Emperor’s New Groove Disney Store Lithographs

I just can’t get enough of the exclusive lithographs from The Disney Store! This post features a nice set from the movie The Emperor’s New Groove.

Emperor's New Groove Cover

It’s hard to believe that this film was released over 17 years ago back in the year 2000! Just before the Y2K virus destroyed the world. Good times! Good times!

Emperor's New Groove Back Cover

It was the 40th feature-length animated film from the studio and was basically a buddy picture. Well, as ‘buddy’ as a big fat guy and a talking llama can be buddies.

Emperor's New Groove Folder Open

Folder Open with Pictures Inside

 Some of these folders can be quite beautiful, like the ones for Lady and the Tramp and The Little Mermaid. Not to be outdone, Kuzko made sure his folder was ultra-cool too!

Emperor's New Groove Folder Empty

Folder Open but Empty

This artwork from the film is a nice touch. Now let’s have a look at the lithographs themselves. And as with most of these sets, the pictures themselves don’t have titles, so I will be adding my own:

Emperor's New Groove Directions

“Squeakity Squeak Squeak Squeakity!”

Man, you just ask a squirrel which way a talking llama went and you have to listen to him talk about his nuts and his family. Or was that his nutty family? Either way, just tell me which way the talking llama went!

Emperor's New Groove On Purpose

“I’m about to do something on purpose!”

With a ‘buddy’ like Kuzko along on the journey, I think anyone would eventually consider doing something untoward accicentally ‘on purpose’. If you get my meaning.

Emperor's New Groove Kuzkotopia


Okay, it was totally bad of Kuzko to plan to evict an entire village just to build a self-themed adventure park… but I so want to go there! I may even want an Annual Pass!

Emperor's New Groove Baby Kuzko

“Give me more!”

The Emperor’s New Groove is filled with awesome moments, but the one depicted in the image above was probably one of the funniest. Until Kuzko goes all ‘Kuzko’ and then the baby-cuteness moment is gone! Still funny though.

COOL FACT: The fourth wall is broken many times in this film. And you thought Deadpool invented that gag! And just what is ‘The Fourth Wall’? It is the imaginary “wall” at the front of a stage in a traditional three-walled box-like stage in a proscenium theatre (a proscenium is the area of a theatre surrounding the stage opening and literally means “in front of the scenery”), through which the audience sees the action in the world of the play. The concept is usually attributed to the philosopher, critic and dramatist Denis Diderot. And now you know.

So how does one break this wall? Any time a character turns to the camera, addresses the audience, or makes a comment that makes it seem like he KNOWS he’s in a TV show or a play, he’s said to be “breaking the fourth wall” – the wall that separates him from the audience.

For even more lithographs, check out these ones from Monsters Inc., also from The Disney Store.

Luggage: Mickey and Minnie Disney Day Bag

We don’t have a lot of Disney-themed luggage but it is nice to have one or two pieces to add a bit of fun to our trips. Recently friends of ours gave us this nice Disney Day Bag:

Luggage Day Bag

Approximately 8″W x 8″D x 18″L

This is a perfect size for day trips or overnight stays. We will probably use it to carry toiletries and such.

Luggage Bag Side

Mickey and Minnie are shown in their classic versions in both black and white and with some splashes of color.

Luggage Bag Inside

The inside of the bag is bright red which matches the color of the zipper and Minnie’s hat.

Luggage Bag Tag FrontLuggage Bag Tag Back

Global Design Concepts Inc.

So the next time we take a trip we will do so in Disney style!

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Walt’s Gate at Disney’s Birthplace, Chicago

Walt Disney’s birthplace in Chicago was a beautiful little home with a welcoming front porch, just beyond the gate. No one was home when I arrived, so I decided to wait:

Walt's Gate

Was this fence and gate there when a young Walt returned home each day oh those many years ago?

It was fun to stand where he would have walked and played!

Be sure to check out my full attraction review of Walt’s Birthplace by clicking the link.

Little Mermaid Disney Store Exclusive Lithographs

I just love the exclusive series of lithographs that The Disney Store has released over the years! Today I am featuring one of the best-loved Disney Princesses, Ariel, The Little Mermaid:

Little Mermaid Folder Cover

Beautiful Cover Art on the Folder

Little Mermaid Back Cover

Preview of Lithographs on Back of Folder

The Little Mermaid was released in 1989. No date is stamped on the folder so this set could have been released in 1989 or at any other time when the movie was re-released.

Little Mermaid Folder w/pics

Inside Design of Folder

Not all folders are created equal. This one is a little more elaborate than most with a nice picture of Triton’s palace and an undersea scape. Below is a shot of the open folder without the lithographs inside:

Little Mermaid Folder w/o pics

And now, on to the lithographs themselves. Very few of The Disney Store lithographs have titles on them, which is the case for these Little Mermaid examples. So I will make up my own!

Little Mermaid Family


Little Mermaid Ursela

Getting Ready for Nastiness

Little Mermaid Meeting

From Here to… the Beach

Little Mermaid Under the Sea

Under the Sea Extravaganza

These prints certainly capture the rich tones of this undersea movie. Each print is 11″ by 14″ and suitable for framing. You can find these on eBay now for from $5.00 each or from $10.00 for the set. And then some others are asking way too much!


  • The movie was based on the Danish fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen
  • The Little Mermaid was Disney’s 28th feature-length animated film
  • It marked the start of the era known as the Disney Renaissance
  • It’s estimated that over a million bubbles were drawn for this film
  • It was the last Disney feature film to use the traditional hand-painted cel method of animation

For a look at some real live mermaids, take a trip with me to Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida. No snorkel required!

Dick Tracy Official Movie Souvenir Magazine

Dick Tracy is one of the longest running detective series that got it’s start in newspapers, leapt to radio and then on to the small screen. Later it was made into a series of lower budgeted black and white movies.

In 1990, the Disney Company took a shot at the character (see what I did there?) and turned the yellow-coated gumshoe into a hit! I recently found this mint condition souvenir magazine for the movie:

Dick Tracy Cover

It contains 13 chapters (Tracy scoffs at bad luck!) featuring cast interviews, behind the scenes pictures, and much more. Let’s have a look inside:

When you think of it, fifty bucks for an authentic rogue’s mask isn’t too bad of a deal!

Dick Tracy Warren Beatty

Star Warren Beatty, who also directed

Dick Tracy Collectibles

This page spoke directly to my heart! I love collectibles and vintage ones are just too hard to resist.

Dick Tracy Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke

In one of his rare villainous roles, Van Dyke plays a corrupt official who doesn’t show his true colors until the end of the movie. Whoops, I guess I should have said ‘Spoiler Alert’ before typing that!

You can read a little aside about this role in Van Dyke’s memoir book entitled My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business. Click the link for my review!

Dick Tracy Rogues

Dick Tracy Sculpt

Dick Tracy Merchandise

There is a lot of stuff in this magazine for the movie fan who likes to go behind the magic and learn how it was done.

Dick Tracy Trading Cards

Dick Tracy Topps collectible cards are awesome and this set looks like it would be no exception!

I picked this item up at a local flea market for about $3.00 CAN but it’s value as a collectible is worth far more than that to me!


  • This movie was released in theaters with the Roger Rabbit short, Roller Coaster Rabbit.
  • According to a trailer, this film was originally going to be released by Walt Disney Pictures. This likely happened before it got its rating, because the final version was released by Touchstone Pictures.

Magical Blogorail: Disney Splurges – Specialty Apparel

There are a lot of things in this world that we want but don’t need. And that is why we invented the word ‘Splurge’! And when we go to a Disney resort or theme park, we just might splurge on a piece of specialty apparel.

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing fun ways to splurge at Disney.

Specialty Apparel Mannequins

T-shirts for all!

Now let’s get serious. A t-shirt would never qualify as a ‘splurge’ but rather an indulgence we all partake of due to the relatively inexpensive cost of such a piece of Disney clothing. Well, until Disney cranks up the retail price!

No, to qualify as a true ‘splurge’ the item must be frivolous, ridiculous, or unreasonably expensive. Let’s look at something frivolous first:

Specialty Apparel Sombrero

Frivolous: Not having any serious purpose or value. I think we can all agree that a rainbow sombrero would qualify as a frivolous clothing purchase! You can splurge on one of  these beauties at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot at Walt Disney World.

Besides, you know you couldn’t look as good as I do in one, so why invite disappointment? Next, we look at something ridiculous:

Specialty Apparel Minnie Dress

Ridiculous: Deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd. This little Minnie Mouse ensemble might work for a costume party but outside of that it would have very little value in anyone’s wardrobe! Unless you were a young girl with a strong sense of self. For anyone else, buying this would be a ridiculous waste of money, invite mockery, but… constitute a definite ‘splurge’!

Now let’s look at something expensive:

Specialty Apparel Komono

Expensive: Costing a lot of money. Buying anything from a source country while visiting the pavilions in Epcot is definitely one way to spend a lot of money. So perhaps this would be the ultimate splurge when it comes to specialty apparel!

At the Japan Pavilion, a Cast Member will help you pick out a custom Kimono Robe with all the accessories. When we went to Walt Disney World in 2006, we could afford to splurge on the above picture!

So what piece of specialty apparel at Disney do you splurge on?

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Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Blue  | Disney Splurges Loop:

Tarzan Disney Store Exclusive Lithographs

Tarzan was released in 1999 by the Walt Disney Feature Animation unit and was the 37th Disney animated feature film. It was also the last film of the Disney Renaissance era. It was based on the story Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs and is the first animated major motion picture version of the Tarzan story.

I was beside myself when I first saw the trailers for this adaption of Tarzan! It looked so incredibly cool and the film did not disappoint.

So when I found these lithographs from The Disney Store, they just had to find their way into my collection!

Tarzan Litho Cover 2

Cover Sleeve

Some of the sleeves or folders for The Disney Store lithographs are quite elaborate. In the above instance, however, understatement ruled the day. But the print itself is striking:

Tarzan Litho 2

To the Death!

One of the most exciting scenes is the fight between Tarzan and a cheetah, presumably the one who killed his parents. This battle goes a long way to establishing Tarzan as the Lord of the Jungle!

Tarzan Litho Back 2

Back Cover of Lithograph Frame

Most of the lithographs I’ve seen are merely copies of cells from the film, but in this case, an exclusive dimensional image was created by the computer illustrators at Disney Interactive.

Let’s have a look at a second Tarzan lithograph:

Tarzan Litho Cover 1

Cover Sleeve

Now this is what I call a cover sleeve! I love this scene from the film (probably more than Jane is at this point) and almost wish that it had been the lithograph inside, but instead we have:

Tarzan Litho 1

Trashing the Camp

On the Jungle Cruise in Walt Disney World there is a scene along the bank where gorillas have found a human camp and trashed it, including flipping a Jeep! It’s likely that the scene depicted in the lithograph above was a homage to it.

English musician Phil Collins was recruited to compose and record songs which were integrated with a score by Mark Mancina. Collins’ heavy percussive style really added a lot of dimension and energy to the film. And the song written to accompany the funny camp scene was brilliant!

Tarzan Litho Back 1

Back Cover of Lithograph Frame

These two lithographs are definitely keepers and will likely find their way onto a wall in our home!

Can’t get enough lithographs? Check out both Lady and the Tramp and Monsters Inc. by clicking the links.

Star Wars Jelly Beans & Candy with Stickers

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to enjoy some tasty Star Wars candies. No, you can simply visit your local IDA Pharmacy and rummage through a few shelves of confections. Like I did!

Star Wars Box front

Fruity… yet artificial, flavors

Well, you wouldn’t expect anything genuine and nutritious from the Dark Side!

Star Wars Box back

Nutritional Fact: There ain’t none!

All you will get from this box of candy is a sugar high. Hey, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing! And at least they’re gluten free.

Star Wars Box contents

Sugar Pellets and Stickers

This item is listed for the 3+ crowd as I imagine anyone younger would choke on the small candies. Wasn’t choking Darth Vader’s thing?

Star Wars Stickers

Which is your favorite?

I just have to say something before we move on: Was Kylo Ren a wuss or what?

Thanks for letting me get that off of my chest! Now on to one of my favorite candy brands:

Star Wars Yoda

“Enjoy the taste, you will!”

Jelly Belly jelly beans are the best! I love that they offer a wide variety of flavors, even though some of them are a bit ‘out there’.

Star Wars Darth Vader

“I find your lack of good taste disturbing.”

An endorsement from the galaxy’s biggest baddy must have been hard to obtain. I mean, how would he get a jelly bean through the helmet?

Star Wars Storm Trooper

“Hey, these are the jelly beans I’m looking for!”

Okay, enough with the obvious Star Wars clichés! Sheesh.

Each bag contains a Galaxy Mix with some interesting flavors, and these too are gluten free:

Star Wars Flavors

The Green Apple is to die for!

Just don’t say that to Darth Vader for he may just oblige you. Seriously. Don’t joke about dying around Darth Vader!

Of course, with an expiry date of January 19th, 2018, you have almost a full year to enjoy your candy before the choking begins. Enjoy!

For more Jelly Belly goodness, check out packages featuring Mickey and DonaldGoofy, and the Finding Dory characters.

Memorabilia from the 1964/65 World’s Fair

I have always wished that I could have attended the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair. This was a special fair for Disney fans as Walt Disney, along with his Imagineers, created many of the most memorable attractions! Today, I share some memorabilia I found from this fair.

Memorabilia World's Fair

From the Collection of The Henry Ford Museum

While visiting The Henry Ford recently I noticed these great souvenirs from the 64/65 New York World’s Fair.

Memorabilia Attraction Book

Magic Skyway for FORD

So it’s not surprising to find a booklet remembering the Magic Skyway in The Henry Ford Museum due to the obvious Ford car tie-in!

Memorabilia Glass

Drinking Glass

This is the first time I’ve seen one of these! Obviously there must have been countless of them sold during the fair, but one wonders how many would have survived to today unbroken.

Memorabilia Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. with Children

This was fun to see. Many famous people visited the fair and rode the various Disney attractions.

Memorabilia Brochure

GM Promotional Pamphlet – Futurama II

This pavilion depicted life 60 years into the future. It was one of the fair’s most popular exhibits and attracted some 26 million people. So Disney wasn’t the only designer who could put on a good show!

Memorabilia Tires

Ferris Wheel Ticket

This huge attraction was installed by the U.S. Rubber Company. Now I’m not normally a big Ferris Wheel fan but I would have loved a spin on this one! Interestingly, it was installed along the I-94 near The Henry Ford Museum in 1966. How cool is that?

These items are why I love memorabilia so much and do all I can to add new pieces to my own collection. But in this case, it seems The Henry Ford has beaten me to some really special pieces of history!

For another piece of memorabilia from this fair (that I got to first!) check out my earlier post entitled Official Guide – New York World’s Fair. And also I have a book review of Design – Just for Fun by Imagineer Bob Gurr, who worked on many of the exhibits for the fair.

Dick Van Dyke: My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business

First off I must admit that I am a huge Dick Van Dyke fan. So I went into this memoir with an open mind (albeit somewhat clouded by fandom) and a desire to get to know the man a bit better.

I got what I hoped for! I hope you enjoy my…

B O O K    R E V I E W

 Dick Van Dyke Cover

Publisher: Crown Archetype

Type: Autobiography

Date: 2011

Pages: 290

ISBN: 978-0-307-59223-1

The forward is written by Carl Reiner who helped to put Van Dyke on the map back in the early 60’s with a certain little sitcom we all remember and love, The Dick Van Dyke Show. After reading this memoir, it’s obvious these two men have a great deal of respect for one another!

Dick Van Dyke Show

With Mary Tyler Moore in 1963

That brings me to the first thing I liked about this book. Van Dyke is generous with his praise of, and the giving of credit to, the many talented people who worked with him over the years. No ego here!

The book gives a nice overview of his childhood and the challenges of his early life trying to break into show business. I didn’t realize how many challenges he faced! But after his signature show was a success, things began to roll along nicely.

Dick Van Dyke Mary Poppins

With Julie Andrews in 1964

I was happy to hear that he enjoyed working with Andrews on Mary Poppins as I am also a huge Disney fan!

Dick Van Dyke Walt Disney

With Walt Disney

The book contains one of my favorite Van Dyke/Disney stories involving how Van Dyke got the role of the old banker in Mary Poppins. Look for other insider tidbits about that movie also.

One disappointment as a fan of Van Dyke’s work was learning how he felt about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Dick Van Dyke Chitty Bang Bang

With Sally Ann Howes in 1968

I won’t get into too many details about his issues with the movie. Suffice to say he had some valid points… but I still love his work on the piece! You can read more about my thoughts on this movie by reading the earlier post entitled Top 5 Non-Disney Disney Movies.

He touches on many of the projects he did between Chitty and his Diagnosis Murder television triumph as well as his battle with alcoholism. On this point, I’d like to quote directly from the book to show what Van Dyke’s goal was in writing this memoir:

A word of warning about this book: If you are looking for dirt, stop reading now. I have had some tough times and battled a few demons, but there is nothing salacious here…. I have tried to write an honest story, with lightness, insight, hope, and some laughs.”

In my opinion, he has succeeded on all counts!

Dick Van Dyke Head Shot

In the end, he leaves you believing he is as happy as he looks in the picture above.


Anyone with as extensive a career as Van Dyke could easily pen a larger volume and cover much more ground, but Van Dyke only hits the key moments with insight and asides designed to give the reader a nice look into his life without wearing him out with needless details.

Even if you aren’t a big Van Dyke fan, there is enough Hollywood name-dropping to keep you interested, but the book is interesting enough without it.

And for the rabid Dick Van Dyke fan I say, “Buy it! Read it! Love it!” I did.