Suffering from the Collecting Bug is an incurable affliction that I have long since come to grips with. (My name is Lee. I’m a collector. Hello, Lee!) So when I recently found Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Packs on sale, I just had to buy some! Then I bought MORE. This post is an update to the previous post entitled Mystery Stack Pack featuring Disney Tsum Tsum.

Update Anger Together

Anger from Inside Out

Anger is my favorite character from the Pixar film Inside Out. So whenever I can find a figure of him, I add it to my Anger Management collection. Which you can see here (glow in the dark) and here (plush).

Update Anger Set

NOT Managing Anger Here!

These are the second-smallest size of Tsum Tsum and are made to be stacked on top of the next size up.

I love the fire feature on Anger’s head, and:

Update Anger Tie

His Tie!

Also, until I took the above picture, I didn’t know that there was so much text on the characters! Who has good enough eyes to read that?!?

I originally bought nine packages and ended up with seven different characters with the two duplicates both being The Red Queen. This time I bought three packages and only got one new character. Care to guess what the other two were?

You guessed it: both The Red Queen. I now have five Red Queens! And that’s your Mystery Stack Pack Update for the day.

Mystery Stack Pack featuring Disney Tsum Tsum

Good old Walmart. Always a toy on the shelf, and as it happens, on sale! The Tsum Tsum craze is moving along with more merchandise twists added to capitalize. And so we have Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Pack.

Mystery Stack Pack Group

 Series 2

Actually, I picked up nine packages, some from Walmart and the rest from Toys-R-Us. Both had them on sale for under $3.00 CAN per pack. With each package, you get a small Tsum Tsum figure and a stacking accessory.

Mystery Stack Pack Baggies

A Mystery No More!

Out of the nine mystery packages I purchased, I got three of one character (The Red Queen) but no other duplicates. So not a bad average for a blind buy!

So here are the seven characters I got:

Mystery Stack Pack Queen of HeartsMystery Stack Pack Queen Stacked

The Red Queen

Mystery Stack Pack MickeyMystery Stack Pack Mickey Stacked

Mickey Mouse

Mystery Stack Pack ChipMystery Stack Pack Chip Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack SuzyMystery Stack Pack Suzy Stacked

Suzy (from Cinderella)

Mystery Stack Pack EeyoreMystery Stack Pack Eeyore Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack OlafMystery Stack Pack Olaf Stacked


Mystery Stack Pack Jiminy CricketMystery Stack Pack Jiminy Stacked

Jiminy Cricket

These are designed to stack on the back of the medium Tsum Tsum characters. You can stack them on each other but then they are wobbly at best! It is pretty hard to get the character to stay on his/her own prop!

Here is a group shot:

Mystery Stack Pack Group Shot

Which Is Your Favorite?

The Series 2 set has fifteen characters including Buzz Lightyear and the LGM from Toy Story. These were the two I was hoping for.

Now I don’t know whether to go back and buy more Mystery Stack Pack, er… packs, or just be satisfied with what I have. Blast these mystery packs/blind boxes of Disney!

In case you aren’t up on just what a Tsum Tsum is:

Disney Tsum Tsum is the name of a range of collectible toys based upon Disney characters (including characters from the Disney-owned Star Wars and Marvel franchises). The name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning “to stack”, because the toys are shaped like rectangles and designed to stack on top of each other, forming a pyramid shape.

With four basic sizes and a few different materials, there is a Tsum Tsum for everyone. At least, that’s what Disney marketing hopes!

Check out more of my Tsum Tsum collection here.

Tsum Tsum Stackable Collectible Figurines

Disney and I have a partnership going that is pretty lopsided! They put out collectible whatever and I buy it. They get my money, and I get… stuff. Case in point: Tsum Tsum stackable collectible figurines!

Tsum Tsum Front Packaging

Nine in a Set

I’ve resisted branching out into the smaller plastic versions of this merchandise line after adding an assortment of the original plush versions to my collection. You can see those here. The link will take you to a Swedish Chef Tsum Tsum, but that post has a link to other plush Tsum Tsum characters as well.

Tsum Tsum Back Packaging

The Backside of Tsum Tsum

And by ‘backside’ I mean their backsides! Don’t look at Snow White, it would be rude.

Now let’s free the little critters:

Tsum Tsum Open Packaging

Who is the mystery character?

More on who the mystery character is later. In each of these sets, you get three large, three medium, and three small sizes of characters. My large characters are:

Tsum Tsum Stitch


Tsum Tsum Snow White

Snow White

Tsum Tsum Eeyore


My medium characters are:

Tsum Tsum Lady


Tsum Tsum Hiro

Hiro (Mystery Character)

I was pleasantly surprised to get Hiro, as Big Hero 6 is one of my favorite Disney movies!

Tsum Tsum Buzz

Buzz Lightyear

I actually broke down and bought this set solely because of this Buzz Lightyear figure. Buzz as a tiny gerbil? Irresistible!

And finally, my small characters are:

Tsum Tsum Tiny Ones

Joy, Piglet, and Mickey Mouse

A secondary reason for buying this set was to obtain the Joy character for my wife.

These silly little things could definitely grow on me and I already realize that I will have to put up a strong fight against buying more! And how will I know what to look for?

Tsum Tsum CG Cover

Tsum Tsum Collector Guide

This little fold-out booklet comes with every set of Tsum Tsum stackable figures. What I purchased is part of the Series 2 collection:

Tsum Tsum Collector Guide

40 Characters in all!

Now keep in mind that if you want the complete series, you will have to collect 120 individual pieces, as each character comes in all three sizes of small, medium, and large. Depending on how Disney has apportioned the characters throughout the packs, you will have to buy at least 13 packs at $19.97 each. Round that up to an even $20.00 and those 13 packs are going to cost you $260.00 CAN.

Now I’m sure I’ve seen duplicates of characters in multiple packs, which means you will have to buy more packs and you will end up with duplicate characters. So I advise trading with friends!

So will you zoom zoom to the store to buy these Tsum Tsum figures?

Muppets Swedish Chef Tsum Tsum

It seems that these little gerbils are going to take over my display shelves. Just when I think I have enough to represent the merchandise line, Disney goes and releases a too-cute version of one of my favorite characters!

But before I show you the Swedish Chef in all his plushy glory, I’d like to share with you some inspirational words from this Master Chef: “Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue, Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! bork! bork!” Someday when I understand these words, they will change my life!

And now, the Legend:


“Oh, I’m der plushy!”

I have a growing Swedish Chef display atop my fridge and this little guy will be joining it soon.


His hat looks like bunny ears!


Apron nicely tied in the back


And his signature bow tie

Sometimes I go into a store not expecting to buy anything (my wife rolls her eyes) and then see something that I can’t leave without. Okay, for me, this happens every time I enter a Disney Store! Pity me. Don’t judge me!

But in my defense for this time, he is cute, right?

You can have more cute plushy fun by checking out our other Tsum Tsum posts!

Sleeping Tsum Tsum

When the little plush Tsum Tsum characters came out (Series One) they had both eyes open. Then Series Two had them with one eye winking. Now? We have presumably Series Three with the characters fast asleep:


Cute Meter broken!

My wife loves Eeyore and so I quickly pointed out the little gray ball of fur. But when she saw the little Dumbo, it became a two-fer purchase!


I wasn’t particularly stuck on these little gerbils when they first came out but they have grown on me. Maybe they’re like those prolific Tribbles from Star Trek? They suck you in and then you can’t have just one!

sleepy-tsum-tsum-002     sleepy-tsum-tsum-001

I think this is my favorite version so far. Now I just wonder what Disney could do with this merchandise line next: Eye patches? Eye glasses? Two x’s for eyes (but that would mean they were dead. Ick!)

Well, whatever Disney decides to do next, I’ll probably end up with at least one character from Series Four!


If you just love these little guys, be sure to check out my other posts with Mickey and Minnie and Starlord Tsum Tsum characters.

Mickey & Minnie Tsum Tsum

I finally decided that if I was going to have a small collection of Disney tsum tsum I had better add the two most iconic characters of all time:

M and M Tsum Tsum 005

Mickey and Minnie

I really didn’t intend to get any of this line of merchandise but Wal-mart had them on sale and they had me at ‘discount’.

M and M Tsum Tsum 002     M and M Tsum Tsum 001

M and M Tsum Tsum 003     M and M Tsum Tsum 004

I still think the whole bunch of characters look like little gerbils but maybe that’s part of their charm?

To see what other tsum tsum I was suckered into buying check out the post entitled Toy Story Tsum Tsum Pyramid. You can see more about my gerbil theory too!

Toy Story Tsum Tsum Pyramid

I only just recently gave in and picked up one character from this gimmick, that being Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy, and then only because he was on sale. But Disney knows that when you get the hook set it’s time to reel the fish in!

And reel me in Disney did:

Tsum Tsum 1

Diabolically cute!

Tsum Tsum 2     Tsum Tsum 3

‘Originally from Japan’, and for the sake of my bank account, I wish they had stayed there! But they didn’t, and so I now own seven of them. I hope this isn’t where I have to say ‘and counting’.

Let’s look at the individual characters starting at the top of the pyramid:

Tsum Tsum 4 Tsum Tsum 5

Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear (or Lotso to his enemies)

So although he is a plush bear in Toy Story 3 he looks more like a gerbil in his Tsum Tsum form. In fact, every character does. See for yourself:

Tsum Tsum 6 Tsum Tsum 7

LGG (or Little Green Gerbil)

Tsum Tsum 8 Tsum Tsum 9

Buzz Lightyear (a.k.a. The Cosmic Gerbil)

Let’s take a break and look at a real gerbil for comparison:


A real-life Tsum Tsum gerbil!

Well, am I right or am I right? If we’re all agreed, back to our characters:

Tsum Tsum 10 Tsum Tsum 11

Hamm (or Piggy Bank/Gerbil)

Tsum Tsum 12 Tsum Tsum 13

Cowbil Woody (see what I did there?)

Tsum Tsum 14 Tsum Tsum 15

Cutest Award Recipient: Bullseye the Gerbil

Wal-Mart was selling these for $5.00 regular price but I got them on sale for $4.00 a piece. I love Toy Story and the Bullseye gerbil got to me. And then I couldn’t buy just one. And then I thought I heard Walt Disney urging me to buy all of them, but I think that may have been some jerk messing with me over the P.A. system. I may never know for sure!

Long story a bit longer, I bought all of the Toy Story characters available.

I feel so weak!

Starlord Tsum Tsum

The title of this post probably sounds like a foreign language to some readers, but to fans of the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, it indicates their leader: Starlord

Starlord Tsum Tsum 001

Tsum Tsum

Of course, the above repetition of words might be harder to understand! Here is the official description from the Disney Store: “Join the craze that began in Japan! Our “Tsum Tsum” Plush Collection is full of the fluffiest friends, and is now on mugs, dishes, iPhone covers and more!

There are three main categories of Tsum Tsums: Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel. The last category is where our Starlord example comes from.

Starlord Tsum Tsum 002     Starlord Tsum Tsum 003

Not the handsomest Tsum Tsum out there!

I have resisted jumping on the Tsum Tsum bandwagon until recently when I saw this example on sale for just $1.49 at a local Disney Store (regular price is $5.95). For that discounted price, I felt I would temper my aversion to the craze and buy one. But only one!

This product line joins Trading Pins, Vinylmations, and countless other character-based gimmicks in Disney’s ongoing attempt to part us from our money by turning us all into obsessive collectors.

With that in mind, it didn’t take Disney long to capitalize on the popularity of the Tsum Tsum by releasing medium versions ($12.95), large versions ($24.95), mugs ($12.95), iPhone covers ($39.95), a clothing line, and also vinyl versions.

Starlord Tsum Tsum 004     Starlord Tsum Tsum 005

Detailing is quite well done

One problem I see with this line of merchandise is the size of these mini plush versions. Take a look at what happens when the labels are added:

Starlord Tsum Tsum 006     Starlord Tsum Tsum 007

Am I buying Starlord or labels?

Four labels for such a small product seem excessive, especially when two of them basically say the same thing: Marvel.

I guess I felt kind of sorry for the little galactic hero, sitting in his discount bin, without a friend in the world. And now I can say I own at least one Tsum Tsum. But only one!