Classic Tigger Figurine by Beswick of England

So are you a fan of the classic Winnie the Pooh look or have you grown up on the Disney version? I like both, but I must say, this classic Tigger figurine by Beswick is awesome:

Tigger Figurine front

T I double Guh Ur!

Alan Alexander Milne was an English author, best known for his books about the teddy bear Winnie the Pooh and for various poems. Milne was a noted writer, primarily as a playwright, before the huge success of Pooh overshadowed all his previous work. And then Disney got ahold of his franchise and the rest is history!

Tigger Figurine right sideTigger Figurine left side

“And we’re the only ones!”

John Beswick Ltd., formerly J. W. Beswick, was a pottery manufacturer, founded in 1892 by James Wright Beswick and his sons John and Gilbert in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. In 1969, the business was sold to Doulton & Co. Ltd. The factory closed in 2002 and the brand John Beswick was sold in 2004. The pottery company was chiefly known for producing high-quality porcelain figurines like the one featured here.

Tigger Figurine back

Psst! Look behind you!

In 1952, Beswick began manufacturing a range of Disney characters including Snow White, Mickey Mouse, and Bambi. And of course, the cast of the Winnie the Pooh stories. It is likely that the Pooh figurines were released in the late 1960’s according to a consensus of eBay Sellers.

Tigger Figurine bottom

This Tigger was one of a set of eight characters:

Tigger figurine set

The gang’s all there

Tut, tut! I must say that Piglet seems twice his usual size in comparison to the other characters. “Probably my fault” says Eeyore.

These figurines are plentiful on eBay and other selling sites and range in asking price from $20 to $90 each. My advice would be to buy the lower-priced offerings.

To see more Tigger figurines, check out these archived posts featuring one from Britto and another from the Arribas Brothers.

Jim Shore Collectible Winnie the Pooh Egg

Winnie the Pooh is a fictional anthropomorphic teddy bear created by English author A. A. Milne. The first collection of stories about the character was the book Winnie-the-Pooh from 1926 but it was followed by many others. The original look of the characters was designed and illustrated by E. H. Shepard. But as you will see, Jim Shore has given his take on the character of the silly old bear with this Pooh Egg:

Pooh Egg Front

There must be hunny!

Jim Shore’s official website has this to say about his unique artistic style: “Jim Shore grew up in rural South Carolina, the son of artistic parents who instilled a love of the traditional imagery of American folk art. His grandmother was a master quilter who taught him an appreciation for the patience and skill required to bring intricate designs to life. Jim drew inspiration from these roots.

Pooh Egg RSPooh Egg LS

His figurines have a chiseled look to them. They are then covered in somewhat random folk art patterns.

Pooh Egg Back

Definitely a Pooh Egg shape!

Shore has tackled most of the biggest Disney characters but has also done many other franchises as well. Warner Brothers and Peanuts along with Hanna Barbera, to name but a few.

Pooh Egg Bottom

A large part of Jim’s popularity is based on his successful partnership with Disney. Again, his official website has this to say about this arrangement: “Jim’s unique design style applied to iconic Disney characters has made Disney Traditions by Jim Shore one of the most successful co-branded lines in the gift and home decor industry. “”I’m extremely proud of my association with Disney,”” Jim says of the relationship. “”I can’t think of a more important name in American popular culture, it’s a privilege to be linked with that kind of tradition.”” Disney Traditions by Jim Shore has sold more than $100 million at retail and can be found at Disney parks and fine retailers throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

And he just sold another one to a Canadian in rural Ontario.

Pewter Winnie the Pooh Bank

Alternate names for this post: Winnie the Pewter. Pooh Bank. OK, that’s all I got! But sometimes the real fun of posting is coming up with the post name.

So, enough of that, let’s take a look at the piece:

Pewter Pooh 002

This little cutie is about 4″ tall and in need of some serious cleaning. I’m not sure if I want to have it shining like new as I kind of like the patina.

Pewter Pooh 004          Pewter Pooh 003

This little bank is obviously not for the well-to-do as you wouldn’t get a whole lot of pocket change inside!

Pewter Pooh 005

Bottoms Up!

The first thing I look for in a piggy bank is if the cork or stopper is still inserted. Most banks you find have this part missing, which I feel affects the value and collectibility.

Pewter Pooh 006

It was empty when I got it 🙁

I cannot find any information about this bank so do not know how old it is nor can I extrapolate a value. Other metal Pooh banks are being sold on eBay as of the date of this posting for between $20 and $40.

For more pewter Disney items, check out our earlier post entitled Pewter Epcot Center Bell and Figment Figure.

Winnie the Pooh Nightlight

Or… is it? This little ceramic piece is quite a mystery. It resembles other nightlights in structure but I can’t figure out how any light would escape it if it had a bulb in it.

Let’s have a look together:

Winnie the Pooh Night Light 1

Roughly 4″ square and 2″ deep

Uses aside, it will make a great display piece with a classic style Pooh and a charming little blue bird. He is sitting on a window ledge looking out with the inside shutters open.

Now let’s have a look at the back so we can ponder our mystery:

Winnie the Pooh Night Light 3

Stamped ‘Disney’

It is the perfect size for a nightlight bulb to fit inside. Also note the notches at the bottom which would allow a base to be slid in. Presumably the same base would have prongs for plugging into an outlet. If it is indeed a nightlight shade.

Winnie the Pooh Night Light 2

Well, with a little research I have found a ceramic Winnie the Pooh nightlight that will help us to confirm once and for all that our example is also a nightlight:

Example 1     Example 2

Same material and rear configuration

And my wife has conducted an experiment to determine if light could indeed shine through such a dense ceramic shell, and if so, how much. I am missing the nightlight mechanism so she held it up to a ceiling light and it does indeed light up! The light shows through the window panes. So it wouldn’t give much light, but it would try.

Mystery solved.

Hundred Acre Wood Wall Map

Hallmark stores are almost becoming as good as, or better than, The Disney Store for offering great Disney treasures! I kid you not.

Take a look at what we just picked up yesterday:

HAW Plaque 001

Hundred Acre Wood Map 001

15″ W x 15″ H x 1 1/2″ D

This great reproduction of the Hundred Acre Wood map can stand or be hung, which is what we have done with it. It features all of your favorite characters from the A. A. Milne’s classic Pooh stories. Here are closer looks at each corner of the piece:

Hundred Acre Wood Map UL

The houses of Rabbit, Kanga, and Owl

Hundred Acre Wood Map UR

Christopher Robin’s house

Hundred Acre Wood Map LL

Winnie the Pooh’s house (or Mr. Sander’s, depending on who you ask)

Hundred Acre Wood Map LR

Eeyore’s gloomy place… er, house

The only omission is Piglet’s house. Poor little guy! But he shouldn’t feel too bad as Tigger is missing altogether! Most of the other main attractions of the Hundred Acre Wood are represented here.

In conclusion, kudos to Hallmark for offering such wonderful things. And to Christopher Robin we say: Work on your spelling!

Disney Magazine Lot

While picking through a local flea market, I found some Disney Store merchandise catalogues. The asking price was 50 cents apiece and I was sorting through them to see which ones I wanted. But then, on the shelf directly below them, I spotted some hardcover Disney books. I switched to them. But then, on the shelf directly below them, I found the Mother Load:

Disney Magazines 003

18 Disney Magazines!

Actually, 17 Disney Magazine issues, and one Disneyana Magazine. Let’s have a look at some of the best covers:

Disney Magazines 005     Disney Magazines 006

Disney Magazines 011

Disney Magazines 007     Who remembers Bill Nye the Science Guy?

Everyone loves an Anniversary!     Disney Magazines 009

Disney Magazines 008

Disney Magazines 010

Stepping out in style!

I especially like these magazines because they are a snapshot of the Disney company throughout the years. The earliest magazine in this set is from Fall of 1994 with the latest being from 2004.

The earlier magazines had a full-page pull-out image that was suitable for framing. Fortunately, all of the image pages were still in each magazine. Let’s have a look at some of the best of these:

Disney Magazines 015

Neat to see the castle in the plan stage!

Disney Magazines 012     Slippery fun at the Magic Kingdom

Time for a tasty treat!     Disney Magazines 013

Disney Magazines 014

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at some Disney memories courtesy of these old issues of the Disney Magazine!

Splash Mountain Decorative Collectible

My favorite attraction in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland is Splash Mountain. It gives one of the longest rides. It has perhaps the most animatronic figures. And… it is one of the most awesome flume rides ever!

So when I can find unique collectibles featuring this ride, I snap them up. The piece I’m featuring today was found in a large flea market in Florida:

Splash Mountain Sculpture 007

Splash Mountain Sculpture 002     Splash Mountain Sculpture 003

Splash Mountain Sculpture 004     Splash Mountain Sculpture 005

This is a great concept as it makes a nice piece even when it is not opened up. But when you open it, the display potential explodes!

Splash Mountain Sculpture 008

Tigger and Winnie the Pooh are riding the flume together and can be removed from the piece. Why these two Disney characters were added to a Splash Mountain collectible is unclear, although they do appear to be having fun!

Splash Mountain Sculpture 009     Splash Mountain Sculpture 010

At least Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear get to wait in ambush, but I think they’ll be surprised when they catch a Tigger and a Pooh Bear instead of Br’er Rabbit!

Splash Mountain Sculpture 011

“Please keep paws and cute noses inside the log at all times.”

It’s pieces like this that make my day as a disneyana collector! If you’d like to see another post about Splash Mountain, you can view my post entitled Br’er Chicken on Splash Mountain. I bet you didn’t know there was a Br’er Chicken, did ya?

Disney Fun Fast Food Toys

Once upon a time, in a marketing deal long long ago, two big companies decided to team up to give the world some of the greatest little toys in the history of promotional giveaways. Disney and McDonald’s restaurants no longer work together, but what they left behind still brings joy to perusers of yard sale tables and collectible shops alike!

As an example, I bring you seven Character Viewers based on Disneyland attractions and shows:

McD Toys Disneyland PP 1 +

McD Toys Disneyland PP 2 +

Blurry because I had a little too much grog before taking the picture

This slide shows a staged scene from a show that had live actors portraying a battle between Captain Hook and his pirates and Peter Pan. You can see a short snippet of it in this YouTube video.

McD Toys Disneyland JC 1 +

McD Toys Disneyland JC 2 +

King Louie as a Captain on the Jungle Cruise. Nuff said.

McD Toys Disneyland MK 1 +

McD Toys Disneyland MK 2 +

The Lion King Celebration was a parade based on the animated film The Lion King. It was designed to tell the story of Simba as if it were a tale passed down in Africa for generations. Its parade featured six floats designed around different aspects of Africa, dancers dressed in animal costumes and a Pride Rock float featuring Simba. The parade ran at Disneyland from June 1, 1994 to June 1, 1997, after which four of the floats were moved to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the Festival of the Lion King show.

This slide likely shows a staged segment of the parade that wasn’t necessarily in the actual procession. This parade replaced the Aladdin’s Royal Caravan and then was itself replaced by Hercules’ Victory Parade.

McD Toys Disneyland ScM 1 +

McD Toys Disneyland ScM 2 +

Mickey and Space Mountain: Great Combination!

McD Toys Disneyland TM 1 +

McD Toys Disneyland TM 2 +

When I first saw Winnie the Pooh riding a train, I was expecting a slide showing the Disneyland Railroad. But instead I was treated to this great shot of The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! So… did Pooh move from the 100-acre wood to the wildest mountain range of the old west?

McD Toys Disneyland TT 1 +

McD Toys Disneyland TT 2 +

The ultimate Toontown!

Now that Walt Disney World’s Toontown is gone, will Disneyland’s version soon suffer the same fate? As changes continue to come and expansion space becomes harder to find, it may be a good idea to visit this great area as soon as possible! Here is a link to Disney Dose that covers the attractions and postulates on the future of Toontown.

And now I’ve left my favorite to the last:

McD Toys Disneyland SM 1 +

McD Toys Disneyland SM 2 +

Splash Mountain

This slide shows the original configuration for the logs, with side-by-side seating. Interestingly, Br’er Bear seems to have thought ahead and predicted the change to a one-behind-the-other configuration. Here are Karen and I ‘enjoying’ our first plummet down the mountain:

Disneyland 831

So although we can’t go to our favorite Fast Food place and walk out with a Disney toy anymore, with the tens of thousands of Disney-related toys produced between 1988 and 2007, we can always check out eBay for those must-haves!

Check out the link for everything you didn’t want to know about the McDonald’s Happy Meal and the toys that came with them.

Pooh Style

It’s a pity that children get to wear all of the really cool Disney fashions! I mean, really, if I were to put this on…

Clothing Pooh hat +

… and walk around among other adults (and I use that term loosely in describing myself) what would happen? Strange looks, perhaps a snigger or two. Now I ask you, is that fair?

And if I wanted to carry some stuff with me, why can’t I wear this:

Clothing Pooh Backpack Plush +

OK, it wouldn’t fit me, but…

I think I’d look even cuter than usual!

Winnie the Pooh hats and backpacks. Not just for kids anymore! Who’s with me?