at the waist.

Minis Jessie

Jessie – The Cowgirl

Jessie’s hat is removable and her head pivots.

Minis Winking Bullseye

Bullseye – The Faithful Companion

Bulleye’s head swivels. You’ll notice that he is missing his left pupil. So I guess we have to say that he is winking!

Minis Rex

Rex – The Nervous Rex

Rex’s head pivots. And… he has tiny little arms!

Minis Hamm

Hamm – The Practical Pig

Ham’s head pivots and if you look carefully, you’ll notice that he has a slot in his back. Feel free to make a donation! Oh, and he also has:

Minis Hamm Cork

A Cork

Minis Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear – The Disrupter

Buzz is not articulated in any way. Kind of feels like I’m saying something derogatory there…

Minis Zurg

Emperor Zurg – Evil Nemesis

Zurg is also not articulated in any way. Oh well, like Father like Son!

Minis LGM

LGM – Little Green Man

The LGM’s head swivels all the way around, which one would expect from a three-eyed alien!

Two things sealed the deal on my buying the entire set of these Minis. One was price. At just $2.99 CAN each, it was a much better value than Vinylmations or other blind box offerings. The second thing was that they were not a ‘blind’ purchase, you could see into the package to determine whom you were getting. I wonder how many more figures would be sold if the blind box feature was eliminated? And if the pricing were more reasonable like these Minis.

To continue, like most PVC offerings, there is a Special Edition figure:

Minis Classic Woody

Woody – Classic Black and White Special Edition

At first I was just going to buy this one figure. Then I thought I should also get the normal variation. But I couldn’t leave without his horse… and best friends, and… Oh, I just bought them all!

Minis Hats Off

Hats Off!

So hats off to the Disney-Pixar marketing department for getting me to shell out again for more character figures of characters I already have dozens of figures of. Man, but those guys are good!

For more Disney PVC figurines, click the link to check out an excellent box set of Gremlins!

Disney/Pixar Collectible Character Set

We may be entering the wonderful world of Disney knock-off merchandise with today’s post. There are several reasons why I say this, which we will cover as we go. First, here is the item in question:

Keychain Set 1

24 Carry Along Keychains

My first reason for suspecting the authenticity of this set is the price. You get 24 keychains for the small sum of $29.92 which equates to just $1.25 each. When have you ever seen official Disney merchandise sold that cheap? Of course, it was sold at Wal-Mart, so it could be an example of their cut-rate pricing deals with licensing companies. Or it could have been a sale price.

Keychain Set 001

Fairly generic packaging

This set also boasts ‘Made in China’, where we all know that respect for trademarks isn’t a priority, and from where most knock-off merchandise comes from.

However, the packaging does also mention RP Toys Ltd. of Mississauga (Canada) and CDI (Creative Designs International) Toys of Pennsylvania (United States) so there is some legitimacy there. But these could just be importing gateways.

Keychain Set 002

Nice assortment, none the less

Lastly, the quality isn’t up to Disney standards:

Keychain Set 004     Keychain Set 005

And what’s with the handwritten ‘2008’ on each keychain?

So each keychain does have a copyright Disney/Pixar as it should if real and not a knock-off product. But I’m afraid I’m still sceptical!

So what do you think? Is this character set a cheap knock-off, or just the product of a bad marketing deal?

NOTE: I can’t find this set on the Internet as a whole, but I did find the individual keychains for sale anywhere from $2.00 to $7.00 depending on the character. In case you’re wondering, I paid just $10.00 for the whole set on a local selling site.

Sinclair Oil Corporation Inspired Dinoco

The Sinclair Oil Corporation is an American petroleum corporation, founded by Harry F. Sinclair on May 1, 1916, by combining the assets of 11 small petroleum companies. Originally a New York corporation, Sinclair Oil reincorporated in Wyoming in 1976. The corporation’s logo features the silhouette of a large green dinosaur. And there is where the Disney/Pixar tie-in begins!

Sinclair Sales Video 011

Dinoco is an oil company/gas station that has been seen in Toy Story and Cars. In Toy Story, the logo is an Apatosaurus. In Cars, the logo is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dinoco may have been based on the Sinclair Oil Corporation, because it also uses an Apatosaurus as its logo (above).

I recently came across a vintage promotional film for Sinclair service station owners entitled Sinclair: You Are a Retailer. It likely dates from the early 1960’s if the vehicles in it are any indication.

Sinclair Sales Video 001

This was an extremely well done film for an in-house effort! And it yielded many interesting images…

Sinclair Sales Video 004     Sinclair Sales Video 006

Sinclair Sales Video 008

Directly above, you can see what a typical Sinclair service station looked like back in the days of full-service and friendly attendants. Below is what a Dinoco service station looked like in Toy Story:

Dinoco Station Toy Story

Let’s compare all three dinosaur logos side by side. First will be Sinclair, then Dinoco from Toy Story, and last Dinoco from Cars:

Sinclair Sales Video 011     Dinoco Toy Story     Dinoco Cars

The first two dinosaur logos are very close, but it appears the Dinoco of the Cars franchise decided to power up their Dino!

It was a real treat to find this vintage promotional film from Sinclair! And it is good to see that Disney/Pixar is paying homage to companies that have helped to shape the landscape we pass through on a daily basis.

Ding Ding! Fill’er up please!

Disney Phone Collection

I like collecting multiples of a type, like in this post: Phones! Disney phones to be precise. There have been so many different styles made that every flea market and antique shop usually has one or two for sale.

Unfortunately, the proprietors seem to think that ‘Disney’ connected to ‘phone’ means ‘big money’, which is rarely the case. Most Disney phones have been produced in recent years and in large numbers of manufacture, so value, although not low should at least be reasonable.

Many of the phones in my collection were bought in charity shops. So let’s have a look:

Disney Phones 005

My wife’s least favorite

Minnie Mouse Phone 001

Room for a personalized picture in the frame

Disney Phones 001

Orange tube under rocket lights up when phone rings

Disney Phones 002

Five sayings and animation when phone rings

Disney Phones 003

Music, jokes, and movement when phone rings

Disney Phones 004

Famous style of Mickey phone, early example

The phone above has been immortalized at the Pop Century Resort in Walt Disney World. It can be found ‘guarding’ the entrance to one of the buildings, as  shown below:

Pop Century Mickey Phone 1     Pop Century Mickey Phone 3

Pop Century Mickey Phone 4     Pop Century Mickey Phone 5

Now that’s a phone!

This phone style has also been rendered in miniature. Let’s have a look:

Disney Phones 006

Hallmark Ornament 2011 w/several spoken messages from Mickey

There is also a normal sized model with the touch pad instead of the rotary dial that I have. Obviously, it was produced in more modern times.

Disney Phones 007

And Mickey using his very own Mickey Mouse phone (1 1/2″ high)

I have a few more that are still in storage and when I find them, I will update this post. Each of these phones still work, but I don’t have a landline anymore!

Oh well, they make great decoration for the house.

Disney Lamps in Store

Whenever I’m out and about I like to find little bits of Disney. Usually I’ll see something out of the corner of my eye, like I did recently while visiting a big box home improvement store. We were looking for lighting for our new home, but I found these instead:

Lamps Princesses 5

Lamps Princesses 4     Lamps Princesses 3

Pretty as a Princess… lamp

This was a cool lamp with the addition of the Castle dresser base! Each drawer opened so that little treasures could be stored inside.

But wait, there was another Princess lamp selection, featuring just three of the famous ladies featured in the lamp above:

Lamps Princesses 2     Lamps Princesses 1

Belle must have begged off from this photo shoot!

As is common these days, the selection was very boy-girl skewed, as the next two selections will show:

Lamps Toy Story 1     Lamps Toy Story 2

Not to say that little girls can’t thrill to having Buzz or Woody lighting up their lives, but I think boys were the target of the design above, and of the one below:

Lamps Cars 1     Lamps Cars 2

Cars 2

Prices ranged between $30 and $40 CAN which I thought was a little bit high for the quality of the lamps. But the Disney license obviously pushes up the final sticker price.

Would you buy one of these lamps? Would you stand in a store and photograph them while people look at you and wonder why you’re doing it? Would you read a blog post about them?

I know you will answer ‘yes’ to at least 1 out of the 3 questions above!

Toy Story Woody Plush Backpack

If I had to choose a favorite character from Pixar’s Toy Story franchise, it would be Buzz Lightyear. But as a disneyana collector, I’m an equal opportunity kind of guy! So when I found this Woody backpack at a local charity shop, I just had to buy it:

Woody Backpack 009

Woody Backpack 001     Woody Backpack 002

30″ tall with hard vinyl head

I found him in excellent shape. But honestly, as far as a backpack goes, he falls a little short! This is how much room you have (in his back) to store things:

Woody Backpack 003     Woody Backpack 004

More like a purse than a backpack

Woody Backpack 005  Woody Backpack 007

Original tag and nice detailing on the belt buckle

There is another version that is a full plush backpack. The plush face doesn’t have the same character as the vinyl one:

Woody BP full plush

Photograph by Cute Sense

The full plush version would be more child friendly, as the hard vinyl face of the backpack I have could hurt if it were to strike the face. But if your child just wanted to take a very realistic Woody pal along with them, you couldn’t ask for a better back-buddy!

The 30″ Woody backpack is presently being sold on eBay for upwards of $30.00 US but I feel it is worth more than that. There is no manufacturer on the labels, but it does state that the item was made in China.

Disney-Pixar Comics Treasury

I was going to be away from home for a while and wanted something to take with me to read. So I went to my local Chapters and found this book in the discount section:

Comics Treasury 001     Comics Treasury 017

HarperCollins Publishers Inc. 2014

It contains 14 adaptions of the Pixar films with 1 extra bonus story involving Wall-E. I’ve read about half so far and have found a pattern developing, even though different writers are responsible for some of the titles.

Comics Treasury 002     Comics Treasury 003     Comics Treasury 004

Being as I know the stories inside-out, I can follow the edited versions presented in the book reasonably well. But for first-time readers, many panels would not make sense, as crucial details are left out. It is obvious that these adaptions were not penned by seasoned comic book writers, individuals with a consummate knowledge of conveying a bigger story into the sometimes limiting space of comic book boxes.

Comics Treasury 005     Comics Treasury 006     Comics Treasury 007

Now is as good a time as any to mention the bonus story entitled Wall-E: Recharge. As you would expect, there is no dialogue to help you understand what is happening, and because of the aforementioned inexperience of the writers with this medium the story is all-but incomprehensible!

Comics Treasury 010

Comics Treasury 008     Comics Treasury 009     Comics Treasury 011

The best part of this treasury is the artwork! Every artist brought a great sense of the original story to each title with some truly breath-taking visuals. As a comic book fan from way back, this was a treat to read based only on the pictures (yup, I’m a picture guy).

Comics Treasury 012     Comics Treasury 013     Comics Treasury 014

Not to be too tough on this treasury, it’s still a fun read with good work done by all of the creative talent involved. I would definitely recommend it to any Disney parent who would like a nice book of bedtime stories to share with their little Disney fans-to-be!

Comics Treasury 015     Comics Treasury 016

Buzz and Woody Parade Car

Before heading to Florida earlier this month, I purchased a Disney collectible from someone online. Shipping to Canada was going to be cost prohibitive, so I had the lady send it to my inlaws in Sebastian, FL. Being as we were going to be staying there overnight, it seemed the best option.

So when we arrived at the inlaws trailer, the first thing we saw was a package addressed to me! What can I say, I like starting a vacation with gifts.

2015 Vacation Swag 012

Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade

This was a fun parade that ran from October 1, 2001 to March 8, 2008. According to the Disney Wiki site, “It moved to Walt Disney Studios Park at the Disneyland Resort Paris in France in March 2008 under the name Disney Stars ‘n’ Cars. The parade was a cavalcade of Disney characters (and a unit based on Star Wars and Power Rangers) in themed automobiles in a very Hollywood style.”

2015 Vacation Swag 014

2015 Vacation Swag 013

I love the detailing!

When I bought this, sight unseen, I thought it was bigger and made of ceramic. But it’s actually quite small and die cast. But I still love it because it features two of my favorite Disney characters from one of my all-time favorite Pixar films, Toy Story!

Do you have a favorite star and car from this parade?